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Thursday December 18th 2014
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The Republican Party of Minnesota must start over to begin again

Congratulation to  Tom Emmer a true winner. (photo: Don Allen (l) with Emmer - IBNN)

Congratulation to Tom Emmer a true winner. (photo: Don Allen (l) with Emmer – IBNN)

Congratulations to congressman elect Tom Emmer, a true people’s candidate. As far as Jeff Johnson and Mike McFadden, if your party headquarters has one token black person and you do not go into the “American Black” communities of the Twin Cities, you will lose. Not one time did Johnson or McFadden collaborate with the black community of the Twin Cities. Both candidates lost their races the minute they started.

By Don Allen – Political Critic, New Republican and Premiere Trash Talker

Minneapolis, Minn. – The Minnesota GOP led by chairman Keith Downey should be licking his wounds while packing up his office and resigning. First fact: Candidates endorsed by the MNGOP cannot win until MNGOP changes its redneck platform. The Republican Party of Minnesota has always aimed to be the top political party in Minnesota. Unfortunately, republicans have aimed in the wrong direction. As seen in Tuesday’s elections, GOP candidates are not winning local races in congressional districts, governor and senate races. The state party office is struggling with no strategic communications; a chairman who is afraid of his own shadow, little to no money to support local candidates due to overwhelming debt and a secretary who lathers in political arrogance. Minnesota republicans – some supporters of local candidates must make a choice to support the state party offices or an individual candidate; for the most part, money is sent to the candidates. At this point, the state party also must decide if filing bankruptcy is in the best interest of the state party.

The start-up of a new Minnesota Republican Party with united factions might be a prime opportunity to get media coverage and distribute real-time information about the MNGOP and republican endorsed candidates.  The Republican Party of Minnesota needs a complete overhaul from the rooter to the tooter.

The Minnesota GOP needs to develop new talking points customized for Minnesota’s highly liberal-leaning population that focuses on issues that more people have in common verses antiquated talking points like fiscal responsibility and small government, which means nothing to a citizen without a job. GOP endorsed candidates are not winning elections; local state candidates have to rub nickels together in hopes they can deliver a message about their candidacy. 2014 was it for the current leadership of the MNGOP. Now they either reorganize or face political extinction Minnesota.

The Minnesota GOP State office has not been able to design and distribute a campaign that would address current political challenges in Minnesota, but choose to only make contact with its current GOP base. Tuesday’s election proved republican candidates; especially those running for high-profile positions like governor and the senate cannot take on the likes of Al Franken or Mark Dayton. Of course the Minnesota GOP has maintained that some congressional districts are not a priority; again has seen with the painful losses to Congressman Ellison (CD5) and Betty McCollum (CD4).

Every two years, GOP endorsed congressional candidates (4 and 5th CD) lose to the DFL incumbent by a landslide. The MNGOP refuses to engage outsiders meaning there has not been any community meeting about civil rights, education, or economic opportunities since former governor Tim Pawlenty was campaigning to become governor of Minnesota. Civil Rights are part of the MNGOP platform, but party members are apprehensive to address any issues involving civil rights. This includes local, state and federal contract compliance issues.

Party members have formed silos within the party; abandoning support for the GOP state party in favor of only supporting the GOP endorsed candidates. The Libertarians, supporters of Ron Paul have a large base; The Minnesota GOP excludes Ron Paul supporters citing they are dangerous to the party. There is no evidence in support of the MN GOP position on the Libertarians. The Minnesota Tea Party Patriots have separated themselves from the state party due to an attempted infiltration of hardcore right-wing birthers and racist, which hurt Minnesota’s Tea Party base and candidates.

If the Republican Party of Minnesota had any brains, they would know what a rebranding campaign looked like and stop singing to loosing campaigns and a platform that should of died with Osama bin Laden.

IBNN’s “ROCK THE VOTE” and Rock the Ballot!

It doesn’t matter where you live.  You will have an opportunity to vote for either one, or two of the following candidates. Understanding politics is understanding that an upset can happen anytime. All it takes are the people of Minnesota to join in resetting politics as usual. Here is my list for the 2014 campaign cycle. If I missed you, you did not make yourself important enough for me to feel strongly about you. Good luck TEAM IBNN!


IBNN NEWS Voter Education

Hannah Nicollet for Minnesota Governor

Vote Hannah Nicollet for MN Governor 2014.

Vote Hannah Nicollet for MN Governor 2014.


Rich Stanek for Hennepin County Sheriff

Rich Stanek for Hennepin County Sheriff

Rich Stanek for Hennepin County Sheriff


Don Samuels and Iris Altamirano for Minneapolis Public School Board 2014

Don and Iris

Don and Iris

Rebecca Otto for Minnesota State Auditor


Rebecca Otto

Rebecca Otto


Vote Tom Emmer for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District

(l) Don Allen (not running for office), (r) candidate Tom Emmer - Vote Nov. 4

(l) Don Allen (not running for office), (r) candidate Tom Emmer – Vote Nov. 4

Vote (Write-In) Jack Shepard for U.S. Senate so he can come home and serve the people of Minnesota

Write in Jack Shepard for US Senate 2014

Write in Jack Shepard for US Senate 2014

Grant Nichols for Columbia Heights School Board

Grant Nichols (l).  The person standing next to him is not a public person, therefore IBNN will not speculate on her name or relationship status.

Grant Nichols (l).
The person standing next to him is not a public person, therefore IBNN will not speculate on her name or relationship status.

Donna Schmitt for Columbia Heights City Council and VOTE YES for the new Library!

Donna Schmidt

Donna Schmitt

Elizabeth “Lizz” Paulson for State Representative 66B – Saint Paul

Vote Lizz for 66B - St. Paul

Vote Lizz for 66B – St. Paul


Joy Marsh Stephens for Brooklyn Park Mayor

Joy Marsh Stephens (I feel a Prince song coming on).

Joy Marsh Stephens (I feel a Prince song coming on).


Dr. Jack Shepard: The 2014 write-in candidate for U.S Senate who has done more in two-months than Senator Al Franken has in two-years

On Nov. 4 you have a choice. Don’t make the wrong one.

IBNN NEWS Voter Education

Write in Jack Shepard for US Senate 2014

Write in Jack Shepard for US Senate 2014

Minneapolis, Minn. – Just because you are black and live in Minnesota does not mean you have to vote for the endorsed DFL candidate for any position. As far as the Republican candidate, not once did Mike McFadden enter into the black community to gain acceptance from the poor, (both whites and blacks) inside of the city limits St. Paul or Minneapolis. The 2014 election will be the undoing of the Minnesota GOP and it’s highbrow leadership that has spit upon African Americans, Asians, Hispanic-Latinos and members of the African heritage communities. When I say the current leadership of the MNGOP is done, I mean cooked to the point of being tossed into the garbage. Nothing good can come out of a group of antiquate racist bigots. (Write his name in the blank space on the ballot). 

It seems like the only party even remotely interested in the poor and people of color as people, not just vote, is the Independence Party.

Enter Dr. Jack Shepard.

Jack Shepard says, “As your next U.S. Senator I will work only for the best interests of America, to keep America safe  by  personally breaking strangle hold grip the Isreali Lobby has on our Congress.”

Dr. Shepard believes that black youth are treated unfairly in Minnesota. He would also like to see a shift in Marijuana laws to make the plant and its use legal in Minnesota. This means  thousands of black men and women would be released from jails across Minnesota. The DFL and MNGOP are not ready to free any blacks in prison under any circumstance.

It was Dr. Shepard who filed a complaint with the United States Department of Justice citing that black Minnesotans were treated badly by the legal system. Not even one black leader or organization that say they represent blacks has went that far in over 20 years.

You remember Senator Al Franken…right? He’s the elected official who would not answer questions for residents of north Minneapolis this past August. The City Pages reported, “Sen. Al Franken finds favor and distrust at north Minneapolis block party.” Here’s what happened: “…But as Franken prepares to go, the voice of Mysnikol Miller, a spa manager, rises above the speaker: “What can I do about that?” “You can vote,” the senator says…Two voices — one male, one female — come flying at once: “For what?”…For me,” Franken adds. “I’m going to help you by using my power as a United States senator to fight for the things I’m talking about. That is how I’m going to do it. And it isn’t like a magic switch that I can pull.” He goes on to assure the voices that he thinks about the repercussions of federal policy every day. “But you don’t live it every day,” Miller says. “Yes, I do,” Franken insists.

Next he asks staff to gather up contacts, but it fails to stop the questions. What is the strategy? Another woman asks. Franken responds, “One thing we can do is make it available for them to get loans for college,” and comes the quick reply from a man: “Who is them?” Franken stops. He looks flustered. “OK, listen,” he says. “I’ll do a specific question-answer period.” He laughs, then backpedals: “I’m not sure I can, actually, because I have to go to the State Fair. But why don’t you talk to my people? I think that’s more productive.”

Senator Franken leaves the crowd in north Minneapolis; headed to his white audience at the great Minnesota get together.

On Nov. 4 you have plenty of choices. Some of these choices will lead you right back to what you have been doing the last 4 years…suffering. A vote for the Republican candidate will have you so far away from the political process, it would be like an advance version of being a house n****r on a plantation.

I suggest you look at Dr. Jack Shepard as a viable source for change in Minnesota’s political infrastructure. Remember, if we keep doing the same things the same way and expect change for our families, businesses and community, we are absolutely guilty of insanity to the tenth power.

Mississippi, Burned: How the poorest, sickest state got left behind by Obamacare


Mississippi burned? No surprising. (Photo: Politico Magazine - Fair Use)

Mississippi burned? No surprising. (Photo: Politico Magazine – Fair Use)

The lunch rush at Tom’s on Main in Yazoo City had come to a close, and the waitresses, after clearing away plates of shrimp and cheese grits, seasoned turnip greens and pitchers of sweet tea, were retreating to the counter to cash out and count their tips. Wylene Gary was at the register ringing up the last of the $6.95 lunchtime specials as we chatted about her job, a modest low-paying one of the sort all too common in Mississippi, America’s most down-and-out state, where a full 20 percent of the population doesn’t graduate from high school, 22 percent lives in poverty—and even more than that, a quarter of the state, goes without health care coverage.

Gary didn’t have health insurance either, not that she hadn’t tried. When the Affordable Care Act mandated that Americans buy coverage, she didn’t want to be a lawbreaker: She had gone online to the federal government’s new website, signed up and paid her first monthly premium of $129. But when her new insurance card arrived in the mail, she was flabbergasted.

“It said $6,000 deductible and 40 percent co-pay,” Gary told me, her timid drawl giving way to strident dismay. Confused, she called to speak to a representative for the insurer Magnolia Health. “‘You tellin’ me if I get a hospital bill for $100,000, I gotta pay $40,000?’” Gary recounted. “And she said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’”

Never mind that the Magnolia worker was wrong—Gary’s out-of-pocket costs were legally capped at $6,300. She figured that with a hospital bill that high, she would have to file bankruptcy anyway. So really, she thought, what was the point?

“This ain’t worth a tooth,” she said.

She canceled her coverage.


The first year of the Affordable Care Act was, by almost every measure, an unmitigated disaster in Mississippi. In a state stricken by diabetes, heart disease, obesity and the highest mortality rate in the nation, President Barack Obama’s landmark health care law has barely registered, leaving the country’s poorest and most segregated state trapped in a severe and intractable health care crisis.

“There are wide swaths of Mississippi where the Affordable Care Act is not a reality,” Conner Reeves, who led Obamacare enrollment at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, told me when we met in the state capital of Jackson. Of the nearly 300,000 people who could have gained coverage in Mississippi in the first year of enrollment, just 61,494—some 20 percent—did so. When all was said and done, Mississippi would be the only state in the union where the percentage of uninsured residents has gone up, not down.

Why has the law been such a flop in a state that had so much to gain from it? When I traveled across Mississippi this summer, from Delta towns to the Tennessee border to the Piney Woods to the Gulf Coast, what I found was a series of cascading problems: bumbling errors and misinformation; ignorance and disorganization; a haunting racial divide; and, above all, the unyielding ideological imperative of conservative politics. This, I found, was a story about the Tea Party and its influence over a state Republican Party in transition, where a public feud between Governor Phil Bryant and the elected insurance commissioner forced the state to shut down its own insurance marketplace, even as the Obama administration in Washington refused to step into the fray. By the time the federal government offered the required coverage on its balky website, 70 percent of Mississippians confessed they knew almost nothing about it. “We would talk to people who say, ‘I don’t want anything about Obamacare. I want the Affordable Care Act,’” remembered Tineciaa Harris, one of the so-called navigators trained to help Mississippians sign up for health care. “And we’d have to explain to them that it’s the same thing.”

ACLU releases data showing racial disparities in low level arrests in Minneapolis

Violence comes in many forms. Note: ACLU has no connection to this photo.  (Photo: - Fair Use)

Violence comes in many forms. (Photo: – Fair Use)

IBNN NEWS related storyIBNN Exclusive: Jack Shepard files federal complaint with U.S. Department of Justice against Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau and others

October 28, 2014

October 28, 2014

By Jana Kooren,, 651-645-4097 x123, 651-485-5925

St. Paul, Minn, – The American Civil Liberties Union has released data that shows dramatic racial disparities in the Minneapolis Police Department’s arrest rates for a number of low-level non-violent offenses from 2004 – 2012. The data released covers white and African American arrest rates for four low-level non-violent offenses: marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, vagrancy, and juvenile curfew violations/loitering.

In conjunction with the data release, the ACLU-MN sent a letter to Mayor Hodges and Police Chief Harteau calling their attention to this alarming data and urging them to investigate the causes of these racial disparities and the solutions that could transform the Minneapolis Police Department into an institution that treats all parts of the City’s community fairly and reflects the City’s progressive values. The ACLU released the data and sent the letter to provide additional context for the Mayor and the Police Chief’s ongoing discussions with the community about policing in Minneapolis.

“The Department is not meeting its Constitutional duty to protect and serve everyone equally and fairly,” said Emma Andersson staff attorney for the ACLU. “An arrest – even without a conviction – makes it harder for anyone to get a job and rent an apartment, and it can significantly limit educational opportunities.”

The Minneapolis Police Department’s own data, as reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting, reveals that between 2004 and 2012, an African American individual was, on average:

  • 11.5 times more likely to be arrested than a white individual for marijuana possession;
  • 8.86 times more likely to be arrested than a white individual for disorderly conduct;
  • 7.54 times more likely to be arrested than a white individual for vagrancy; and
  • 16.39 times more likely to be arrested than a white juvenile for curfew/loitering

“The Minneapolis Police Department has the ability to change its policing practices for enforcing these non-violent low-level arrests,” said Charles Samuelson, Executive Director of the ACLU-MN. “These arrests are largely subjective and therefore prone to the abusive exercise of officer discretion. The Mayor and Police Chief need to reassess its current arrest practices and take into account these alarming disparities when working on a plan for the Department’s future.

Low-level arrest data

Letter to Mayor Hodges & Chief Harteau

Hamline University professor David Schultz is guest analyst on The Ron and Don Show – Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

Hamline University political science professor David Schultz. (photo: Fair Use)

Hamline University political science professor David Schultz. (photo: Fair Use)

To listen on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. CST, click here.

By IBNN NEWS on #BlogTalkRadio

Join the award winning BlogTalkRadio program The Ron and Don Show with co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards (Minnesota historian, civil rights activist, television host and the most quoted African American in the Star Tribune),  and Don Allen (Hamline University student, award winning journalist and founder of The Independent Business News Network) as they welcome Hamline University’s professor of political science Dr. David Schultz to talk about the upcoming elections, Hamline University’s gubernatorial debate and the possible outcomes from the Minnesota Senate  Ethics hearing regarding senators Jeff Hayden and Bobby Joe Champion.

On Wednesday, October 29 at 8:30 p.m. you are invited to an in-depth examination of local politics and our prediction on the elections and who is more likely to win. David Schultz is Hamline University’s professor of political science and law and a University of Minnesota School of Law Professor. He is the author/editor of more than 28 books and 100 articles on American politics and he is frequently interviewed in the local, national, and international media including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and National Public Radio.

BlogTalkRadio is an online radio station that nurtures citizen journalism and is broadcast globally online via laptops, home computers, iPads and Smartphones.

Dr. Schultz told producers of The Ron and Don Show, “I would be honored to do the show.” The Ron and Don Show has been on the air for over three years and is one of the top-rated programs in Minnesota. Please tell fellow students, friends and co-workers to tune in Wednesday, October 29 to the best in BlogTalkRadio. Phone lines will be open and we welcome callers to contact us at (347) 426-3909

IBNN Exclusive: Jack Shepard files federal complaint with U.S. Department of Justice against Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau and others

To read the full complaint, click on the above photo.

No candidates running for office has made a statement like the one write-in candidate Jack Shepard has made.  IBNN NEWS was the first to release this information. 

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

Minneapolis, Minn. – In hopes to one-day return to Minneapolis from Italy, fugitive-felon Jack Shepard is keeping his word to make sure everyone knows about the abuse that goes on behind the scenes of Minneapolis and St. Paul’s justice system. Shepard, who fled Minnesota many years ago said, “I was a practicing dentist. They [Hennepin County] were trying to railroad me into jail. I have a son with special needs and the court systems wanted to see me locked away for a crime I did not commit and my children homeless. This is me fighting back; I want to come home.”

Shepard, a write-in candidate for 2014 Minnesota senate race has filed an official complaint with US Department of Justice against Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, Ramsey County Attorney Office John J. Choi and chief Tom Smith of the St Paul Police Department.

Shepard cites the following in his complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice: (PDF: US Department of Justice complaint)

There is a pattern or practice of discrimination in Ramsey and Hennepin Counties of Minnesota which has increased over the past 14 years; also this complaint raises an issue of general public importance because it is presently costing the Minnesota Taxpayers unneeded over 44 millions of dollars, in this time of recession these funds I think can better well spend fighting dangerous criminal, not non- violent kid going to prison for possession of Marijuana. I find even more troubling that the above 4 people; who this complaint is against aggressive enforcement of marijuana possession laws has a proven pattern or practice of discrimination against Black’s; which needlessly mires thousands of people in the criminal justice system, crowding our Minnesota jails, wastes millions of taxpayers’ dollars, fails to reduce marijuana use and availability, diverts precious police resources away from solving serious crimes, and is carried out with staggering racial bias. These arrests have a significant detrimental impact on people’s lives, as well as on the communities in which they live. When people are arrested for possessing even tiny amounts of marijuana, they can be disqualified from public housing or student financial aid, lose or find it more difficult to obtain employment, lose custody of their child, or be deported.

 Hennepin County has the 5th Largest Percent Increases in Racial Disparities in Marijuana Possession Arrest Rates (2001-2010) with an increase of 328%. How could Minnesota be the 5th high increase when America has 3143 county, this cannot be an accident from testimony and statistics my Complaint Merit please urgently Correct and these civil rights policies violations must be corrected. The above named law enforcement agencies and County Attorneys offices have systematically deprives Black Men and Women under their jurisdiction of their basic civil rights by using illegal policing practices, including racial profiling as well as unconstitutional stops, frisks, and searches. These law enforcement agencies and district attorney offices have prioritized enforcement of marijuana possession laws because their measure and success is the productivity by the number of arrests they make.

To view the full complaint here on a Google Document:


Stay tuned.

Minneapolis: Powerful Kramer Family Destroying Public Education

Please read this story very carefully. Could this be the reason MinnPost is attacking CSI?

By Diane Ravitch, Guest Contributor – IBNN NEWS.

The Kramer family of Minneapolis will leave as its legacy the destruction of public education in that city. They have devoted their considerable energy and power to building public support for charter schools and cutting away public support for public schools.

The Kramer family of Minneapolis will leave as its legacy the destruction of public education in that city. They have devoted their considerable energy and power to building public support for charter schools and cutting away public support for public schools.

Many wealthy families want to leave a legacy, something to remind the world of their beneficence and power. Andrew Carnegie covered the land with free public libraries. Others have endowed museums, public parks, zoos, and many other monuments that the public would enjoy long after the family had gone.

The Kramer family of Minneapolis will leave as its legacy the destruction of public education in that city. They have devoted their considerable energy and power to building public support for charter schools and cutting away public support for public schools. Because of their role as advocates for charter schools, Minneapolis this year has 34,000 students, while the surging charter sector has 20,000. This year, the public schools expected enrollment growth of 900, but only two new students appeared. Meanwhile, the Board of Education bickers about “market share” and forgets their primary mission as stewards of a public trust, as Peter Greene explained.

What have the Kramers to do with the sinking fortunes of public education? EduShyster documented their leadership of the privatization movement in Minneapolis. She writes, in her cheeky fashion:

“Readers: meet the Minneapolis Kramers. Father Joel is the former publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and took home $8 million when the paper was sold to McClatchy. These days he presides over and a brood of young rephormers. Son Matt is the president of Teach for America, in charge of TFA’s “overall performance, operations, and effectiveness.” Son Eli, another former TFAer, is the executive director of Hiawatha Academies, a mini charter empire in Minneapolis. Meanwhile, daughter-in-law Katie Barrett-Kramer is a former TFAer who now serves as director of academic excellence at Charter School Partners, a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the number of charters in Minneapolis, including the ones her brother-in-law runs.

“Now I have acquired a deep thirst just writing about the Kramer siblings and their dedication to the civil right$ i$$ue of our time. But there’s still more. Matt, who with his brother attended the tony Breck School (which I suspect is likely not a ‘no excuses’ school), also sits on numerous rephorm boards. Matt is the chair of the board of 50Can and a member of the board of Students for Education Reform.

“And did I mention that the Kramers are avid supporters of young TFA school board candidate and life-long educator Josh Reimnitz, who moved to Minneapolis in May, and received an undisclosed amount of money from TFA’s political phund???

But what about Père Kramer? Has he no role in this touching rephorm tableau? Phear not reader. Papa Kramer’s online publication, MinnPost, serves as an influential booster for all of the Kramers’ assorted kauses, including Hiawatha Academies. There is nothing the slightest bit conflict-of-interest-ish about this as evidenced by this, perhaps the kraziest quote from an actual publication that I have ever encountered:

“And here we must pause for Learning’s Curve’s lengthiest Kramer Disclaimer yet: [Charter School Partners] employs Katie Barrett-Kramer, wife of Teach for America President Matt Kramer and daughter-in-law of MinnPost founder and Editor Joel Kramer and Chief Revenue Officer Laurie Kramer.”

It is difficult to think that any family in the U.S. wants to be remembered as the family that destroyed and privatized public education. But that is how the Kramer family of Minneapolis will be remembered. How very sad.

dianeravitch | October 24, 2014 at 10:00 am | Categories: Charter SchoolsClosing schoolsEducation IndustryMinnesotaTeach for America | URL:

Why not Hannah Nicollet for Minnesota’s next Governor?

"Clowns to the left of her, Jokers to the right, her she is, Hannah Nicollet, stuck in the middle with "the people of Minnesota." (photo: The Uptake, edited by IBNN NEWS - Fair Use)

“Clowns to the left of her, Jokers to the right, her she is, Hannah Nicollet, stuck in the middle with “the people of Minnesota.” (photo: The Uptake, edited by IBNN NEWS – Fair Use)

I watched a debate last Sunday morning broadcast by Fox 9 News from the campus of Hamline University. I stood traumatized, in shock and no longer able to view Minnesota politics with a trusting lens. Sources confirm with IBNN NEWS that Fox 9 News and partners scheduled, scripted and played out a debate in a made-for-television political comedy.

By Don Allen, Founder – Black Politics in Minneapolis

A public service announcement from IBNN.

A public service announcement from IBNN.

St. Paul, Minn. – When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of political tomfoolery, Minnesota voters do not have to choose between Democrat and Republican. I invite you to visit candidate Hannah Nicollet’s campaign website. For the minority community, Ms. Nicollet is the best decision a voter could make in 2014 to get our men and women out of prison and the court systems for crimes that caused no harm to person.

Minnesota has a candidate on the scene that could possibly upset the distant left and the far right in statewide politics.

Hannah Nicollet gets it.

Nicollet writes, “Understanding that neither the right nor left have a monopoly on good ideas, I will take a pragmatic approach to challenges, insisting on tangible results. I believe applying the principles of freedom and innovation to social and economic policies are the best way to increase opportunity and improve outcomes for all.”

When she says “all,” that’s everybody – not like the Minnesota DFL who hand-picks a few community poverty pimps to speak for a caste of people with a broad voice; and not like the Minnesota GOP, who safety when it comes to numbers of minorities in the party align themselves with a few Uncle Toms and Aunt Jane’s that would never bust a grape on behalf of minority issues. Candidate Hannah Nicollet is cut from a different clothe.

Tell me, when was the last time you heard a politician say, “It’s time for government to serve the people?” Nicollet writes, “Why is that although 76% of Minnesotans favor legal medicinal marijuana, 68% oppose publicly funded sports stadiums, and 59% desire Sunday alcohol sales, politicians refuse to carry out the will of the people? In each of these cases lawmakers voted in favor of influential lobbies and private interests over the public’s interest. Independence is the answer.”

If Minnesota Nice puts back on it’s thinking caps, Hannah Nicollet for Minnesota governor could be the answer we’ve been looking for since Mr. Ventura became a private citizen. Make your vote count; send a message.

City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

By  Published October 14, 2014 (Source:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.46.25 PMThe city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

“The city’s subpoena of sermons and other pastoral communications is both needless and unprecedented,” Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Christina Holcomb said in a statement. “The city council and its attorneys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions.”

ADF, a nationally-known law firm specializing in religious liberty cases, is representing five Houston pastors. They filed a motion in Harris County court to stop the subpoenas arguing they are “overbroad, unduly burdensome, harassing, and vexatious.”


“Political and social commentary is not a crime,” Holcomb said. “It is protected by the First Amendment.”

Red the full story here

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