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Friday March 6th 2015
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Dreams of $26 million diminish for north Minneapolis spokespersons…new hustle: Public Safety

It has come to our attention the proposal delivered to Minnesota governor Mark Dayton for $26 million to cure the black communities ills is a thing of the past. Minnesota’s black elected officials must be held accountable for political tomfoolery.

The black people of Minnesota need your assistance from the perceived power you each weld at the state capitol. By dismissing black Minnesotans, you've dismissed your own political careers. (photos: Public domain, fair use).

The black people of Minnesota need your assistance from the perceived power you each weld at the state capitol. By dismissing black Minnesotans, you’ve dismissed your own political careers. (photos: Public domain, fair use).

By Don Allen, Founder – IBNN NEWS

"I can't work it in north Minneapolis like I use to. Not even with my brand new body. I need some help from my BLACK elected officials. (Photo: Fair Use).

“I can’t work it in north Minneapolis like I use to. Not even with my brand new body. I need some help from my BLACK elected officials. (Photo: Fair Use).

Minneapolis, Minn. – In an IBNN News exclusive we learned today that Minnesota senator Jeff Hayden (DFL – and Black), will not be supporting the state Council on Black Minnesotans legislative agenda, but has took up camp with the Minnesota Asian Council to back, support and do whatever he can to make sure the Asian council is successful during this years legislative session. I’ll let you marinade on that.

Also, later this week, the Department of Justice will be in Minnesota to meet with a handpicked panel of community stakeholders. This time, it was done correctly and does not include any lose-cannons or poverty-pimps. But the hustle is still on to position a few folks outside the realm of honest intentions to try and get some money. At this point, my best solution for all you folks is to get a square job.

Sources also tell IBNN state representative Rena Moran (DFL- and Black) has chosen a hard line rejecting the COBM, it’s agenda and in retrospect, the black community. This lack of cooperation might cost the state representative her seat come next election, although I have always thought she should run for governor of Minnesota.

Since IBNN News broke the story public and posted the $26 million dollar proposal hand carried to governor Mark Dayton, there has not be so much as a whisper from community insiders about the disposition of the proposal, which lacked integrity in several areas. It has always been IBNN’s position to give the spokespersons the money – but make this the last time. Ultimately, history has shown black Minnesotans, especially those in areas of strong structural violence…not one thing will change for $26 million, nor $26 billon. Someone will get a payday while community members get another day off from meaningful engagement.

Being a “problem solver” in 2015…I came up with a solution to help black Minnesotans and their elected officials.

For state representative Rena Moran, senators Jeff Hayden and Bobby Joe Champion; the “Hope and Change” timeline:

  1. If 2500 people in your state senate districts do not have gainful employment by October 2015, you must resign. (North and South Minneapolis/St. Paul)
  2. If there is not a minimum of 100 new black or minority-owned business start-ups in your state senate districts that you officiate over, you must resign by October 2015.
  3. If the Minnesota Department of Human Rights continues to fail enforcing 43A and their backlog is more than two-years on October 2015, you must resign from public office and not seek re-election.
  4. If the Minnesota Department of Administration has not corrected faulty hiring practices within state departments while you (Rep. Rena Moran, senators Jeff Hayden and Bobby Joe Champion) are in office, you must resign.
  5. If the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) continues to overlook CFR 49-Part 26 and cannot prove their outreach efforts are working, you must immediately resign in June 2015.
  6. Please provide the legislative audit for the money used MDHR to travel around Minnesota to talk about closing the ethnic councils. If not provided by March 1, please resign.


Hope and change now has a timeline.

Cincinnati Branch NAACP members win Temporary Restraining Order against NAACP headquarters (See the actual court order at the bottom of this post)

NAACP WIND. Many concerned and passionate members of the NAACP have called the national headquarters to hear nothing but bylaw rhetoric and stinky wind. (photo - The Wrong Stuff  on Facebook - Fair Use).

NAACP WIND. Many concerned and passionate members of the NAACP have called the national headquarters to hear nothing but bylaw rhetoric and stinky wind. (photo – The Wrong Stuff on Facebook – Fair Use).

NAACP branches around the Unites States will have to make some important decisions in the next month. Some branches plan on taking a membership vote in favor of withholding all monies from the national branch. Other branches locked in chaos like Minneapolis and Duluth just want the snakes, charlatans and hypocrites to step aside.

By Don Allen, Founder –

Minneapolis, Minn. – Last week on The Ron and Don Show on BlogTalkRadio we had the opportunity to interview Duluth NAACP branch president-elect Classie Dudley and her father Harrison Dudley. Mr. Dudley revealed to us he had printed over eleven pages of information found on the Internet about different NAACP branches around the United State who have become engulfed in everything from mismanagement of funds to shady elections and NAACP membership scams based on when membership money is sent to local branch from the national headquarters.

Now black America’s attention must be turned towards the NAACP and organizations treatment of the Cincinnati Branch. Jim Clingman, a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio and former president of the branch turned local news and information point person wrote, “The Cincinnati Branch has won numerous national awards, established and funded six scholarship endowments, adopted two schools to provide mentors and tutors, done work that resulted in tens of millions of dollars for Black contractors and workers, successfully obtained the early release of two prisoners and kept another one from being executed. The Branch has opened doors to political empowerment by writing initiatives, collecting tens of thousands of signatures, and placing our initiatives on the ballot for a public vote. We won on three of the initiatives, which prevented red light cameras from being installed in our city, our water system from being privatized, and preventing the building of a $200 million jail.

Despite all of that good work, and much more, our Branch is once again fighting against national representative, Gill Ford, in his effort to determine the outcome of our local election. He tried it in 2012, and he and his local cronies are at it again; but this time he is using even more dirty tactics. The same candidates who lost by an overwhelming margin in 2012 are back again, with the help of Gill Ford, to take over the branch for their own personal benefit via their union ties. (Get the full details on the NAACP’s actions here.

Gill Ford’s actions have lead to the branch filing and winning a temporary restraining order against the NAACP’s director of branches Gill Ford (See actual decision below).

Sarah Culhane is white. Michael Brown is dead.

By The Raw Story(dot)com

Michael Brown, Sarah Culhane (Facebook, Amherst College)

Michael Brown, Sarah Culhane (Facebook, Amherst College)

On August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, 18-year-old unarmed African-American Michael Brown was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson after an altercation with Wilson as he sat in his police cruiser. Witness accounts vary, but what is known is that  before encountering Wilson, Brown reportedly stole some cigarillos from a local store, As Brown and a friend walked down the middle of the street towards home, they were told to get on the sidewalk by Wilson which eventually led to a scuffle in which Brown was shot once by Wilson, Brown then began quickly walking away. Wilson left his cruiser and fired his weapon eleven more times, hitting Brown who had turned towards the officer, five more times and killing him.

Some witnesses report that the unarmed Brown has his hands up in surrender as officer Wilson shot him.

Less than one month later, 19-year-old Sarah Culhane of  Princeton, New Jersey crashed her blue BMW into another car in Bensalem, Pa.  When police attempted to pull her over she took off and police eventually abandoned following her in a high speed chase on the city streets.  Culhane later hit another car with her BMW — injuring a woman — before fleeing once again only to hit a third car. Culhane then abandoned her car and fled on foot, before being arrested by police. As police took her into custody, the Amherst College student and field hockey athlete resisted arrest, kicking one police officer in the head before being subdued.

Culhane was charged with aggravated assault, accidents involving injury, resisting arrest, red light violation, driving at unsafe speed, and reckless driving. A judge felt her charges were serious enough that he set her bail at $750,000.

On Nov. 24, a grand jury in St. Louis County declined to charge officer Darren Wilson with any crimes after shooting the unarmed Michael Brown whom he claimed attacked him.  St Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch later admitted that he allowed perjured testimony during the grand jury proceedings by people who claimed to be witnesses but were not at the scene of the shooting.

Read the fill story here.

Herion addiction sent me to prison. White privilege got me out, into Ivy League

She speaks the truth. (photos: Fair Use).

She speaks the truth. (photos: Fair Use).

Blakinger is a prison reform activist and felon living in upstate New York. She is a staff writer at The Ithaca Times and a regular contributor to

I was a senior at Cornell University when I was arrested for heroin possession. As an addict — a condition that began during a deep depression — I was muddling my way through classes and doing many things I would come to regret, including selling drugs to pay for my own habit. I even began dating a man with big-time drug connections that put me around large amounts of heroin. When police arrested me in 2010, I was carrying six ounces, an amount they valued at $50,000 — enough to put me in prison for up to 10 years. Cornell suspended me indefinitely and banned me from campus. I had descended from a Dean’s List student to a felon.

But instead of a decade behind bars and a life grasping for the puny opportunities America affords some ex-convicts, I got a second chance. In a plea deal, I received a sentence of 2½ years. After leaving prison, I soon got a job as a reporter at a local newspaper. Then Cornell allowed me to start taking classes again, and I graduated last month. What made my quick rebound possible?

I am white.

Second chances don’t come easily to people of color in the United States. But when you are white, society offers routes to rebuild your life. When found guilty of a drug crime, white people receive shorter sentences than black people. And even after prison, white men fare better in the job market than black men with identical criminal records.

It was prison that clued me in to just how much I benefit from systemic racism in our society. Until then, I hadn’t thought much about white privilege, which is exactly how privilege works – as a white person, I could ignore it. But sitting behind bars, I saw how privilege touches almost everything, especially the penal system.

Read the full story here on the Washington Post.

Can President Obama be just a little “Black-ish?”

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. (photo:

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. (photo:

“Ignorance of how we are shaped racially is the first sign of privilege. In other words, it is a privilege to ignore the consequences of race in America.” ― Tim Wise

by Don Allen, Founder – 

I watched president Obama’s state of the union address. I was impressed with the number of accomplishment he alleges and his vision for education, economic recovery and the protection of Americans from global threats of terrorism. I was a little set back being a veteran as he talked about the VA. What I know is that millions of by brother and sisters who served in the military are homeless, jobless and hopeless. I also know that millions of dollars have been allocated to a bunch of stuffed shirts who sit in an office and ponder meaningless jabber while men and women who honorable served this country sleep and live out in the streets.

The thing that distressed me the most was the POTUS unconventionality as he blindly gave shout outs to people, places and things in Minnesota. President Obama has not been told the truth about Minnesota or the current state of the union in the Twin Cites. It was great for the president to feature a Caucasian couple from Minneapolis who worked hard, built up their business and is on the road to the American Dream – but what the president misses, not just in Minnesota but all around the United States are the many people of color struggling to stay in school, get a job, raise a family or start a business. Why does our first black president ignore strong evidence of structural violence and institutionalize racism that continues to grip this country each and everyday?

Then you have to ask when will America have a real day of reckoning? How about a Black, Brown, White, Red and Yellow History Month?

For blacks Americans, Black History Month as it stands all too often entails a series of empty remembrances. What is celebrated are sanitized events, stripped of their political and historical significance. Yet we sit collectively in an America troubled by both its racist past and present. The past troubles us in part through the inaccurate and partial accounting’s of history that we receive. Via the erasure, or marginalization, of non-white, working-class and poor voices from the annals of Great Men (not to mention women).

I am person who gets it.

I understand why President Obama could never feature a “black American couple” living the dream; the president would be attacked from liberals (who voted for him) and those right wing zealots to include member of race-hate groups and the many arm-chair trolls who comment on stories about black deaths or successes. The mainstream media both liberal and conservative would have positioned the question, “Was the presidents showing of ‘black-ish’ the right thing to do?”

It would have been a disaster for not only the featured black American couple, but also because of the mainstream media x-ray machine that would have found a distant cousin “Boo-boo” that was charge with selling drugs over ten-years ago.

The horror of showing a racial collaborative – one that extends from black body to black body is fine at certain levels and acceptable within their particular silos. The argument begins when the president is inoperative as a collaborator within the race of his own people, unless those people are the one-percent. It gets more difficult to measure and define because Barack Obama is the first and only black president of the United States; there is no data or records to confirm or deny this argument. My argument is strictly from personal observation.

One thing the president does great is surround himself and the First Lady with “safe” black people, athletes, actors, musicians and others who could be perceived as “acceptable” to the mainstream. If any of these super-rich people had a history, the media does not care, in the case of Jay-Z who admitted the road he took to success was not always a road that followed law…and we will leave it at that.

If the POTUS meant to reach the one-percent of black America, he has done it.

History can be a cruel teacher – we know 99 percent of Americas black population wants a president, in this case – a black president to be black-ish. Its safe to say that Barack Obama won the United States presidency twice not because he was Al Sharpton black-ish, or Jesse Jackson black-ish– he was simply what the mainstream desires a black man to be: invisible black-ish.



NAACP’s national director of units says, “Young people abandoned us [NAACP] to protect their jobs and reputations.” (Tune in Wednesday)

Ms. Classie Dudley, President elect - Duluth, Minn. NAACP. Tune in for nothing but truths. (Photo: Ms. Dudley - Fair Use)

Ms. Classie Dudley, President elect – Duluth, Minn. NAACP. Tune in for nothing but truths. (Photo: Ms. Dudley – Fair Use)

On Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 8:30 p.m. – Ronald A. Edwards (Black Focus) and Don Allen (IBNN), will be broadcasting LIVE on #BlogTalkRadio from Duluth, Minnesota for an exclusive interview with the NAACP Duluth Branch president elect Ms. Classie Dudley and her father, Mr. Harrison Dudley. We will examine the issues to find out that statements made by NAACP’s national director of units is nothing but another falsehood filled with bulls**t, out of what once was the nations premier civil rights organization. To listen to the program on Wednesday, please click here or bookmark this page with your favorite search engine.

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

It has come down to this; when we need solutions, some of our leaders turn their heads; make movie or just plain ignore us so that corruption and bad processes are able to grow arms and legs to climb the stairs.

The Duluth and Minneapolis NAACP branches, its members and concerned community stakeholders are at odds with the national office of the NAACP in recent decision to carry on local and national deceptions by blocking a new breed of black leadership using 1970 style tactics of bigotry in the form of a black-bougie point of view that does not help move forward the concerns of Black America. At some point, you cannot have your head so far into the clouds that it stinks…you might not be in the clouds…

On Nov. 30, Classie Dudley was elected as president of the Duluth, Minnesota NAACP. The 22 year-old University of Minnesota-Duluth student is a political and civil rights icon way beyond her time. She beat out a life-long president who IBNN alleges has not held an election in Duluth for over 15-years.

It gets better…

On Jan. 10, 2015, defeated former Duluth NAACP president Claudie Washington held a separate election with members from a private membership list that he did not share with the election supervision committee, nor did he share with candidates running for office. His name (Claudie Washington) was the only name that appeared on the ballot for president. Washington omitted the name of current NAACP Duluth branch member Classie Dudley, who clearly won the election in November. Also at that Jan. 10 meeting was Minnesota NAACP state conference chairman W.C. Jordan who did not adhere to any NAACP unit bylaws or procedures. (Read the NAACP Unit Bylaws here – you cannot make this stuff up.)

Rev. Gill Ford, National Director of Unit Administration, for NAACP (Baltimore, MD) responded to IBNN in an absurd email citing that young people did not become members of the NAACP due to embarrassment about being in the organization. He (Ford) also went on to ramble about money and how today the Minneapolis NAACP cannot afford to pay $200 per month for an office.

The email, sent Jan. 20 unedited reads:

Minneapolis faction that destroyed a unit that at one time raised in excess of $250,000 dollars annually, brought Nelson Mandela in when he became President, won numerous awards in the NAACP, had a strong youth program and now couldn’t raise the $200 dollars a month for rent in the office they had. Moreover, the young adults abandoned the Association because they could not afford to have their employment and/or reputation destroyed in the media.

This gentleman is a remnant of that group.

Rev Gill Ford

National Director of Unit Administration, NAACP

4805 Mt Hope Drive

Baltimore, MD 21215

Ph. 410 404-1408


The statement that Ford makes is misleading and abusive.

Dudley says, “Though some of the local media is making  it seem that it is Claudie Washington versus myself, it is not. This issue is bigger then myself bigger then Claudie and bigger than the NAACP we have people suffering right now in our community. People who are helpless I joined the NAACP to help people, to fight injustices, and to bring my community together. My community has been overwhelmingly supportive of the work that I have done and the work I will continue to do. No one person should stand in the way of what the community wants and needs.  We need change!

After years of being silent, the Minneapolis NAACP held an election on Dec. 13, 2013. Over 50 new young adults signed up to be a part of what we thought would be a “new beginning.” Minnesota NAACP state chairman W.C. Jordan governed over the election with the announcement, “The NAACP unit bylaws have been suspended for this special election. You can join the NAACP tonight and vote tonight.”

Unfortunately for the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP, meetings were not announced, not one election procedure has been fulfilled and all the board has either resigned or been kicked off (this writer was disbanded from the Minneapolis NAACP allegedly because the national NAACP did not send the ‘branch fee’ to Minneapolis – which I found out later was a lie.) There has not been a meeting of the Minneapolis Branch of the NAACP with members for over ten months. The president of the Minneapolis NAACP continues to use the title of “president” of the NAACP and has not provided any white-paper reports, agendas or called for any votes on his actions in the Twin Cities. The NAACP (national) unit bylaws strictly forbid such totalitarian actions.

In Duluth, Ms. Dudley had several generations of “New young NAACP” members who wanted to join the once flagship civil rights organization. The new members are active in social justice issues, education, and the legal system. They would prove to be great advocates for the NAACP and raise funds from local corporations and individual contributions.

With the foolishness that has happen in NAACP branches across the country, it’s not that young black youth do not want to join the NAACP – they just don’t have time to be jerked around by a few old men trying to hold on for dear life.

Personally, I challenge the national board of the NAACP to stop staying in the finest hotels; eating the best food money can buy and acting like they are really concerned, much like the Congressional Black Caucus. It is time to for the NAACP to reset, rehire and revitalize its membership by cleaning house in Baltimore, MD.

Sorry Rev. Ford, you are wrong again.


Martin Luther King, Jr. is dead…let him Rest in Peace. The road to Freedom is still under construction

No, we should not be marching in the streets; we should be reading and making plans. Movies are great – but still only entertainment. Black faces on the news provide far too much “entertainment” for those who control the stereotypes of identity.

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

 Related Story:  My Pilgrimage to the National Civil Rights Museum: The Lorraine Motel – Memphis, Tennessee

There are many views of "Black History." Only a handful will talk about today's reality. (photo: IBNN NEWS).

There are many views of “Black History.” Only a handful will talk about today’s reality. (photo: IBNN NEWS).

Capitalism…you have to love it. The civil rights construct has been the perfect vehicle to make money off the unsuspecting about critical times in United States history. Social engineering has been replaced by entertainment value, which demoralizes freedom, equity and civil rights into a ball of nothingness made for television. Recently, I posted a critical angry comment on the Huffington Post, “Black Voices.” The comment was in response to the story, “ Selma Stars Including Oprah March In Alabama, Honoring MLK.”

The comment, “Question: Why do we have to keep reliving this history via entertainment? Just the people in the front of this picture have enough clout and bank to address any relevant issue in the United States concerning black people. In short we should not be marching, we should be reading. #Aplanmatters and why should I pay to go see a movie about what I already know historically?

The movie “Selma,” is about a real-life event in 1964 when Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. travels to Selma, Alabama with Ralph Abernathy, Andrew Young, James Orange, and Diane Nash. They meet with Reverend James Bevel and other civil rights activists of the group SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) like Hosea Williams and Amelia Boynton at a hotel. As King is signing in, a young white man approaches him and socks King in the mouth. Johnson talks to J. Edgar Hoover about the incident. Hoover thinks King is becoming a problem, and he suggests to cause friction at home to weaken the dynamic, knowing there is tension between King and his wife. King goes home. Coretta shows reservations over her husband’s actions and concern for her family’s well being. At night, King calls Mahalia Jackson to help him reach out and hear the Lord’s voice.

King speaks before a congregation of other civil rights activists and hopeful voters to rouse up their spirits and assure them that they will not let their oppressors keep them from reaching their goal. Their plan is to march from Selma to Montgomery, and their actions will be non-violent, despite knowing that the authorities would not hesitate to utilize violence against them. King and his followers march through Selma before a crowd of white folks and the ruthless Sheriff Jim Clark. The marchers kneel down and put their hands on the back of their heads. One man fails to kneel as his wife and son help him. Clark and his cohorts go over to them and try to force the man down. When his son defends his father, Clark nearly strikes him with his club, until Annie hits Clark and knocks him down. In retaliation, Clark and his goons force Annie to the ground. King and many of his followers are subsequently arrested and incarcerated.

The Selma event was one of the many social engineering experiments that helped to shape and change the civil rights movement in the 1960s – for them. The movement then was about black people in the United States having a voice, place and self-leading power to right the historical wrongs put upon us. Unfortunately, when Hollywood hears a great story, there is room to tell it again, and again. This time it’s not about working on civil rights in 2015, nor is it about asking the nations first black president to re-issue a check to black America that is not marked NSF. This story does not bring to light the killing of the innocent or the disfigurement of a colored workforce by denying jobs and education. This story, the movie “Selma,” is a feel-good publicity stunt cleverly delivered to the American public just in time for the MLK birthday celebration and Black History Month – and nothing more.

I write this column on MLK day from my office desk while many attend breakfasts and one-day performances to work on some type of social justice concern. The plight of black America has been turned into a revenue generating cash cow where civil rights is nothing more than a social cabal.

In 2015 black America still has major obstacles in the road to freedom and a fair playing field. While I like a good movie, I would prefer to work on agenda items that will create wealth and equity for my children, their children and me.

Best of success to those who financed “Selma,” and other movies on the verge of release that deal with black history. I hope your investment was well thought out and you make your money back and then some. From my purview, the road to freedom and civil rights is still under construction. Impress me and work on today’s real-time issues – history is not going anywhere.

Prince and other artists plan tribute for singer Rosie Gaines

For more details on how you can donate to Ms. Rosie Gaines, contact Vaughn at or call (510) 839-4644. (As always, do your research and make sure Ms. Gaines will be the direct recipient of your kind gifts). 

Originally posted by EurWeb Electronic Urban Report

Ms. Rosie Gaines and Prince (photo: Facebook - Fair Use)

Ms. Rosie Gaines and Prince (photo: Facebook – Fair Use)

On Saturday, January 31, entertainers from the Bay Area in California and beyond will be  uniting to help one of their own in a fundraiser for former Prince protégé Rosie Gaines.

Gaines’ daughter, Latoya Gaines, revealed in a press release that her mother has been suffering from diabetes in addition to other illnesses. In early December, the singer was admitted to a Bay Area hospital for a major infection of both her legs.

Gaines’ medical situation has motivated Sistuh to Sistuh (STS) founder and vocalist Brenda Vaughn to organize a tribute to Gaines. The event, hosted by comedienne/actress Luenell (“Raising Whitley,” “Real Husbands of Hollywood”) and KBLX radio personality Nikki Thomas will take place at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle, 410 14th Street, Oakland with doors opening at 8:00 p.m.

Confirmed performers include: singer-guitarist D’Wayne Wiggins (Tony! Toni! Toné!), guitarist Levi Seacer (NPG), guitarist Tony Dwayne, keyboardist Eugene Blacknell (Con Funk Shun and The Whispers), singer -guitarist Wilton Raab (Graham Central Station) and drummer Joey Truso. Vocalists slated to appear are Tiffany Austin, Rhonda Benin (Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir), Karen Brewington, Faye Carol, Melvin Carter, Darlene Coleman, Latoya Gaines, Nikita Germaine (Train), Eleanor Harvey, Lucille Hurd, Maxine Jones (En Vogue) Michelle Jordan, Tara Kemp, Amar Khalil (Tony! Toni! Toné!), Ladee Bianca, Ms. Monét (Boz Scaggs), Charlene Moore, Terrie Odabi, Otis Redding III, Sakai Smith (Train), Sangin’ Sara (Ledisi), Brenda Vaughn, and Robin Williams.

Other artists will be announced as the date of the benefit grows closer, according to the release.

Read more here. 

22 year-old UMD student wins Duluth branch NAACP presidency. Ousted president refuses to step down

Ms. Classie Dudley with civil rights icon Julian Bond. (photo: Facebook - Fair Use)

Ms. Classie Dudley with civil rights icon Julian Bond. (photo: Facebook – Fair Use)

IBNN NEWS and the OurBlackNews Network has been following the corrupt exploits of the NAACP in the matter of a newly elected president who has not been able to serve because of the antiquated people in the shadows of the old NAACP.

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

Duluth, Minn – In breaking news, the Duluth, Minn. branch of the NAACP has elected a new president for its branch of the NAACP. University of Minnesota Duluth senior and community activist Classie Dudley easily defeated Claudie Washington in a landslide vote.

Dudley fought back tears when the election results were announced.

Harrison Dudley – the father of the new Duluth NAACP president elect said, “It’s a sign of the times. The young people are seeing the need for solid new, young leadership in the NAACP. With today’s social media, we (members of flagship organizations) must be able use the new technology to reach the masses on behalf of the black community – the young and the old. I am proud of her.”

The celebration for the UMD senior Classie Dudley was cut short when NAACP operatives in Minnesota decided to pull out their bags of dirty tricks.

Ousted president Mr. Claudie Washington, a long-time resident of Duluth t was asked to resign in a 2014 Duluth NAACP meeting. Current members took a vote that showed 18-branch members in favor of the resignation of Washington out of 21 current branch members. The Duluth NAACP secretary told members, “There has not been an election for president in over 15-years.”

This statement alone shows the malfeasance of adherence to the NAACP unit bylaws. Also, local candidates complained that Washington would not share current membership lists per election bylaw procedures.

Subsequently, members who voted for Dudley were surreptitiously disqualified based on membership status, which is an old trick by the NAACP. Dudley was not recognized as president the director of branches for the national NAACP in Baltimore, MD Rev. Gil Ford did not return emails or phone calls to IBNN NEWS.

Mr. Ronald A. Edwards, one of the few black Americans “expelled” from the NAACP for life tells IBNN, “This is an old game they play – like the one that’s being played out in the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP. Life long powerbrokers rather go down with the ship than to let new and organized people become leaders. This only happens in our community.”

IBNN NEWS is asking its readers to support Ms. Dudley as the new president and will launch a social media and telephone campaign for concerned citizens to call the national NAACP and request a public hearing in this matter.

Stay tuned.


The Email March – Minnesota’s Educational challenges have been solved

A solution has been found to stop the eliminate the generational disparities of children of color before they hit the public school system. Now, will the school system be ready?

A solution has been found to stop the eliminate the generational disparities of children of color before they hit the public school system. Now, will the school system be ready?

Make certain your child is ready to read, count and understand positive expectations. Prove to yourself that you understand positive expectations for your child by agreeing to the Nation’s Pain Statement here.– Our Nation’s Pain — Make a comment if you agree. You will want to register to make the comment.

by Tom Wolfgram, Guest Columnist – IBNN NEWS

St. Paul, Minn. – It dawned on me that nobody knows how close USA VALUES, LLC is to leveraging the grassroots against the powers in early child development and k-12 school systems.  The leveraging system is to create an “email march” that has the local poor and minority populations demanding the school district delivery of early reading skills, counting skills and positive expectations by using present budgeted monies of the district and other cash flows.

This page  call for grassroots citizens to sign up to become the email march that makes the citizen position urgent for those in power.  Those in the march do not need to believe past the common sense points outlined in this website.  Really, they do not need to believe past the concept of first things first.  AND THERE IS A BLIND SPOT TO SEE.

USA VALUES can use anyone’s email list to gain citizens who want to sign up.  We can advertise for the owner of the list on via a button or a coupon.  We can mail everyone in the USA with this request.   It is relevant to all.

Those in the march do not have to be district savvy.  They do not have to be location savvy.  We can use any source for the email list (even vacationers as an example). The concept is St Paul or Minneapolis gets 5,000 to 10,000 emails all saying the same thing because it was drafted using as its core thought.  It flows into the news.  The common sense is put forth.  It stalls.  The email march shows up again next week until the districts and those in power decide to remove their blind spot.  We can get them all the help they need to remove it.

All we want is the school district to do its job and deliver best practice under the laws of the state.  All we want is the kids to be delivered via best practice so the gap is gone at kindergarten, just like in the improving suburbs. This get powerful because the state citizen base can sort of gang up on the urban systems.  This is a gang up on the worst spenders for result by the citizens of the best spenders for a result.  The best spenders use outcome requirements for early childhood developments of those on the top of the scale.  The worst spenders generally spend the money without significant outcome requirements.

The information an effective citizen needs to uncover includes the district in a separate and new light via the details of this coupon.  This implies the citizen sees it, including the new money, as the grassroots up to the district and state.  An approach for the federal, state and district to new money and a new approach to the culture’s tail is defined in this coupon.

We use a coupon called the Declaration of Independence to support the public service message, promotion and advertising process that sustains the site with parents and teachers.

All of this will be explained as we move forward.  Prospecting clarity through Twitter and Facebook will also be explained.  It also has the potential to leverage others who have friends, followers and likes in a similar way to using another email list.

Early Reading Skills Delivered – Ringing Advantages 

Thomas Wolfgram – President- USA VALUES, LLC


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