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Thursday April 24th 2014
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Will the City of Minneapolis suffer the backlash of racism for Indigenous People’s Day?

I’m in with you – but don’t celebrate just yet, the shit will hit the fan real quick on this one. I wonder if mayor Hodges could throw in about 5000 jobs – it would show me she means it.

Read it closely, (photo: Stuff white people like - Fair Use)

Read it closely, (photo: Stuff white people like – Fair Use)

By Donald Allen, Founder – Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minn. – At some point Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges will get the fact you cannot please all the people all the time.

A Facebook event page has popped up explaining this historical event of changing Christopher Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day with a posting, “After decades of community organizing and activism from countless individuals, organizations and groups; the Minneapolis City Council is approaching a vote on April 25 on whether or not to change October’s Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day in the City of Minneapolis. Mayor Betsy Hodges has publicly supported the change to Indigenous People’s Day.” It’s kind of early for the placeholder mayor to be campaigning.

Now for the facts; please note, if you have children that attend the public school systems, please do not let them read this article, it will tear at the very fabric of their existence in learning that Christopher Columbus was not a hero by any stretch of the word, but nothing more than a lowdown scumbag who was part of the white-male patriarchal infrastructure that degraded humans based on their skin color and language.

Now a history lesson…

Author Ronald Takaki does it best when he explains what took place when English settlers arrived in what they called the “New World.” Takaki explains in the first chapter of A Different Mirror stereotypes and biases of white, Eurocentric attitudes that have been with us since the earliest days of the colonies and settlements here. Beginning with the early colonists and their treatment of the natives, there is a pattern of ruthless acquisition of land and goods. According to Takaki, the early settlers judged Native Americans as lacking everything identifiable in a civilized society. It never occurred to them that the natives had never been exposed to their European “civilized” ways and did not have knowledge of sophisticated weaponry, as their culture did not need such devices of destruction. They did have tools and means of hunting and gathering food but it was all quite unsophisticated compared to European advancements. Shakespeare introduced the character Caliban in “The Tempest” and depicted him [Native Americans] as a barbarian and a savage incapable of nurture (37).

In 2014, the new Eurocentric, white led infrastructure, complete with white-guilt is planning again to take that oh-so familiar path and not give back any land; or even give long overdue reparations for Minneapolis’ first people. But what they want is to vote on almost an laughable changing of day, saying it’s for the good of all indigenous people without defining who those indigenous people might be.

I have a sick feeling changing Christopher Columbus day to Indigenous People Day has nothing to do with Native Americans.

Social media has provided a platform of free speech for those who feel that “Niggers and Squaws” don’t need a special day or month. The debate about Christopher Columbus Day and his actions, which in some public school circles were celebrated as the man who discovered America. You remember the song, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue back in 1492…or something like that.” It’s said Columbus landed on Plymouth Rock (not the ones in north Minneapolis). The rock, Plymouth Rock has been placed on the heads of Minneapolis minorities and has never been taken off. The inequality theme is consistent throughout Takaki’s writing as we see stark discrimination taking place in every race and throughout every timeframe in history, including the one we live in now.

Again, the mayor of Minneapolis “dodges” the real meaning of equity, fair playing fields, civil rights and the truth: All men are created equal, but if you a shade darker than khaki, it is okay for you to be treated unequal. If anyone needs evidence, look no further than proficiency scores in public schools, unemployment, housing and leadership in the minority-ethnic community of Minneapolis.

General Mills Foundation, Minneapolis Foundation must STOP funding to north Minneapolis immediately in favor of a community self-reset

While some Black folks fight for civil rights, a fair playing field and the opportunity for education, some of our brothers bank on the failure of the Black community and turn that failure into a check.Rather than passing out green pieces of paper with dead white men on them, ask the leadership of the black community to go back to the people and govern with compassion and hope. I bet you do not get a return phone call. #Povertypimps2014

Fools, charlatans and sheeple need foundation dollars.

Fools, charlatans and sheeple need foundation dollars.


By Don Allen, Founder IBNN NEWS

You will call us when the babies start getting shot and killed. Here is the truth, what are you going to do with it?

You will call us when the babies start getting shot and killed. Here is the truth, what are you going to do with it?

According to the Star Tribune, the North Side Safety Summit was organized to examine ways to fight crime in troubled Minneapolis neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this DFL embedded group felt it necessary to exclude the voices of Minneapolis civil and political rights activists – to include members of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Sources told IBNN – Minneapolis city council president and Minneapolis’ “Godmother” Barb Johnson wanted a “quiet meeting.”

Local law enforcement, political and foundation leaders again gave black spokespersons marching orders, “Canvas three block around local church hubs and look for the hotspots.” Many of these officials have been lied to. Local black spokespersons in search of that next “hit” have told the infrastructure there is a truce. Again, there is no truce; the street war between the Twin Cities Taliban, YNt, SUB and 1-9 is alive and strong as it pertains to taking out a snitch. Some of us are expecting the Bloody Summer of 2014 in Minneapolis.

I find it highly problematic for people like Jerry McAfee, Al Flowers, Bill English, Alfred Babington-Johnson and Spike Moss to be positioned as the lead in the black community knowing they have no potential, or funding unless the mainstream agencies gives a fiscal agent dollars to do whatever it is they think will work. (Do you really want these guys in the Victory Neighborhood?)

When my parents including uncles and older kin were alive, they did not depend on a foundation grant to “do the work” in the community to right the wrongs. These folks, (the above mentioned) want to have a great summer making some money at the fate of the black community they really don’t represent but it becomes the only way they know how to make money.

The self-reset would bring the “real” people concerned about the outcome of the community to the table. Only then would we start to see a process of checks and balances. Of course at that point, I say fund these “real” people. Until that happens, make the self-reset a reality in north Minneapolis; you will be called racist, a republican and other bad things -but than you will be able to identify the crooks, pimps and poverty brokers.

Enter the white industrial savor complex…

The General Mills Foundation and Minneapolis Foundation’s practice of perpetual grant giving is a feeble attempt to solve problems from the top down (rather than applying sound business practices from the bottom up), especially in north Minneapolis.

For 15 years, communities in north Minneapolis have seen virtually no change in the socio-economic status of the people; a majority who are of African-American descent, living day-to-day within in this underserved region of Minneapolis. The fact that no significant or recognizable social and economic advancement has occurred in the north Minneapolis communities is most evident in the Minneapolis Public School System where the failure rate for Black youth exceeds the combined totals for Mississippi, Kentucky and Alabama.

Many say in order for Black folks to really move forward we shouldn’t look to anybody to represent us. We need to represent ourselves. There is no person that represents white people. Racism is the motivating factor that keeps people of color from advancing. We must keep in mind; the spread of racism requires the destruction of an individual’s confidence in his/her own mind. Such an individual then anxiously seeks a sense of identity by clinging to some group, abandoning autonomy and rights, allowing groups to tell him/her what to think. Because we think of ourselves as a racial entity, we feel those of the same race are here to assist us in the struggle, when in fact the same people who are suppose to assist us, use black disparities to get money from the white philanthropic arm. Most of the money goes to their salaries.

Having Black leaders and all that stuff is just another way of self-oppression. We all have to represent each other, the sad thing is the people who come into the inner city and say they represent the Black folks and then jump into their expensive cars and go home to the suburbs paid for with the quid pro quo of politicians, it shows they have learned how to maneuver the system to their advantage. The cover-up is a full time job.

Examples of the community’s demise: in 2007, five elementary schools in north Minneapolis were closed; more than 1700 home foreclosures occurred in 2007 and 2008. In 2009, the City of Minneapolis closed additional parks besides Bethune and Willard; the two parks were scheduled to close in 2009. If the General Mills Foundation was more strategically focused on how its grant dollars were disseminated, these types of devastating occurrences, which ultimately reduce the social worth and economic value of a community, could be avoided. By working to prevent such demise, the General Mills Foundation would be able to pinpoint tangible examples of what the foundation has done to rehabilitate blighted communities in north Minneapolis. The headline could read, “General Mills opens plant in north Minneapolis bringing jobs and economic community stability.” The current headline reads, “General Mills Foundation: If we can’t see it, its not there.”

Today, it does not shock me how much control white handlers have in the say of who gets grant dollars in the black community. We have seen examples of this designer selection process in 2011 when a tornado nicknamed “Nancy” destroyed parts of north Minneapolis and a local foundation made the choices to give money to community bullies, versus helping tornado victims. If all of us were one color, there would have been protests for accountability on why this group, with one of its members currently being charged with sexual assault could bilk the community out of millions and no change has occurred.

Black America is suffering through some of the worst economic disparities since Jimmy Carter was president of the United States. If you want to talk about the Bush years, think carefully. When George Bush was president of the United States, during their tenures, professional Black folks had jobs.

Locally (Minneapolis/St. Paul), people of color have become part of the experiment to cut off funding streams that would create top-of-mind economic stimulus in favor of a white, DFL led infrastructure that for more that 20 years have cut the nuts off Black Minnesotans. In 2009 when the mayor of Minneapolis talked about cutting city funding to Black cultural events, not one Black agency, clergy or businessperson confronted the mayor. Of course the Bloggers had a good time with lots of content watching the turn of events has the Minneapolis mayor attempted to not only cut off funding, but punk the civil rights system is Minneapolis – a system that still has not successfully figured out what it takes to provide equity in Contract Compliance. Simply put, Minneapolis doesn’t have a functioning city civil rights department as proven by the 2010 Disparity Report and the reappointment of director Velma Korbel in 2014.

Racism is “the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” Like all types of collectivism, it is based on a deterministic view of man: “racism invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other living species: his rational faculty. Racism negates two aspects of man’s life: reason and choice, or mind and morality. Racism means the destruction of independent judgment, i.e., the ability of an individual to think for himself and to guide his own life. In all ways — cognitive, moral, political — it merges the individual into the group.

Simply put, Black Minneapolis might need a voice.

While some Black folks fight for civil rights, a fair playing field and the opportunity for education, some of our brothers bank on the failure of the Black community and turn that failure into a check.


Minnesota’s best kept secret in keeping our black youth off the streets in school and out of jail: Wellspring Second Chance

Wellspring Second Chance invites you to join them for the Annual Wellspring Second Chance Gala and Silent Auction, May 3, 2014 from 6:15 to 9:30 p.m.  -  tickets are $95.00 per couple and $75.00 for individuals. For more information, please call (612) 296-2895. Wellspring Second Chance has their work cut out for them this summer. Please assist them in making sure our children stay alive to attend school in the fall.

Wellspring Second Chance: "Breaking the new chains that bind our youth." Please support their effort by attending their gala or sending in a donation.

Wellspring Second Chance: “Breaking the new chains that bind our youth.” Please support their effort by attending their gala or sending in a donation.

By Don Allen, Editor-in-Chief – IBNN

Minneapolis, Minn. – Many people ask me what nonprofit does good work with children who are prone to violence? This agency is one of three who can stop the expected “Bloody Summer of 2014” in Twin Cities. There are agencies in Minnesota that do the work; there are others that do not. Let it be told, Wellspring Second Chance Center is the premiere agency in Minnesota to put an end you youth violence and put efficiency back into our systems deal with needs of many who have been distracted by poverty, unemployment and no clear path of economic success. Their mission is to enhance the lives of ex-offenders who are re-entering back into society and family as law abiding, productive and responsible human beings – reducing inter-generational incarceration of our youth.

On May 3, Wellspring Second Chance will hold their annual gala and silent auction from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. at Interfaith Outreach Community Partners 1605 County Rd. 101 Plymouth, Minn.

The Wellspring Second Chance Center was inspired through direct experience of its founders, as well as their work with the anti-violence conference entitled,” The Spirit of Sankofa” The Violence Perspective (2006) followed by the 32 Person Lie-In Non-Violence Conference, sponsored in August 2007 by the Twin Cities Metro Anti Violence Coalition. This was a local response to a national call- to-action to combat illegal gun trafficking and possession. The aforementioned events chaired by the executive director stirred a sense of urgency to work toward reducing recidivism and address crime prevention initiatives.

Wellspring Second Chance Center’s CEO Deseria Galloway, has a Master of Social Work from the University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Social Science Degree from Central State University, Accounting and Bookkeeping Degree from Minneapolis Technical Institute. Her professional experience includes Hennepin County Human Service & Public Health in the Child Protection CBFS Unit, Child Protecting Investigations Unit, and Child Protection Investigator/First Response Unit and as a Child Protection Intern Supervisor from 1993 to present.

WSC: Changing priorities is the priority.

WSC: Changing priorities is the priority.

“Wellspring Second Chance Center’s annual gala is a way for our agency to show the positive outcomes we have achieved with a chance for the general public to support our progressive mission. We are the best chance to right some wrongs in different communities around Minnesota and be a supportive arm for those individuals who are willing to do the right thing,” said Galloway.

Galloway is proud of the programs inside of Wellspring Second Chance. The “CHOICE “Program consist of group sessions and activities that assist male youth ages 9 to 18 to develop the life skills sets, knowledge and values necessary to eliminate some of the elements / barriers to success and lessens their likelihood of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system or fall prey to inter-generational incarceration.

Other programs at Wellspring Second Chance include Recovery Group for Sexual Exploitation/Abuse (RGSEA). This is an all Girls Group who may or may-not been involved in criminal behavior, as a result of victimization. Psychotherapist Ms. Deepa Ram-Souza, M.A, facilitates this group.

For more information on how to get contribute and buy tickets to the upcoming gala please visit Wellspring Second Chance at

Open Letter to Sherman Patterson – speical assistant to Minneapolis police chief and mayor Betsy “Dodges” Hodges (About Friday morning meeting)

You have to be the right kind of minority to get close to these politically motivated meetings on the Negro problem in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, there is the right Negros, then me, a Negro on the “right” that will not be welcomed anywhere near these people while they meet on the future of black folks. It’s time to stop this foolishness and fuckery and take back our historical heritage before we become extinct.

I guess the first question that needs asking: "Who represents the black community?" (Photos: Everywhere on - Fair Use)

I guess the first question that needs asking: “Who represents the black community?” (Photos: Everywhere on line…now – Fair Use)

By Don Allen, Founder – IBNN NEWS

Dear Top, Respectfully:

I understand there is a meeting at 1250 West Broadway on Friday (4/18), the home of the Minneapolis Public Schools. The MPS is the system that has failed our minority children in the system of education. This meeting is to address the Negro problem in Minneapolis, but you are leaving out several important factors.

On Thursday, a pitch battle was being fought in south Minneapolis near Roosevelt High School. This was a racially motivated fight. White residents left their homes, shots fired; police, ambulances were dispatched. Sources tell IBNN a 35-year-old white woman was outside with her gun. There has been a dozen or more shootings in Minneapolis, assaults and robberies at bus stops and the drug trade seems to be booming this spring.

Mr. Patterson, as you well know, the voice of the black community is large and their was a time when we spoke. I never speculated publicly last year when your home was assaulted with a Molotov cocktail, I figured the truth would eventually come out. It did, but allegedly as a cover story.

Your meeting tomorrow with Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman; the federal US Attorney Andy Luger and Minneapolis city council members Blong Yang, council president Barb “The Godmother” Johnson, Bishop Richard Howell, Superintendent Johnson, several judiciary official and others who are more than likely tied into the MN DFL, but hardly represent the black community of Minneapolis.

It is an awful shame that your boss, mayor, Betsy “Dodges” Hodges neglects community members who are actually doing the work in the community to assist in putting an end to the violence. The historical and civil rights piece always seems to miss the meetings. While I understand your decision not to invite the Minneapolis and St. Paul NAACP presidents and OIC leaders, I understand your rationale for that decision.

Betsy “Dodges” Hodges, has talked about “equity” in getting the city’s potholes fixed, but has been mute to the violence and black representation in her city. She has put this on you; when you fail – which you will on your current trajectory, only you will be out of a job. The community will move on, dysfunctional and cripple.

I ask you to stop the insane process of politically excluding the whole voice of the black community. I ask you to invite Ronald A. Edwards and others who have the business acumen the city needs to assist in fixing the challenges. Hell, I need to be a the meeting (I’m still not voting DFL).

When the snow melts and the heat kicks in there will be more killings, robberies, beatings and drug deals on a level never seen before in Minneapolis. Change it seems starts with you Mr. Patterson. The opportunity to be effective has been given to you Mr. Patterson.

Now I ask, “What say you?”

Best in success,

Don Allen (Corporal)



King Kong – RACIST? The Real Reel King Kong

Critical thinkers will enjoy this story. (photo: - Fair Use)

Critical thinkers will enjoy this story. (photo: – Fair Use)

By Dr. Arthur Lewin, author of Africa Is Not A Country: It’s A Continent

If you think King Kong is just a movie, think again…

The original King Kong, like so many other landmark films, had a distinctly racist theme. The first full-length motion picture ever made, Birth Of A Nation (1915), glorified the rise of the Ku Klux Klan. The 1939 classic, Gone With the Wind, pictured the South as a happy land where kindly white slavemasters looked out for their helpless, devoted Black servants. The first motion picture with sound was the Jazz Singer. It featured a white actor, Al Jolson, done up in Blackface singing the song “Mammy.” In fact, the words to that song, were the first words ever heard in a moviehouse.

King Kong (1933) tells the story of white adventurers who encounter a primitive band of Blacks who worship a giant monkey. They are seen offering up one of their young women as a sacrificial bride for King Kong. However, when they spot the blonde white woman in the adventurers’ party, they take her as captive instead for their King. Kong, smitten by her, is at one point seen taking off her dress with one huge Black finger.

Ultimately, however, he is captured by the white adventurers and brought to New York. There he is put up on a Broadway stage in chains. He then breaks out, pursues the girl, and wreaks havoc in the Big Apple, nerve center of America. He is eventually cornered, perched on top of a skyscraper. Here, the supposedly large and mighty Kong looks miniscule against the towering, white phallic symbol that is the Empire State Building. He is soon shot down by circling airplanes, and the iconic blonde white woman is saved.

The capture of Kong and his removal to America symbolizes the slave trade. Kong, in chains up on stage, represents both slavery and the chaining of the Black image in the media to minstrel-like stereotypes. Kong also is a symbol of the supposed danger of the brutally strong, but stupid, Black man who lusts for the white woman.

When King Kong was first released, the infamous case of the Scottsboro Boys, nine Black men falsely accused of raping a white woman, was all over the news. Ironically back then, however, it was the Ku Klux Klan that was ravaging Black women and openly killing Black men. Members of the US Congress at the time proudly announced that they belonged to this terrorist organization. It’s interesting to note that the words “Kill King Kong,” which becomes the goal at the end of the film, have the initials KKK.

The 1981 version of this “American classic” similarly, addressed the racial dynamic in American at that time, just as the version being released  will subliminally speak to the “race problem” in America today.

Karyn Washington, creator of ‘For Brown Girls’ website, reportedly commits suicide at age 22

Karyn Washington, 22. (Photo courtesy of ('For Brown Girls')

Karyn Washington, 22. (Photo courtesy of (‘For Brown Girls’)

According to Madame Noire, Washington faced a few tough struggles and reportedly dealt with depression after facing the loss of her mother.

The inspiring young lady helped to empower young women through her work in celebrating the beauty of African-American women, particularly those of dark-complexion.

One example of Washington’s great influence was her #DarkSkinRedLip project, which she launched after rapper ASAP Rocky openly criticized women with darker skin for wearing red lipstick. With this project, Washington allowed all shades of women to band together in knocking down barriers in beauty by encouraging them to embrace their beauty and claim confidence in wearing any lipstick they please.

Washington served as an inspiration to her league of fans, many of whom are left devastated as they express their condolences on Twitter. In doing so, fans helped to shed light on the issue of depression and suicide in the black community.

Washington’s long-time friend, LiaLia, wrote a heartfelt blog post honoring the memories and amazing work Washington left behind:

“When I look at you I see a reflection of myself and most certainly that is why this hurts so badly. From now on I’ll forever remember your big beautiful smile, your charm, ambition, professionalism, entrepreneurship, confidence, humility, your drive, and your beautiful Brown Skin. That is what I’ll choose to remember… because to be honest, I’m a bit angry with you. Indeed I’m being selfish, but my heart is devastated- yet, because I know a tad bit about what you were going through I can understand. I’m guilt tripping because I wish I could’ve been there for you a little bit more.  I’m so sorry, but I can’t help but to think that with just a little bit more time or a little less distance, proximity would’ve allowed me to make, maybe the slightest difference…. Forgive me!”

To view some of the work Washington’s legacy leaves behind, visit

Why are there no strong black fathers on TV?

We live; We love and we learn.

We live; We love and we learn.

IBNN Editors note: Black fatherhood is displaced in a social construct that tells the mainstream black men do not know how to be fathers. The challenges of black fatherhood become evident when you look at the unemployment numbers along with the people who represent black men and growing blind spot by the judicial system that prefers a black man in jail then with his family.

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger – posted on

A new Oprah Winfrey Network reality show starring National Football League Hall of Famer Deion Sanders will reconnect viewers with a positive view of black fathers, said Sanders.

In the run-up to the show’s release, Sanders said the current culture is missing the positive roles models he grew up with.

“You know the ignorance that we have on reality TV, especially when it comes to African-Americans… we grew up on ‘Goodtimes.’ We grew up on ‘Sanford and Sons.’ “The Cosbys’… and all the fathers, they were present,” Sanders said recently, according to The Huffington Post. “They weren’t perfect, but they were there. And they had the type of relationship with their kids that you couldn’t fabricate. And it was unbelievable. So we’re trying to get back to those days. My kids can’t name one show that have prominent father figure on television right now.”

READ MORE via BOSS Sports | Deion Sanders Says Black Fathers Are Not Recognized On Television.

It’s time to meet Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson – Wednesday on The Ron and Don Show on BlogTalkRadio

SPECIAL PROGRAM: Plus other news and information you can use. Tune in Wednesday (4/9) at 8:30 p.m. to The Ron and Don Show for an interview you cannot afford to miss. The phone lines will be open and you can Tweet your questions to @ibnnnews.Click here to listen at 8:30 p.m. – take the guessing game out of your choice for governor of Minnesota. 

In 2014, voting the same way as you did in 2010 could make you poor. (photo: Jeff Johnson for Governor website, design by IMSMC)

In 2014, voting the same way as you did in 2010 could make you poor. (photo: Jeff Johnson for Governor website, design by IMSMC)

By The Ron and Don Show on BlogTalkRadio

United States…Guess what? We want jobs, education, economic development and contract compliance for qualified women, minority and veteran owned firms in Minnesota. Under the current political infrastructure we have been promised, lied to, bamboozled and dismissed. Still, some of us put all of our ducks in a basket with too many holes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.53.06 AMJoin co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards ( and Don Allen ( as we welcome our favorite contender for the MNGOP endorsement for Minnesota governor and by far the best choice to lead Minnesota out of the economic sinkhole brought on by too many investments in special interest groups and overlooking business, free markets and capitalism.

Its time for a change in Minnesota politics that represent the people – not special interest groups who walk away from the table, get all the money and forget about the “least of thee.” Our goal is not to make anyone part of any political party, but make an analytical choice to try something different.

On Wednesday night the team of Ron and Don introduce you to current Hennepin County commissioner, family man and candidate for governor of Minnesota Jeff Johnson – our choice for stability, security and the future.

In 2008, Johnson was elected to the Board of Commissioners in Hennepin County, the largest County in Minnesota and one of the largest in the country. He ran unopposed for re-election in 2012. Mr. Johnson’s acceptance to join Ron and Don on this program shows he is the best candidate for Governor of Minnesota.

For more information and to contribute to his campaign, visit the Jeff Johnson for Governor website by clicking here.

Part 1: Minneapolis NAACP and the Shakedown of the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority

The street where familiar community leaders make their bread and honey - if you know what I mean.

The street where familiar community leaders make their bread and honey – if you know what I mean.

IBNN has intercepted a letter sent to the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority (MSFA) signed by Jerry McAfee who neglected to bring this direct action to the executive committee. This document is not copied to the first vice president, or the treasurer who reportedly resigned on April 3. If Minnesota Human Rights commissioner Kevin Lindsay is telling the media, “The whole idea is to get people jobs. I want long-term employment for people,” why is the Minneapolis NAACP going after “short” money and jobs with the MSFA. We also must address what business does the Minneapolis NAACP have in Rochester as it pertains to the Mayo Clinic project?

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network and

This becomes the number one priority before you give any more money to any black leader!

This becomes the number one priority before you give any more money to any black leader!

Minneapolis, Minn. – After reading Rochelle Olson’s piece in the Star Tribune, Minority-owned firms see Vikings stadium as major opportunity, it is clear to me how much the Star Tribune sidesteps the real issue of who is really making money of the building and land accusation of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium. We need to congratulate the Star Tribune newspaper for quietly misdirecting the news and making a windfall on the Vikings Stadium deal. The Star Tribune recently and quietly sold five blocks of property, including the site of its headquarters, for $38.5 million to make way for a $400 million mixed-use development by Ryan Construction.  

In an article posted on MinnPost, Hamline University professor David Schultz makes the chilling point about the economic benefits, or lack there of in the People’s Stadium. Dr. Schultz wrote, “But one thing is certain – the more concessions that are given to the Vikings and the NFL, the ever so more ludicrous is the claim that the public subsidies to keep pro football in Minnesota are a good return on investment for Minnesota taxpayers.” This would also include jobs for underemployed qualified residents of Minnesota.  

Enter the NAACP: Jobs for minorities; money for nonprofit outreach and training for…what?

As a former member of the Minneapolis NAACP executive (Second Vice Chair), I can speak as an authority on who is actually calling the shots for the local branch and why other board members are not copied or kept in the loop on very important decisions made by current president (until November 2014), the controversial Jerry McAfee (No seminary information available). McAfee is not the freedom fighter or preacher you would expect for the black community.

On letterhead that I created before having my post vacated due to a technicality brought on by my whistleblowing, someone other than Jerry composed a letter to the MSFA. In the Star Tribune article mentioned earlier, reporter Olson writes, “The Rev. Jerry McAfee said he wanted the hiring data broken out to show what percentage of the workforce is black. “Our people [McAfee’s people] will not suffer any longer,” he said before leaving the event. (It has been reported that McAfee’s son and community gadfly Alfred Flowers son both allegedly work down at the stadium). Leaving the event and that action being mentioned in the newspaper is a tactic used to create white guilt. Star Tribune reporter Olson, fell for it hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately, McAfee has not heard of a post-racial society where white guilt cannot be used in a city where the white DFL politicians give black community leaders their marching orders.

This missive is only part one of many as we deconstruct, analyze and continue to out the community bullies. Part II: Summit Academy OIC’s Louis King – calling the shots for the Minneapolis NAACP.

As promised, the letter. It looks like someone is looking for summertime money. Outreach never goes to organizations with the ability to do outreach. A prime example is the money that went to StairStep Foundation from MNsure.  (Download PDF HERE



Do these people represent Minnesota’s black community or just an extension of the MNDFL?

Author Manning Marable argues that the black struggle must move beyond previous strategies for social change. The politics of black nationalism, which advocates the building of separate black institutions, is an insufficient response. The politics of integration, characterized by traditional middle-class organizations like the NAACP and Urban League, seeks only representation without genuine power. Instead, a transformationist approach is required, one that can embrace the unique cultural identity of African-Americans while restructuring power and privilege in American society. Only a strategy of radical democracy can ultimately deconstruct race as a social force.

Wake up Minnesota.

Wake up Minnesota.

by Don Allen, Founder IBNN NEWS and 

Unfortunately, the people in the photo below do not represent the broad interests of black Minnesotans. It true, some of them have received very large amounts of money and most of them do support the Minnesota DFL. There has nothing to do with leadership and everything to do with a tainted system of power and getting marching orders from the master.  To further investigate this meaning ask yourself, does Al Flowers or Jerry McAfee represent your economic, educational or civil rights positions? #isayno

Do these people speak for you? What say you?

Do these people speak for you? What say you?


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