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Tuesday July 29th 2014
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The Black Persons Guide to the Hobby Lobby HYPE; and the mainstream media’s “War Against Common Sense”

At some point, we have to take politics and the mainstream media out of the equation to figure out the true meaning of hollow, political hype.

No, it's not about birth control pills or a war against women." (photo: Fair use).

No, it’s not about birth control pills or a war against women.” (photo: Fair use).

Related story: Hobby Lobby ruling: Why Supreme Court got it right

 By Don Allen, Founder - 

The mainstream media, both sides (FOX and CNN) are creating uproar. One side calls it an attack at women; the other side is claiming a win. Unfortunately, nothing has changed; things will stay the same, and the imaginary “war against women” is something created in a board room by a bunch of wealthy, white men in suits…and again, we as Black Americans fall for the okeydoke. This war on women is much like George Bush telling America that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Of course they did not; but hell, we invaded anyway…to find nothing. The “war on women,” simply is not a war, but a political advertising campaign spun from the finest webs money can buy. Unfortunate for us, Black Americans, we do not have they type of money. So now, you have to listen to me.

The conversations going on within social media reminds me of the SAME SEX MARRIAGE challenge where some of you (black folks) got out into the street on behalf of something wonderful (so you thought), and when the time came to focus on black Americans…well, if you’ve been living in a cave, they now, in some circle are comparing gay rights to slavery and civil rights. Still you are silent. It’s never been about two women or two men being able to marry each other. Its about a decay in the moral fabric when Christian fundamentalist decide to circumvent the message in the bible, “… Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Mark 12:31). If your neighbor is a dude and likes a dude, it’s really none of your business other than to move about your day with respect and compassion. Now if we throw in race, color and economic class, that same Christian fundamentalist – (both black and white) become bigoted racists.

It’s really hard to have this conversation about what happened in the U.S. Supreme Court granted a landmark victory for religious liberty, ruling 5-4 in favor of David and Barbara Green and their family business, Hobby Lobby. (Just a note: Believing their employees should have the opportunity to spend Sundays with their families, the company is closed on Sundays and only operates 66 hours per week. Indeed, the Greens strive to apply the Christian teachings on respect and fairness to their employees, increasing the pay of Hobby Lobby’s full- and part-time hourly workers for four years in a row. Full-time hourly workers now start at 90 percent above the federal minimum wage.)

Depending on your source, 80 percent of the gobble out there is simply untrue. No one is getting between a person and their doctor. They didn’t five years ago, and they aren’t now.

Nothing has changed. People are so totally confused. A change in policy was stopped, so it remains as it was, so nothing different is going to occur.

This is key for the left and right wing zealots: Women will get their birth control the same way they have been getting it forever. A doctors prescription and a co-pay, or buy generic, or get it at Planned Parenthood, or if your health insurance plan covered it before, it still does now.

This court decision means that NOTHING is to change.

Thank you Mr. Miner.


Twin Cities: The Black community and it’s roller-coaster ride to the bottom | The Ron and Don Show on #BlogTalkRadio

With civil rights and first amendment abuses inside of the Minneapolis NAACP, it seems our dear governor still misses the point about the broad voice of the black community. Tune in Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. (CST) to the Ron and Don Show for a detailed examination on what’s really going on. To listen, click here.

By Don Allen, Founder –

Community Activist Al Flowers, "I didn't know...salty." (photo: IBNN)

Community Activist Al Flowers, “I didn’t know…salty.” (photo: IBNN)

Minneapolis, Minn. – Jerry McAfee, Louis King and Spike Moss meet with Governor Mark Dayton: Do you see something wrong with this picture too? In a tight-lipped; private; unannounced; exclusionary and bias process, New Salem’s Rev. Jerry McAfee, Summit Academy OIC’s Louis King and community activist Spike Moss met with democratic governor Mark Dayton in a closed door meeting last week. (6.26).

Sources tell IBNN senator Bobby Joe Champion allegedly set up this meeting and it had been planned for a while. But of course no community alerts were put out in an effort for the three to seruptiously meet with Dayton.

The community alerts are important because earlier this week the Rev. Jerry McAfee sat at a table right across from community activists in the basement of the Minneapolis Urban League and did not bother to share the information he was meeting with Gov. Dayton the next day.

The voice of the black community is bigger than the few folks out here representing their personal repeated and failed missions. We need to look no further than history to see those who attack us from within (having these secret meetings), often overlook the freedoms granted to us by the constitution.

The three amigo’s have ignore some of the basic principles of (Black) Americanism: The right to criticize; the right to hold unpopular beliefs; the right to protest; the right of independent thought.”

Tune in Wednesday as we explain what the challenges are and how to implement solutions for this obvious buffoonery.



5 Ways the Black Bourgeoisie Betrayed and Intentionally Undermined the Black Poor

Real Talk.

Real Talk.

By Yvette Carnell, Founder – Breaking Brown

One of the gravest mistakes having been made by the Black working poor over the past century has been to equate Black identity with Black politics, a case which is made clear by Dr. Adolph Reed in his book “Class Notes.” Not all Black people share the same circumstance and in fact, members of the Black bourgeoisie have actively sought and successfully engaged in practices which served to intentionally upend movements of the Black working poor.

1.) Labor activists often deride former Republican President Ronald Reagan for firing 11,000 airline workers for failing to return to work, but it was Maynard Jackson, Atlanta’s first Black mayor, who fired 2,000 striking Black sanitation workers. The sanitation workers, who earned an annual salary of $7,500 a year, hadn’t received pay increases in three years. Even though their union, AFSCME, had supported Jackson, the mayor wasted no time firing them.

2.) At the start of the National Urban League, wealthy whites such as John D. Rockefeller and Julius Rosenwald were among its founders. Although the League talked a good game and supported collective bargaining for black workers nationally, the local Leagues acted in ways that benefited their white benefactors, even going so far as to break strikes and discourage Blacks from becoming too involved in the Labor movement. (Black Bourgeoisie, E. Franklin Frazier)

3.) In Up From Slavery, Booker T. Washington promised that Blacks would find their freedom only by giving in to white supremacy. In Washington’s mind, we were sure to persevere if only we worked hard and put our buckets down, and Booker’s route to liberation offered no significant remedies to curb white supremacy. And like many Black leaders, Washington was not a product of the Black community, but a designee of the white elite.

4.) In the book Ella Baker & The Black Freedom Movement, it is revealed that Baker, a civil and human rights activist, noted the limits in Dr. King’s leadership because of his membership in the Black Elite and noted the limits of Black charisma as opposed to a grassroots movement which empowered poor people:

“Baker described [Dr. King] as a pampered member of Atlanta’s black elite who had the mantle of leadership handed to him rather than having had to earn it, a member of a coddled ‘silver spoon brigade.’ He wore silk suits and spoke with a silver tongue.

“…In Baker’s eyes King did not identify enough with the people he sought to lead. He did not situate himself among them but remained above them.

“…Baker felt the focus on King drained the masses of confidence in themselves. People often marveled at the things King could do that they could not; his eloquent speeches overwhelmed as well as inspired.”

5.) Although Minister Louis Farrakhan has taken an empowering stance in recent speeches, some of his earlier words have sounded much more like something coming from the far right than from a globally known Black leader. During an interview with now defunct Emerge magazine, Farrakhan said that black people were sick, a diagnosis that would’ve been met with outrage had it been made by a Republican. And during an episode of “Donahue” in the 1990s, he said that Blacks suffered from a “dependent, welfare” mentality. This served to pathologize black behavior and paint us as somehow inferior in comparison to our white counterparts. (Class Notes, p.52)

Paul. L. Najarian: A Minneapolis Central High School Legend – Too young, too soon; R.I. P.

By Donald Allen, Class of 1979 – Minneapolis Central High School

Paul Najarian (r) and best body co-winner Patrice Santocono. (photo: Minneapolis Central Yearbook, 1979, fair use.)

Paul Najarian (r) and best body co-winner Patrice Santocono. (photo: Minneapolis Central Yearbook, 1979, fair use.)

Minneapolis, Minn. – I had the great pleasure of seeing this guy (Paul) in action during high school. From his Elvis Presley get-up for talent shows to a bunch of us taking the school elevator to the top floor and climbing over the auditorium to spy on the choir were just some of the fun times at Minneapolis Central, class of 1979. (Schools were a lot different back then, we learned and had a great time.)

Paul never missed a beat.

Najarian, Paul age 52 of Mendota Heights passed away June 23, 2014 surrounded by loving family after fighting a long illness. Paul was longtime business owner of the original Popeye’s Chicken on Lake Street in Minneapolis. His beloved wife, Jules and their adored children survive him: Sophia, Jackson, Isabella; parents John and Mignette; 3 brothers, Jon (Brigid), Dave (Kris), Pete (Lisa).

A Celebration of Paul’s life will take place at 1:30 pm Thursday, July 3rd at Mendakota Country Club 2075 Mendakota Drive, Mendota Heights, MN 55120.

Family will greet friends one hour prior to service.

Paul lived his life for Christ and has the hope of salvation for everyone.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to Julie Najarian for an educational fund for the children.


Velma Korbel must go! Resignation must be submitted Immediately

IBNN NEWS Editor’s note: Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights director Velma Korbel flat-out-lied about the city’s Veterans Preference. Is this the type of person who should represent contract compliance, investigation and civil rights for the people of Minneapolis? Will Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges consider “dodging” this one? See the video, unedited:


By Ronald A. Edwards of Through My Eyes-The Minneapolis Story for Network 

"Still funny." (photo: IBNN)

“Still funny.” (photo: IBNN)

It is not often that a Minneapolis City Agency Department Director receives separate, negative stories in the Star Tribune on the same day, reporting incompetence and belligerent leadership. Velma Korbel accomplished this June 16, 2014. Star Tribune headlines:

• “Divisive Minneapolis civil rights official in hot seat again”

• “Korbel speech ‘magnified’ concerns about management style”

• “Report: Minority participation in Minneapolis contracts falling”

Compare those with the reporting in these selected MSR columns over the past five years:

• “Toxic and corrupt environment in civil rights department,” April 10, 2014

• “A reappointment that is a mistake: Velma Korbel to again head the Department of Civil Rights,” February 19, 2014

• “Justice for David Cornelius Smith: In spite of obstruction of justice from the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department,” June 5, 2013

• “Will Blacks finally get a fair share of work on this stadium? Chair of stadium authority raises serious questions about past inclusion,” February 20, 2013

• ”Minneapolis Continues its fairy tale of compliance. Only painful sanctions will make these tales come true,” December 15, 2010

Director Korbel does not meet the administration/management responsibilities entrusted to her office, nor does she follow the agency’s responsibility to fight discrimination and civil rights violations. Velma Korbel has been provided every opportunity to turn her department around, including the new mayor’s ill-advised recommendation for a second term, which received three Council “no” votes.

The mayor supports Korbel despite observations of the committee Korbel’s department reports to, as well as those of a council member who at one time worked for Korbel. Korbel’s unwillingness to avoid political disaster takes the City’s eyes off the civil rights goals: end discrimination and exclusion. Her unwillingness to play nice reflects a disregard to provide a “no harm” shield for her department. Some say the lack of significant accomplishments during her tenure as department director raises the thinking in some quarters that the department’s only purpose is to skirt civil rights issues.

The disparity report of October 2010 laid out the department’s problems, with solutions for correcting problems and meeting its statutory mission and obligations. Korbel’s belligerent lack of compliance is reflected in the number of lawsuits, both internal by employees and external from plaintiffs suing the department, as she directs the violation of the very civil rights entrusted to the department.

Why are her belligerence and failures continually tolerated? The testimony of former employees outlines her unwillingness to uphold the purposes of this department to serve the mayor and council’s civil rights responsibilities to focus on civil rights compliance. Instead: chaos, City civil rights non-compliance, and lawsuits. The department has been a disaster through two directors and two mayors. When will the city finally get into full civil rights compliance?

It is good to see the Star Tribune finally addressing this in its two-part series. No one person or department has the answer or all of the truth, but we won’t find the answers or the truth until we all work together.

The City needs to govern fairly, to serve as a citadel of fairness and protection for its citizens, its employees, and its visitors. We as citizens deserve better than what council/department currently offers.

Stay tuned.

Minnesota Congressman Erik Paulsen (R-CD3) in a fight for his political career

“This race is very different from the races in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district where incumbent congressman Keith Ellison will walk in with no real challenge or the 4th congressional district where Betty McCollum will win even if she never spends a dollar for political advertising.” ~Don Allen

CD3 candidate Sharon Sund (photo: candidate's website - Public Domain, Fair Use).

CD3 candidate Sharon Sund (photo: candidate’s website – Public Domain, Fair Use).

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Wayzata, Minn. – There’s a new candidate in the third congressional district of Minnesota poised to beat the smirk off republican congressman Erik Paulsen. This is becoming fun to watch because it looks like GOPer’s and conservatives in blue collar areas of Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids to the north; middle-income Bloomington to the south, and higher-income Eden Prairie, Edina, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minnetrista, and Wayzata to the West want to send a message to the Republican Party of Minnesota and it’s inept leadership.

Republicans have held CD3 since 1961, but with the current inefficient outreach of the MNGOP; its massive debt and room full of consultants who have never run a shoe shine shop, Paulsen, his team, and the MNGOP might be in for one of the biggest defeats nationally in 2014.

Enter Sharon Sund…

Incumbent Erik Paulsen (R-CD3) should probably have a heart-to-heart with the leadership of the MNGOP. (photo: candidate's website, public domain, fair use).

Incumbent Erik Paulsen (R-CD3) should probably have a heart-to-heart with the leadership of the MNGOP. (photo: candidate’s website, public domain, fair use).

Sund, an African American woman, scientist and an efficient candidate launched her career at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, working to develop the state watershed map. She went on to serve as a scientist with Control Data, a Fortune 500 company in Bloomington, and quickly was at the forefront of the renewable energy field, leading a research team that helped make wind energy batteries more efficient.

As a businesswoman, Sund – a manager at a Fortune 500 company led a large team of researchers and developers to game-changing innovation. She’s also served as a technical communications expert for several major corporations and medical device companies including Target, SUPERVALU, and St. Jude.

Sharon Sund is a premier community organizer. Through leadership roles at Plymouth Rotary Club, PRISM (People Responding in Social Ministry), the Hennepin County DFL, Plymouth Creek Christian Church, and Pro-Choice Resources, Sund has an extensive track record of bringing people together to fight effectively for positive change. She built a broad coalition of parents, teachers, labor leaders, faith leaders, and business owners from across the Midwest that together fought for and won improved access to health care.

As a mother of a child with disabilities, she has become a recognized leader in disability rights advocacy, founding a mentorship program that has helped countless families find the support, community, and resources they need.

The Minnesota DFL has noticed candidate Sund. She has already been endorsed by Democracy for America, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, African-American Caucus, Education Minnesota, Minnesota AFL-CIO, Keith Ellison, U.S. House District 5, John Hoffman, MN Senate District 36, Ann Rest, MN Senate District 45, Melisa Franzen, MN Senate District 49 and secretly endorsed by the power brokers in political circles that want to send a message to the Republican Party of Minnesota.

According to Paulsen’s campaign website, he (Paulsen) is leading voice for accountability, transparency and fiscal discipline in the federal government. He serves of the House Committee on Ways and Means, and is a champion for small business, and supports pro-growth initiatives to create jobs. He is an active voice for fiscal discipline, ensuring our veterans receive the support they’ve earned, and strengthening American jobs and competitiveness.

This race is very different from the races in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district where incumbent congressman Keith Ellison will walk in with no real challenge or the 4th congressional district where Betty McCollum will win even if she never spends a dollar for political advertising.

Sund’s challenges will be her knowledge of current events and economic disenfranchising moments that have happened under Paulsen’s watch. This also includes the downward spiral of business opportunities in the third district. If candidate Sund can consult with the right team, busting Paulsen out of the box shouldn’t be a problem – of course, the women in those districts on the right and left like this match up.

The race between the incumbent Paulsen and candidate Sharon Sund will be one to watch in 2014.


Dying before your future: Gun Violence in the Twin Cities out of control; Politicians and local leaders want more meetings…#fail

Black people are victims of an enormous amount of violence. None of those things can take place without the complicity of the people who run the schools and the city.”  ~Toni Morrison


Steve Martin, 37, with son Savion, 3. He has nine children. The city of Minneapolis is complicit in his death Mayor Hodges. (photo: Star Tribune - Fair Use)

Steve Martin, 37, with son Savion, 3. He has nine children. The city of Minneapolis is complicit in his death Mayor Hodges. (photo: Star Tribune – Fair Use)

By Don Allen, Founder -

Minneapolis, Minn. – Two people dies yesterday from gunshot wounds suffered over the weekend. Another man was shot down in the streets in another episode of black-on-black crime in Murderapolis. The city is in chaos. Local leaders want to have more meetings to talk about the senseless violence and untimely deaths of people who in some cases will never have the opportunity to be a father or mother; or see the evolution of life unfold before their eyes.

More meetings? How about more opportunities?

A friend of mine, Tim Wise said, “Conversations hardly ever result in actions.” There are some who want to study the black animals in the Twin Cities who kill by weapon. Some leaders abandoned facts and rationale thinking in order to start Soul Patrols. A soul-patrol to address youth death and violence in the Twin Cities? How about a patrol to address youth opportunity?`

…Nobody thinks like that anymore.

Yesterday (Saturday) a huge fight broke out at a church in north Minneapolis during a funeral. Knives, police and the mortician confused on how a day of death people could fight in the street.

Politicians who are born to believe in war have started a war on young, unemployed and poor youth, who search for something that cannot just appear out of thin air.

Maybe if these kids had a job?

Maybe if these kids had a better education?

Maybe if these kid’s parents were able to show them what a hard days work and the payment looks like? Nobody thinks like that anymore.

That’s what cracks me up.

Minneapolis NAACP shutdown, and out of business

Funeral services will be announced for the Minneapolis NAACP. "We shall overcome, but not with the assistance of the Minneapolis NAACP."

Funeral services will be announced for the Minneapolis NAACP. “We shall overcome, but not with the assistance of the Minneapolis NAACP.”

I thought we had a good thing in Minneapolis. A preacher; a solider; a journalist; some black women with the ability to push any agenda forward. Unfortunately, “the hustle” was still on the table. For that, the Minneapolis NAACP needed to downsize it’s duly elected personnel. …So they did, still not understanding community members do not need their permission to do anything. Ask yourself, “Does a lion ask a zebra if he can kill it before eating?”

By Don Allen,

Minneapolis, Minn. – It took less than four-months for the leadership of the Minneapolis NAACP to fuck up everything. They wasted three-months figuring out how to remove me from Second Vice President and finally came to the conclusion that my political views and $11.70 was enough to say I could not hold office because I purchased my membership online…same shit, different day. Of course, on the night of the December 13 election, Minnesota NAACP state chairman W.C. Jordan said, “Tonight is a special election. The bylaws of the NAACP do not apply. Anyone can run for office with proof of membership, locally or nationally.” Somehow, nigga-shit got into the game and all of a sudden, the rules only applied to Don Allen, and he alone.

After I was gone, it took less than 30-days for all of the women, except for one to resign their positions. You look up and now there is no treasurer, no First Vice President-elect and some of the appointed positions held by high profile sisters were given back to the misogynistic leadership that hunted for funding and overlooked community matters.

As a paid member of the National and local NAACP (Minneapolis), I have not received a meeting notice, but of course the elected secretary moved out of town in June. There is planning for a retreat happening and several factions are arguing about location and time. Of course having access to $40,000.00 brings out the fangs in some of these greedy bastards. But hey, my colleague, and me, Mr. Ronald A. Edwards have no gotten any news about a “retreat to get the black community on the same page.” Why? Because the truth hurts and some of these clowns know they are brought and paid for by the people waving the checks.

To Black Minneapolis, I need to tell you, “The Minneapolis NAACP is dead.” To white handlers, the letters N A A C P are nothing but letters in the alphabet with no meaning. So if someone tells you they are with the Minneapolis NAACP, ask them when was the last membership meeting and how many people attended?

As the saying goes: “You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.”


Why we (Black Minneapolis) must support Don Samuels for Minneapolis Public School Board

If we say power to the people, than Don Samuels must be included as one of the “People.” Supporting a black man or woman in Minnesota has never become more important then it is now. Vote Don Samuels for Minneapolis School Board in November. This is the first step in bringing a united Black Nationalist front back to us.

The Jamaican Don's: Don Allen-IBNN (l); and MPS Board candidate Don Samuels. "Power to the People! (photo: IBNN)

The Jamaican Don’s: Don Allen-IBNN (l); and MPS Board candidate Don Samuels. “Power to the People! (photo: IBNN)

By Don Allen, Founder –

Minneapolis, Minn. – Don Samuels. On any given day, among different community members, the opinions about the former Minneapolis Ward 5 city councilman range from sizzling dislike to some not caring at all.

I remember not to long ago a local preacher in north Minneapolis whose church is in Ward 5 said, “I’m not going to ask Don for anything. He’s a white man in an black mans skin.” Unfortunately, it seemed that Samuels had identified and dismissed local poverty pimps, hustlers and clergy early on in his tenure with the Minneapolis city council; this did not hold well for members of the black or white self-appointed leadership caste who lingered around north Minneapolis waiting for the next city or state construction project with enough money attached to it to make a little noise about African Americans not getting work…but we need to train them regardless…Oh, you’ve heard that tune also?

As we all know, Samuels ran for Minneapolis mayor in 2013. He did not win.

On April 1, 2013 during the Minneapolis mayoral race, the Star Tribune reported the Minnesota DFL’s African-American caucus had endorsed both Betsy Hodges and Jackie Cherryhomes. Both white women, in relationships with black men.

If the DFL’s African-American caucus (mostly the black bougie) was to support African American candidates, they certainly overlooked the obvious; the Star Tribune wrote, “The only African-American candidate running for mayor, Don Samuels, has failed to win the endorsement of the DFL’s African-American caucus.” In the case of Don Samuels, his dismissal is part of a bigger picture of how certain African American political hacks and community members can marginalize those who have caught on to the games of foolishness of deceit for a community that to this day is in need of a new reconstruction. Complicit in this action was failed City, Inc. headmaster William English who was quoted saying “Over the years, it is not the first time that the caucus has endorsed non-African Americans in a race where African-Africans.”

Somehow, in the tainted DFL African-American caucus, some black people forgot the beatings, hangings and killings of the 1960s civil rights movement; many forgot about Marcus Garvey and what it means to be a Black Nationalist. In the end, black folks forgot that Blackness could be powerful if used in the correct context.

There are two citywide school board seats in Minneapolis. Also running are DFL endorsees Rebecca Gagnon, an incumbent, and Iris Altamirano, and candidates, Ira Jourdain, and Soren Sorensen. We cannot forget about Mr. Doug Mann, the only private citizen brave enough to fight the stadium officials in court. He deserves at least your second choice vote. (Remember, this is business, not personal. We do not care who the DFL endorses because one of the current school board endorsees best work is on Al Flowers MTN program…LOL!)

If the black community of Minneapolis needs a tipping point, we need to surround Don Samuels with support. With that said, put away your petty differences; stop attacking the messenger. Community members in Minneapolis need to see a new movement. A movement of Black Nationalism that will put Samuels in office – by us, for us and with us!

Marcus Garvey said, “With confidence, you have won before you have started.”



In the meantime, Pop Up Parks miss the mark on North Minneapolis youth violence (Video)

Show me a pop up park and I'll show you 1000 youth who need summer jobs. (photo: TKF – Tariq Khamisa Foundation - Fair Use).

Show me a pop up park and I’ll show you 1000 youth who need summer jobs. (photo: TKF – Tariq Khamisa Foundation – Fair Use).

by IBNN Video Blog

The city of Minneapolis and the Park Board can figure out how to pay folks for a lame idea, but still cannot get these youth summer jobs. Unemployed youth living in bad economic times is a breeding ground for violence, mayhem and assaults. Now, since the Minneapolis NAACP has been declared de-funked, there is no one to turn to, unless you consider MAD DADS…”crickets.”

The following video was recorded on June 19, 2014 in north Minneapolis (Bryant and West Broadway Avenues North):

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