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Monday September 1st 2014
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How does a 17-year old black youth get a handgun in North Minneapolis?

As long as we misidentify the danger, we will never be rid of it.

Something is terribly wrong in north Minneapolis. (photo: child growing up too fast.)

Something is terribly wrong in north Minneapolis. (photo: child growing up too fast.)

 By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

Minneapolis, Minn. – A 41-year old father protecting his 17-year old son was gunned down in a fury of violence on the night of July 24 in north Minneapolis. This is the scenario that has repeated itself time-and-time again. But this time, I will neither blame former mayor R.T. Rybak, nor current mayor Betsy Hodges for their benign neglect and the oversight of jobs and opportunities for poor youth in Minneapolis. I understand, keeping an area like north Minneapolis is a state of continued poverty, homelessness and hopeless situations is a multi-billion dollar politically driven business that keeps the doors of mass-funding wide open.

The question remains: How does anyone, not permitted to carry a weapon, especially a black teenager acquire 9-mm, .45 or shotgun? North Minneapolis’ off balanced staff of servitors (community leaders) have excluded this question from their menus of ill repute and shakedowns ignoring the only issue that will stop the senseless killing of babies, teenagers and fathers.

Before I go into how guns get in the hands of black youths in the Twin Cities, more specifically, Minneapolis – I need to advise the tree-hugging, dripping wet liberal agenda of wanting more laws against guns; or gun control – we need “people control.” The fact remains guns cannot go to jail; they cannot pay restitution; guns most certainly can only be used when a human element is involved. This means we need to focus in on some critical responses for the users pre-crime and after-crime that will scare the living Jesus out of any youth in Minneapolis who think’s it okay to settle an argument with a bullet.

One of the focuses must be an all-out law enforcement concentration on corner stores and businesses that operate in poor black neighborhoods. Various immigrants businesses that we allege do everything from buying food stamps for cash to street purchases of stolen items have overrun this sector. Have you ever wondered by some black males (youth) hang out in front of cell phone stores on West Broadway Avenue? Besides the ever popular crack cocaine sales that is making a upswing in the Twin Cities, suburban addicts who run out of cash have been known to trade electronics, cars, credit cards and guns to chase that first high that will never come back.

Secondly, we need to take people who are gang affiliated out of the mix of being community leaders to address youth violence. Organizational connections run deep; there is really never a disconnect and benefactors of “protection” for certain people can move freely in the city, mostly undetected and dismissed by law enforcement. Some of the other solutions come in the form of Minneapolis based laws that will not only stop black-on-black crime, but give city official need time to put economic opportunity programs (jobs) in place for poor minority youth.

The “One-Time-Military Law” is a law that would state, “If a youth 16 to 21 years of age is arrested and charged with having an unregistered weapon, and it is the first offense and there was no bodily harm to another person(s), said youth must enlist in the military for a minimum of four (4) years. The consequence would be to serve an automatic prison time of five (5) years if military service is rejected.” This law alone would stop black youth and anyone else 16 to 21 who would have the audacity to settle an argument with a bullet.

The third solution would be to have local police, retired and currently active along with active duty and veterans visit classrooms within the Minneapolis Public School System. Focus must be on grade three and four only. There is data that tells us prisons forecast occupancy based and determined on the educational outcomes in those grades. An introduction to law enforcement as a partner versus an antagonist would give prime opportunities generate positive collaborations resetting moral compasses for children within the elementary education system.

To be complicit in these killings by black youth would mean that city officials and educational systems reject sound advice. At some point, there has to be an economic component where youth have the opportunity to have a job. There are too many creative ideas in the public sphere to stop the senseless killing. Minneapolis has already seen the bloodiest of deadly summers. How many more fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and babies have to die before someone puts out a hand up?

In closing, if this was going on in a white suburb in Minnesota and jobs were the solution, it would have happened faster than it took you to read this story.

Shock Video: Black Conservatives Met With Hostility, Harassed At Annual NAACP Convention

By Jim Hoft (Progressives Today)

The NAACP is holding their 105th annual gathering   in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. This year’s theme? “All in for justice and equality.” And what better venue could there be for fighting against injustice and inequality then a multimillion dollar Las Vegas resort, the lavish Mandalay Bay.

 After years of rejection, black conservatives were allowed a single booth at the convention this year, but they’re still locked out of speaking at the convention.

As minimal and restricted as their presence is at the NAACP event, black conservatives are still met with open hostility by NAACP faithful because they fail to toe the Progressive line. Yesterday, conservatives Deneen Borelli, director of outreach at FreedomWorks, CL Bryant, a fellow at FreedomWorks, were harassed in the convention hall just because they are conservatives.

This was an awful display of intolerance by a group that claims to fight for inclusion and tolerance in society.

Is radio station KMOJ-FM promoting DFL politics on the air?

The simple answer is yes. In a meeting over the weekend with the “Minnesota Institute of Research and Disparities of Black Minnesotans” it was very difficult for the group to pinpoint the CCD/KMOJ-FM board of directors. But now, after several months of covert operations, we come to find out, KMOJ-FM does not really have an external group of board members running the radio station.

By Don Allen, Founder IBNN NEWS

Local black radio station, owned by the people, not the general manager seems to be stuck promoting a DFL platform, violent rap music and news that is not relevant. (photo: CCD/KMOJ-FM in the public domain, fair use.)

Local black radio station, owned by the people, not the general manager seems to be stuck promoting a DFL platform, violent rap music and news that is not relevant. (photo: CCD/KMOJ-FM in the public domain, fair use.)

Minneapolis, Minn. – For the better part of six months I have listened to a show hosted by the Community Standard Initiative founder Alfred Flowers. For six months I have listened to community members and politicians from the DFL side of the isle on KMOJ. There is never any real voter education; there is never an message of Conservative, Green, Independent party politics.. The show broadcast on Sunday, July 20, took the cake for promoting one political agenda over another on a public radio station.

Obviously, news programs and news interview programs, like “Meet the Press” or “Face the Nation,” are bona fide news interview programs. The FCC administers political programming rules for radio, television, cable television and direct broadcast satellite. These rules address whether equal opportunities for political opponents are warranted, candidate access issues, what candidates can be charged for political advertising, and sponsorship identification. The FCC also operates a database that allows the public to determine whether a communication sent via a broadcast station; cable system and/or satellite system can reach 50,000 or more people in a particular congressional district or state.

Unfortunately, we cannot locate the KMOJ-FM podcast from any of the programs in the last six-months. These “missing podcasts” have been a source of concern for those monitoring KMOJ-FM for their compliance with nonprofit, public radio rules and regulations as determined by the governing body of the FCC. There is one private person in Minnesota that has been recording KMOJ-FM programs for over a year. As we move closer to filing our complaint with the FCC regarding KMOJ-FM, we will still give the station management a chance to “come clean” on informing the community on their ongoing means.

It is time to take a closer look at KMOJ-FM and ask some very serious questions on rather or not the station is the people’s station or being used a left-leaning information distributing hub. If community members do not get information on current events and serious disparities, KMOJ-FM has failed its listeners and the original incorporation as the Center for Communications and Development.


How hate groups grew once Obama was elected President


President Obama (photo: Fair Use)

President Obama (photo: Fair Use)

By April V. Taylor from Kulture Kritic

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz recently reviewed profiles on, the most popular hate site in America, and organized data about the sites users.  The site was started by former Ku Klux Klan leader Don Black, and Quantcast reports that between 200,000 and 400,000 Americans visit the site on a monthly basis.  The Southern Poverty Law Center was able to link almost 100 murders committed in the last five years to members of the website.

One of the shocking findings recently reported in the New York Times is that most of the sites users are young, with the most common age of users when they join the site being 19-years-old.  The users on the site are generally much younger than other social network users with 19-year-olds being four times more likely to join than 40-year-olds.  Stephens-Davidowitz was also able to estimate that around 30 percent of users are female with Montana, Alaska, and Idaho having the highest members per capita.

As Stephens-Davidowitz reviews what the data reveals about why people join hate groups, he found that the percentage of the site’s target audience that joins the site is higher in geographic regions that have more minorities.  For example, in California, which has one of the largest minority populations, the membership rate for the site is 25 percent higher than the national average.

Another thing Stephens-Davidowitz uncovered is that the day after Barack Obama was elected, the site experienced the biggest single increase in membership in the sites history.  He also found that economic conditions did not correlate to higher or lower numbers of users and that users of the site tend to be more educated than the average American.

Stephens-Davidowitz was hoping that reviewing an unprecedented amount data would give him some insight into why people join hate groups and/or sites, but his answer to the questions of, “Why do some people feel this way? And what is to be done about it?,” he simple answers,, “I have no idea.”


Hennepin County Commissioners need to represent (and look) like the communities they serve

Hennepin County Commissioner Randy "No Call Back" Johnson.

Hennepin County Commissioner Randy “No Call Back” Johnson.

The Minnesota Institute of Research and Disparities of Black Minnesotans (MIRDBM), a think tank of African American academics has launched a campaign asking the public to call down to Commissioner Randy Johnson’s office to inquire on why neither he, nor his office has connected with New Perspectives Behavioral Health Systems. Email Commissioner Johnson at, or call his office: 612-348-7885. Facebook Event

By Don Allen for

Hennepin County, Minn.…We (the black community) have a serious challenge with members of the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. First of all, Hennepin County has approximately 1.2 million residents, which represents 22 percent of Minnesota and Approximately 41 percent of the metro area. Why hasn’t the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners ever reflected or represented the many unique cultures of Hennepin County’s population? Hennepin County residents must decide to make the board of commissioner representative of the various diverse communities of Hennepin County – the current slice of white bread is not getting the job done.

Founder of New Perspectives Mr. John Woods said, “This is a shame. I run a business that helps people put their life’s back together. Hennepin County has hurt my business because they will not do their job when it comes to approvals for clients to use my programming. I think they are trying to put me out of business.” Woods is upset because over a month ago, he and his staff mailed a letter to Hennepin County commissioner Randy Johnson. Commissioner Johnson is Woods representative in district 5. Woods thought Johnson would understand that a business in his district needed assistance within the authority of the Hennepin County commissioners – but in this case, Johnson has not called, emailed or stopped by in person…of course its not an election year for him.

Recently, a for profit business in Richfield, Minn. – New Perspectives Behavioral Health Systems submitted a petition with over 1000 names requesting that Hennepin County commissioners investigate, correct and remedy the skewed process of how 1800 Chicago is allegedly approving and referring African Americans to Park Avenue for chemical dependency treatment at a rate of 300 to 4.

A little about Commissioner Randy Johnson: he serves the residents of Hennepin County’s 5th District, which covers the southernmost part of the county. This includes Bloomington, southern Eden Prairie, Richfield, and a small portion of Chanhassen. Bloomington and Eden Prairie share a border with the scenic Minnesota River, and Richfield is adjacent to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and historic Fort Snelling. First elected in November 1978, Commissioner Johnson took office in January 1979. He is the longest-serving commissioner since the county’s founding in 1852.

Commissioner Johnson’s obvious dismissal of Woods correspondence is not only disrespectful but also shows the immediate need to remove and replace the commissioners so people that represent Hennepin County also look like who they represent.

 160 years without change is insanity.


Target Employee Loses Job After Snitching On Police Officer For Shoplifting

Originally Reported  July 13, 2014 - by Kacie Whaley of Black Like Moi - posted by IBNN

It's black Friday - but not that kind of black Friday. (photo: The Guardian - Fair Use).

It’s black Friday – but not that kind of black Friday. (photo: The Guardian – Fair Use).

A Virginia man who was fired from Target on May 29th for catching a law enforcement official shoplifting is seeking legal action, as reposted by Washington Post.

Twenty-nine-year-old Dallas Northington had been working in loss prevention for eight years at a Target in Leesburg, Virginia.  On May 16th, Northington said his supervisor told him that he saw a man put a tube of toothpaste into his bag after paying for other items.  Northington claimed the supervisor told him he did not want to confront the man and that he thought he may be “some sort of law enforcement.”

According to Northington, the store manager was notified of the incident and said that he knew the man in the shoplifting video.  He said he and the man had participated in an NCAA March Madness pool together.  But the staff decided to wait until the man returned to take action, as they often did.

The man returned on May 27th and stole more items.  Northington said a video shows the man with a cart full of items, but he only pays for half of his things, and leaves the rest in the cart and out of the cashier’s sight.  After checking out, the man allegedly stuffs the unpaid items in the bags with the paid items and exits the store.

Northington was notified about the incident through his supervisor, who again, said he did not feel comfortable confronting the man, according to Northington.  So Northington went to the Leesburg police station to file a report.  It is unclear how, but Northington’s supervisor knew the full name of the man suspected of shoplifting, so Northington was able to provide police with the man’s name.  A sergeant from the department went to the Target and viewed the tape.  Northington said he heard the sergeant say “I know who that is” and that the situation was “pretty serious” because the man was a law enforcement official.

Northington said that three days later, he was called into the store’s personnel office and told that he would be suspended for two days.  The next week, he was terminated.  The store said they fired Northington for violating procedures that included seeking approval and filling out paperwork before contacting police and showing them footage of the incident.

“In my eight years, I’ve never had to call anyone to give out the video or call police,” said Northington.  “I have never seen any policy about contacting law enforcement.”

A few days after the last shoplifting incident was caught on tape, a Fairfax County sheriff’s deputy, who is believed to be the man in the footage, retired from his position.

Fired from Target Stores for doing his job. (photo: Black Like Moi-Fair Use)

Fired from Target Stores for doing his job. (photo: Black Like Moi-Fair Use)

Northington said that as a married man with two children and one on the way, he wants answers as to why he is now unemployed.  “I’m confused and don’t understand why,” he said.  “I’ve been there for eight years, no issues.  I’m just trying to provide for my family, and I just really want to get back to work.”

Molly Snyder, a Target spokesperson, released a statement about the Northington case, saying “we have conducted a full investigation and don’t believe there is any merit to this individual’s claims.”

Northington’s attorney, Declan Leonard, said that his client “intends to fight Target on this for as long as it takes.”

Although Northington said that the video clearly captured the shoplifter’s face, Leesburg police said they are still trying to confirm the man’s identity, so no one has yet been charged in the crime.


10 Points of Light: Coloplast fine proves the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights has never enforced compliance in any sense of the word

What was the deal between the city of Minneapolis and Coloplast. Why do they sit there quietly with the Minneapolis Urban League and Jerry's NAACP and nobody has said a word?

What was the deal between the city of Minneapolis and Coloplast. Why do they sit there quietly right down the street from the Minneapolis Urban League and Jerry’s NAACP and nobody has said a word? (Again, the silence kills us)

Star Tribune veteran journalist Steve Brandt posted an article about Coloplast, “Danish firm to pay Minneapolis $600,000 for missing jobs target.” The missing parts of Brandt’s one-sided story fail to mention or look at the systemic and continued failure of Minneapolis’ Civil Rights Department and their inability to preform the duties set fourth in the City of Minneapolis Ordinances. IBNN has taken the story and pinpoints some troubling facts. What’s needed now with Coloplast is a Community Benefits Agreement.

By Don Allen, Founder – IBNN NEWS

Minneapolis, Minn. – 1. After Coloplast bought the company that owned the property, it built a new $39 million facility on West River Road N. The city provided a $2.94 million subsidy through tax-increment financing, allowing the company to divert much of its property-tax payments to paying off eligible development expenses. (Suckers!)

2. City officials such as Council President Barbara Johnson expressed confidence two years ago that the firm’s hiring would rebound. But now Johnson said that the city’s goals in general might be too ambitious because employers report they’re having trouble-finding workers. (Can someone call Summit Academy’s Louis King ask what and who they are training and what for?)

3. A multinational medical products company is being penalized $600,000 because it didn’t live up to the plan.  It has since added five employees and said it plans to add 20 more by early 2015. But it has just half the 500 jobs that former Mayor R.T. Rybak boasted in a 2009 speech the facility would bring to the site. (Mayor R.T. Rybak knew Coloplast would never meet their goal, nor did he or the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights monitor or enforce.)

4. Nearly $3 million in tax relief from Minneapolis. (Why? You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.)

5. The Danish firm fell well short of goals for total jobs, as well as specific targets for hiring city residents, and those from the North Side. The firm had seven and one-half years to meet the goals from the time it got city assistance to locate on the upper Mississippi riverfront in 2007. (You cannot hire people from a poor community when your culture (Danish) rejects and minimizes the black body).

6. Coloplast was supposed to employ 338 people under the city’s targets, including 100 city residents, 30 from the North Side. It now employs only 59 city residents and 13 from the North Side. (This is the same ole story played out whenever a good faith effort fails. Unfortunately, there was little to no “effort.”)

7. $2 billion in worldwide revenue, but told public officials that it was sending jobs to China, Hungary and Denmark. (Anything to not hire those folks in north Minneapolis who need jobs, especially the Negros.)

8. Coloplast said through a spokeswoman that it would have preferred to grow as it planned, but was taking steps to notify the city “to proactively discuss the penalty.” However, the city did not formally contact Coloplast to ask for an accounting of jobs until nearly two months after a preliminary deadline last year. (My point: the Minneapolis of Civil Rights did not track nor monitor to advise Coloplast on corrective actions.)

9. The penalty amounts to $25,000 for every job below the unmet targets, with a cap of $600,000. (A cap? Oh, we the city of Minneapolis and its liberal generosity does not want to offend a company with $2 billion in worldwide revenue.)

10. The company’s workforce in Minneapolis actually fell from 381 workers when the headquarters project began to 256 reported by its deadline earlier this year. (When in doubt, cry poverty.)

Has President Obama Failed?

If Hilary Clinton wins in 2016, the racists will become sexists

By Don Allen, Founder – IBNN NEWS

We must not let politicians of any color lull us into complacency, or into accepting broken promises and inaction with empty messages of hope and change.

We must not let politicians of any color lull us into complacency, or into accepting broken promises and inaction with empty messages of hope and change.

Washington, DC. – As a card caring member of the Republican Party, I have to honestly say, President Obama has not really failed. There are powers greater than him that still follow the political white-patriarchal system of checks and balances that he cannot interfere with. (One of them would be talking to Black Americans directly.)

Barack Obama won the votes of a majority of Americans. The re-election of the first black president has made the history books and water cooler conversations. And now is the time for black Americans to ask how we fit into the ephemeral vision called the American Dream.

Black president or not, those of us who look like this president continue to face issues of race and class injustice on a daily and intergenerational basis.

However much we may like him personally, it is a fact that President Obama failed to address the plight of black America during his first four years in office. Unemployment, wealth gaps, and the achievement gap are but a few disparities President Obama has not publically addressed for Black Americans. This is evident by many Black churches organizing against the president because of his views on same-sex marriage and no attention paid to the many overwhelming disparities of Black America.

Many of us that fight for justice daily realize that this fight is sometimes against some of our own people — those in positions of power and influence who have convinced themselves that the poor, unemployed or homeless among us are members of a caste not worth dealing with, and who refuse to recognize and to fight against what Alexander calls “the new Jim Crow.”

A great example would be the large number of nonprofits in north Minneapolis who continue to benefit from perpetual funding streams while north Minneapolis and it’s people having disparities that have grown exponentially without any hope in sight. The current president is a man of great acumen and tremendous problem-solving skills. And we must not let politicians of any color lull us into complacency, or into accepting broken promises and inaction with empty messages of hope and change.

Many significant objectives for our communities are on the line with the broader goals espoused by President Obama: creating jobs, stimulating economic development and improving public education. But there are also a host of other issues, such as bringing an end to the oppressive system of mass incarceration, eliminating discrimination in housing and employment, and addressing the problem of severely underfunded urban schools that hit black Americans particularly hard. Ninety-three percent of us voted on Election Day to send Barack Obama back to the White House. Let us make sure from here forward that our voices are heard, and that neither he, nor any other politician, takes our votes for granted.

America’s first black president is almost done; black Americans have been “done” for many years.

Just my two cents…

Part 1: Is Emerge Community Development putting black families out on the streets?

IBNN will give Emerge the opportunity to respond to this post.

By Don Allen, Founder – IBNN

Minneapolis, Minn. – Emerge Community Development, mandatory meetings may be keeping black families homeless. Sources contacting IBNN NEWS reported that a whole family could be out on the street because of some bureaucratic policies. We need to take a close look at Emerge and what they are doing with black families that could become homeless while in the Emerge program.

Below a letter sent to IBNN NEWS threatening a family because the father missed a “mandatory meeting” because he was on the job. If we encourage black men to work, why is it when they find success, someone is waiting around the corner to “gun them down?”

Letter provided by a concerned community member.

Letter provided by a concerned community member.



The Independent Business News Network – News for Black People (and friends)

You cannot argue with facts. IBNN NEW has grown to be the largest online black owned and operated news outlet in the Twin Cities.

by Don Allen, Founder – IBNN

Investigative reporting, outreach and information distribution; IBNN NEWS.

Investigative reporting, outreach and information distribution; IBNN NEWS.

Minneapolis, Minn.  – In July 2008 I was shocked at the amount of in-depth news and information that was not reported on local mainstream media outlets. This began a personal adventure to pursue and develop an online information distribution outlet that would provide interesting points of view on what was happening inside of the black community. Many people were upset; putting information, or what some called dirty laundry into the streets was not what the black community needed. But after six years, over 100,000 stories and 250,000 subscribers worldwide, IBNN NEWS delivers important news and information to a wide range of people from many walks of life.

Of course this adventure had its setbacks. There are members of the black community in the Twin Cities who receive thousands of dollars every year for outreach and community engagement. Their antiquated way of information distribution as seen no results and the marginalization of IBNN and myself has only made my many platforms stronger and very popular for those seeking truth in reporting.

Today, along with IBNN NEWS, the Network has a BlogTalkRadio program with another news outlet, Black Politics in Minneapolis and we have won prestigious academic awards for journalism and communications.

Along with Mr. Ronald A. Edwards (The Minneapolis Story), we provide a well-rounded coverage of news and information locally and nationally.

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