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Friday April 18th 2014
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The St. Paul NAACP and black leaders demand Gov. Dayton to Censure State Rep. Garofalo for Racist” Tweet” – than who will Censure the corruption within the Minnesota’s black community?

Yeah, you’re busted again. The only reason this hollow demand was made was because State Rep. Garofalo is a Republican. You never said anything when Congressman Keith Ellison went to jail in Washington, DC for protesting against immigration while here in the Twin Cities, documented and undocumented people of Mexican origin continue to be taken away from their families and deported back to Mexico. You never said anything when then state representative Bobby Joe Champion, now Senator Champion was the vice chair of the Transportation Oversight Committee and did not take any actions when MnDOT gave one black contractor $715 (seven-hundred and fifteen dollar) out of $68 million during a fiscal year. You did not say a damn word. So why this; Why now?

Look in the mirror asshat!

Look in the mirror asshat!

By Donald Allen, Founder –

Not seeing real disparities in your community means you eyes are only focused on crap (see photo).

Not seeing real disparities in your community means you eyes are only focused on crap (see photo).

St. Paul, Minn. – First off, I have no ill will against the NAACP, Minnesota’s black leadership, Gov. Dayton or even state representative Garofalo. What pisses me off the most is how this leadership caste decides what item of business to make an issue within Minnesota’s black community.

Long before the republican statesman “tweeted” anything, our children in the St. Paul and Minneapolis public schools were failing at catastrophic rates.

Long before the republican statesman “tweeted” his First Amendment Right to freedom of expression the black community in Minnesota had the highest unemployment rate, and still does.

Long before the republican statesman “tweeted” anything, I allege the NAACP’s of both Minneapolis and St. Paul both vetoed the non-partisan platform to become a spokesperson for the Minnesota DFL, choosing party coalitions while dumping voter education.

Long before the republican statesman “tweeted” anything, Minnesota’s black community had been sold out by the same leadership who thought training minorities would get them jobs on the new Vikings stadium.

Long before the republican statesman “tweeted” anything, Minnesota’s black community and it’s leadership did not confront any valid issue or argument for the advancement of colored people.

Long before the republican statesman “tweeted” anything, there was many challenges.

Let’s face it, it does not take much to be a hypocrite and if one looks very closely at all the disparities piled up on each other that point to being problematic only in the black community, it would seem this is little more than a race-baiting hoax, designed, implemented and promoted by the political party which controls the voice of the Minneapolis and St. Paul NAACP: The Minnesota DFL Political Plantation.

While personally I think the Minnesota GOP has a long way to go in proving they are the party of Abraham Lincoln, WEB Dubois, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr. – at least they’re hypocrisy is on display for everyone to see, not veiled behind a misdirect.

Can we get the Minneapolis and St. Paul NAACP’s to address the advancement of colored people in Minnesota? By the way, “colored people” includes white people too. #idiots

How not to waste $700k on Training for no jobs – The Ron and Don Show tonight 8:30 p.m

"You want some of this?" The phone lines are always open! (photo: IBNN)

“You want some of this?” The phone lines are always open! (photo: IBNN)


The jig is up. The attached report from the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority (MSFA) shows the EAF contract (Read HERE) between Summit Academy OIC and the MSFA is not making headway when it comes to hiring people of color to work on the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Join Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen as we look into week two of the Rochester, Minnesota scam and take calls about what’s really happening on jobs, economic development and civil rights in the Twin Cities.

Tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. – the phone lines are always open. Please call us at (347) 426-3904. Click HERE to listen to the program at 8:30 p.m. tonight (3/19).

If you don’t believe us, below are the numbers from the last report. Read the whole report HERE.  (ZERO’s – we (the community, got nothing.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.31.06 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.31.23 PM

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Jobs on the Vikings stadium go to relatives of community bullies

The Minnesota Sports Facility Authority reports hiring goals are consistent with human rights standards of 32 percent (See report here). Data shows that very few inner-city, work-ready people have benefited from the many city and state projects – adding insult to injury. Local black acronym organizations have bullied agencies for far too long. In the case of the new Vikings stadium build out, self-appointed leaders make sure their families come first while the broader community is still asking “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Don't be fooled  by the group assuming representation of black people. There is more than meets the eye.

Don’t be fooled by the group assuming representation of black people. There is more than meets the eye.

by Donald Allen, Founder  IBNN

Minneapolis, Minn. – I wonder how some of Minneapolis’ black leadership can even operate in public without feeling some type of shame and guilt. For months, a few concerned people attempted to force the hand of Minnesota Sports Facility Authority to make them do the right thing when it came to hiring “qualified” and “able” people from the city of Minneapolis. This is not a race-baiting issue, but some have taken it there. If we were to argue the minority-ethnic challenge of hiring “qualified” and “able” people, we then would have to look at barriers that might stop a black person from being able to arrive at a job on time everyday. Unfortunately, these same barriers exist for most people, no matter the color of their skin.

Being undermined for a $700k contract between a north Minneapolis social service agency and the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority (MSFA) is one of many insults to the community that had expected some type of employment process to take effect behind that effort. What has happened, and the reason I post this missive is because some select folks who say they don’t get paid for working in the communities best interest actually do get paid – on a regular basis. Not only that, two of these self-appointed hoodwinked members of the Minneapolis’ Dirty Bastard’s Club secured employment for close relatives.

Disclaimer: I am happy to see two young black men get work on the Vikings stadium; I do not have to like how it was done.

History in the Twin Cities has taught us many things including the few black leaders (self-appointed) who will do anything to make sure their bellies are full by using the ills of the broader community to assert a clandestine domination upon its well being.

Still, the modus ponens is not clear of some leaders, which leads us to wonder what will it take to function clearly in the mainstream with a process of checks and balances. 2014 represents a time for change. With political party hacks giving the marching orders, it no wonder the Twin Cities black community is in cultural, political and financial ruins.

Ukraine and the Pathology of the Liberal Worldview: An African American Perspective

This is not Syria.

This is not Syria.

By Ajamu Baraka, Public Intervenor for Human Rights - IBNN Guest Columnist

Atlanta, GA – Reading the March 2 editorial in the New York Times on the so-called revolution in Ukraine, I couldn’t help but marvel at how easily elite opinion makers in the U.S. can call for the use of public resources to bail out the people and government of Ukraine without significant opposition or even serious questions. The Times editorial forcefully argued that in response to the “revolution” in Ukraine, Western powers must “provide prompt and substantial assistance to the Kiev government.” This sentiment was also voiced by a number of conservative Republicans who normally pretend to be fiscal conservatives, at least when it comes to state expenditures for working class and poor people in the U.S.

In response, the Obama administration is calling on Congress to agree to a long-term aid package for Ukraine and announced on Tuesday a short-term billion dollar aid package.

Yet, when it comes to crisis situations like extending unemployment benefits to the 1.3 million people who lost them in December or the forced bankruptcy of Detroit, a major city that happens to have an African American majority, or maintaining food assistance for the working class and poor in the form of the food stamp program, elite opinion in both parties has embraced the “common sense” position that significant reductions in public expenditures and services at every level of government are a reasonable and unavoidable necessity.

The Times editorial further argued that since President Yanukovych left the Ukrainian treasury bare, the West should provide immediate assistance. But what about the people in Detroit, whose government coffers were left bare as result of the predatory looting by big banks that targeted African American families with sub-prime loans and floating interests rates that resulted in them losing their homes? Where is their relief?
And when those same banks seized the properties of more than 100,000 families through foreclosure and then refused to pay property taxes to the city of Detroit—helping to create a fiscal crisis for the city—where was the Federal assistance to replenish the city’s coffers?

They call Pres. Yanukovych a dictator, but curiously, there was no outcry against the governor of Michigan when he engineered the passage of an anti-democratic piece of legislation that allowed him to impose a one-person dictatorial regime over the people of Detroit. Referred to as an “emergency manager,” he was granted the power to nullify decisions of the elected city council and mayor and seize control over all institutions of local government. The main objective of the “emergency manager” is to ensure that the banks that looted the city will get a return on the 22 billion dollar debt that the city accrued.

But the elite do not call that process anti-democratic or dictatorial. Why? The explanation for this myopia an apparent inability to see a double standard is not just capitalist avarice and cynical ruling-class self-interest. It is rooted in the pathology generated by the disease of white supremacy.
Let me elaborate. What many conclude is hypocrisy—a gap between high-sounding rhetoric and actual behavior—is not hypocrisy at all, but rather a cognitive deficiency.

It is the same cognitive deficiency that allows Secretary of State John Kerry to state without any sense of irony, in response to reports that Russia might be moving troops into Crimea, that “You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in a 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretexts.” If someone had reminded Kerry that it was the “trumped-up pretext” of weapons of mass destruction that was the basis for the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq by the U.S., he probably would not have been able to cognitively process the contradiction.
Kerry’s comments are representative of a liberal, Eurocentric consciousness in which the same standards of measurement don’t apply to Westerners because they are the standard. It is not just arrogance but an inculcated sense of omnipotence in which the Western worldview, values and interpretations don’t just reflect universal reality, they are the only reality that counts. Read the rest of this entry »

The real story about Jobs for the advancement of colored people: Take action now, work in under three weeks!

Don't be fooled by some clown wanting to use your financial aid money.

Don’t be fooled by some clown wanting to use your financial aid money.

Editors note: Several local union representatives have contacted IBNN and sent emails. This messages explain how local minorities can get local construction jobs. Follow the instructions below and don’t listen to these community hustlers trying to take your financial aid.

IBNN Public Service Announcement

Message to IBNN:

If you know any minorities from Minneapolis that want a job right now on the stadium or any other government funded construction project, have them join the 563 labors union. I can almost promise them a job paying over 20 a hour within 3 weeks of joining the union. All these projects using government money have to have a certain percentage of minority workers.

Local NAACP and other Black leaders: discriminating like the white man.  Do the NFL, national NAACP and the Governor know?

Who is Salem, Inc?

Who is Salem, Inc?

By Ronald A. Edwards, Guest Columnist – The Minneapolis Story

In a series of extremely secretive meetings, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Commission, has authorized one of the prime sub-contractors on the Vikings Stadium to violate legislative intent and violate executive orders by Governor Mark Dayton, by bringing workers in from outside the state of Minnesota.   The widely publicized 32% agreed to goal for Minnesota minority hires is now being reduced to 18%, with the actual number of workers physically there: half a percent of the workforce.

What happened to the money to train Minneapolis workers of color?  Why are there not trained Minnesota construction workers of color?   Why are workers of color, Blacks and Hispanics, being recruited from Florida?  What happened to the deal with the 100 African Americans from Kansas City?  It gets worse:   Thor, a local minority contractor, long a part of the stadium planning discussions, has now been frozen out by local Civil Rights leaders in Minneapolis (including those from the NAACP), in order to position small construction companies in which they have ownership interests, so qualifications and locals be damned and bring on the conflicts of interest. Diversity in Minnesota remains a Black and White farce.  Ted Mondale, Velma Korvel, Alex Tittle, all promised it wouldn’t be this way with the Vikings Stadium.

The testing grounds to see if they could get away with this kind of conflict of interest are the construction projects involving these same civil rights leaders with the Mayo Clinic construction in Rochester, MN.  In a series of secret meetings in January [which, when whites hold secret sessions they are condemned] civil rights leaders laid out the scenario to purposefully violate affirmative action laws by bringing in what are called “pass through companies,” being paid by presenting bogus numbers representing non-existent workers “passed through” as real.  There is no reason to suspect that the Mayo Clinic is aware of this conspiracy, as civil rights leaders in Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul have worked very hard to disguise their real intent. This has led to activating the big prize:  the Vikings stadium, in violation of discussions held with African American labor organizations in Minnesota and Kansas City, MO, who would have been able to have provide qualified and eligible African American workers to work on the Vikings Stadium.

The decision to bring in workers from the southern US also violates the legislative mandate that calls for respective workers of color to be given preference based on zip codes and areas (as North Minneapolis).

We call upon Governor Mark Dayton to have the Attorney General of Minnesota convene a special Grand Jury to subpoena and take evidence and, if necessary, to prosecute what has become one of he most outrageous and scandalous rejections of civil rights laws in the State of Minnesota.  We will continue to monitor this for the citizens and workers of Minnesota and the nation.  This is a dark day for civil rights in Minnesota, especially as it is being perpetrated by African Americans on other African Americans.

For more details, see:

2011: list of our over 20 columns on violations of diversity in Minneapolis in our “Solutions” Section:   DISPARITY/COMPLIANCE STUDIES:  MINNEAPOLIS HAS PRACTICED DISPARITY AND PURPOSEFULLY AND ACTIVELY AVOIDED COMPLIANCE.

2009:  The Role of Minneapolis BLACK ORGANIZATIONS in the Minneapolis Story:  …..   Being Part of the Problem Rather than the Solution, as they Move Toward White-Like Black-Elite Rule, for Spoils Not Principles and Sell Out Inner city Black Community Interests.


Silence of the Scams: Select Minnesota Black Leadership shuts down in crisis and opportunity…Oops

What it look like homey?

What it look like homey?

Join Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. as we discuss many topics including taking a visit to the 2011 north Minneapolis tornado recovery. We also will look at why the Minneapolis Urban League and the critically crippled Minneapolis NAACP has not said A WORD about Minneapolis Public Schools and allegations reported on IBNN and WCCO-TV. Call in to speak with the host at (347) 426-3904. All this and more on The Ron and Don Show: On Point 2014#wantednewleadership2014 #dontsendanilliteratetodotheworkofaartisian


The following FACTS are from a 2012 story in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder:

1. The Minnesota Helps — North Minneapolis Recovery Fund distributed the donated money across six general service areas: basic needs ($296,284), case management ($428,250), children and youth ($292,593), employment ($307,533), housing ($339,400), and small business ($92,000).

2. “Six navigators at six different sites” were hired overall to assist Northside tornado victims, two through Pillsbury United Communities, which received one $35,000 grant directly from Minnesota Helps and other unspecified allocations through the NCRT.

3. He says the NCRT gave the Minneapolis Foundation its most recent financial report on June 29. “All the money was spent,” says Coleman. A balance sheet provided by Coleman shows remaining cash on hand of $470.78. However, the balance sheet accounts for only $160,668 of at least $395,000 the NCRT received from Minneapolis Helps Fund. The foundation says a final report is expected later this summer.

4. The $160,668 budget shows actual expenditures as follows: Project Manager (identified as Debra Chavis at Pillsbury United Communities — $20,126); Navigators ($52,565); ECA (identified as “a person hired to feed data into a Red Cross database” — $33,187); Communications (identified as “printing flyers” and “buying time on KMOJ for PSAs” — $19,774); Administrative ($15,588); Data-Base Coordinator ($14,716); Assess and Eval (University of Minnesota/UROC — $5,000); and Business/Office Supplies ($2,365).

5. Based on this budget — the only one of its kind we have seen — direct service to tornado victims through navigators comprised only $52,565 (32 percent, less than one-third) of total actual expenditures of $163,321, most of the rest going to management, administration, communications, a database and an evaluation.

So, what happened to the money?

More parents step forward about abuse in the Minneapolis Public Schools

Editors Note: A concerned parent sent this message to IBNN NEWS. This  note is published unedited.

IBNN NEWS is encouraging all parents to mail their complaints about a particular school to

IBNN NEWS is encouraging all parents to mail their complaints about a particular school to

By: A Minneapolis Public School Parent (Name withheld to protect the students privacy)

I had a son at a Minneapolis Public Schools in an upper class school in a upper class neighborhood.

During a Jr High School graduation practice 3 boys were fighting about not wanting to stand next to my son. They were saying he was gay and might get butt F****d. (Sorry, just saying as it is. ) the one boy pulled down his pants, though only exposed his underpants. Someone helping out saw it but didn’t know what was going on. The asst. Principle got after the boys for being disruptive. When my son got home he was clearly upset. We went back to the school and made what we thought was a formal complaint. Tried calling the principal, the next day, did not get back until the end of the day. In the end it got pushed under the rug and the 3 boys walked in their graduation ceremony, went to parties for it and got to go to the amusement park.

The saddest part for us was when 2 of the boys received an award, one for sportsmanship, the other for being a leader. My son finally went back to the principle 2 weeks later, after school had been out for the summer, with a respected adult fit the community who at one point worked for the district and was there that day and saw the boy as he pulled up his pants. My son told the principle how disappointed he was in how the situation was handled and that he still hurt from the mistrust. Still, nothing every got fine. Fast forward to last year, my kids have watched drug deals, seen kids mistreated in front of adults, watched kids get caught with drugs …

Nothing gets done.

The kid that was caught with a drugs was in school the next day. Mpls public schools has no control over discipline because you have to be fair to everyone and give everyone a chance. Sadly we are still stuck with the district for 2 of our children But the school is so it off control (in our opinion, maybe not others and I totally respect that) that our 2 kids are mainly on line, and doing really well … And are happy, social, bright, funny, creative teens.

What happened to the receipts? Revisiting the Tornado Relief Funds ツ

by Ron Edwards, Guest Columnist – IBNN NEWS - As submitted to Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder for their March 14, 2014 edition, for the column: “Through My Eyes,”

Video by IBNN NEWS.

The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind. (photo:\)

The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind. (photo:\)

Minneapolis, Minn. – A shock wave rolled like a tornado through the March 3, 2014 meeting quietly held in an out of the way University of Minnesota location, as the representatives of the State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota, gathered to consider questions raised regarding how tornado relief money following the May 22, 2011 tornado was spent.

Though quietly held, the meeting was not one of secrecy. It was one of quiet inquiry. These oversight agencies finally realized they had incomplete accounting for tornado relief funds spent. Their reputations were at risk. They were caught napping in our age of “forensic accounting” (doing financial autopsies on what some hoped were dead accounting records). This is why they confronted relief distribution organizations and their leaders with specific questions regarding tornado relief funds distribution, as sums in the hundreds of thousands of dollars are unaccountable. How much was actually used to help tornado victims and how much was diverted from such help? Incompetence? Embezzlement? Both?

Recall questions raised in late 2011 and early 2012, because of theStatus Update Report of June 3, 2011, of the Minneapolis Foundation’s Minnesota Help North Minneapolis Recovery Fund, a fund set up to accelerate distribution funded by tremendous donations from corporate Minnesota.

On July 6, 2011, the Minneapolis Foundation and the Greater Twin Cities United Way announced they had raised $513,258 for the Northside Community Response Team (NCRT) relief effort. Elim Transitionary Housing, Inc. had receipts for every penny received and distributed.

This column reported and raised questions about the distribution of relief money (see our columns of 2011):

Disaster accelerates gentrification of North Minneapolis. Reconstruction proceeds without Black workers, June 01, 2011.

When experience and knowledge truly mean something. Real vs. Fake Ministry Responses to the North Minneapolis Tornado, June 8, 2011.

For two and a half years the general public has been told all is in order. No longer. How was over $700,000 marked for tornado relief actually spent? Far less than what the minutes of the Northside Community Response Team of June 10, 2011, at 2 pm, suggest, falsely suggesting happy days were here again. Were over 5,000 families/people really accommodated with these relief funds?

Documents awaiting examination by investigators show tremendous amounts of cash money paid to tornado victims, 80% of whom were African American, out of the benevolence and compassion of organizations who proclaimed membership on the Northside Community Response Team. Was it so?

Why was it that the very respected and beloved African American woman who had worked for 23 years for the Minneapolis Foundation, and who had receipts for every dollar of relief paid out or items bought, lost her position, while others who were unable to produce a record of receipts for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they said they had provided to residents of North Minneapolis did not lose their positions?

Overseers at the March 3rd meeting want to know accounting documents are accurate, authentic and complete. We know there will be estimation. We await an explanation of the accounting details and why receipts cannot be found.

Given the status update of the June 3, 2011 report and the impressive response to the call to arms to help and provide for citizens who had been battered by the May 22, 2011 tornado, one wonders why blue tarps are still up and why not all people claimed didn’t receive any of the close to $1M in direct contributions, as well as the millions of dollars in federal funds poured into North Minneapolis, in the ensuing months and years after the tornado, as discoered. May those identified June 3 2011, have the opportunity to retrieve their lives and look forward to a more steady future. Anything less is unacceptable.

Stay tuned.

Editors note: this column fits into what a book sub-title calls “Self-Sabotage in Black America.”

For Ron’s hosted radio and TV show’s broadcast times, solution papers, books and archives, go to To order his books go to Beacon on the Hill Press. Tune in Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. to The Ron and Don Show on #BlogTalkRadio

Minneapolis Public Schools preparing a statement about Anderson Elementary School incident

Tune into WCCO-TV channel 5 at 5 p.m. tonight.

Tune into WCCO-TV channel 4 at 5 p.m. tonight.

The Minneapolis Public Schools has confirmed they are preparing a statement about the incident as reported by Ms. Joleana Williams to IBNN NEWS. When IBNN NEWS receives the statement, it will be posted here.

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