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Saturday December 20th 2014
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Fox 9 News excludes Independence Party candidate from campus debate

Hannah Nicollet, Independence Party 2014 candidate for Minnesota Governor being silenced by Fox 9 News and Hamline University. (Photo: Hannah Nicollet - Fair Use).

Hannah Nicollet, Independence Party 2014 candidate for Minnesota Governor being silenced by Fox 9 News and Hamline University. (Photo: Hannah Nicollet – Fair Use).

The only saving grace for Fox 9 News is anchor Alix Kendall, the morning weatherman and a couple of reporters (Whazz up Iris?). In the case of not inviting Hannah Nicollet to be a part of the 2014 Gubernatorial Debate on the campus of Hamline University, some students, staff and faculty cry foul. Tune into The Ron and Don Show Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. (CST) to hear Candidate Nicollet’s side of the story and how Minnesota’s liberal FOX station never returned calls to the candidate’s campaign regarding the debate. (To listen to The Ron and Don Show on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. click here.)

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

St. Paul, Minn. – Hamline University is partnering with FOX 9 News to hold a live, televised gubernatorial debate on Sunday, October 19 at 9 a.m. on Hamline’s Saint Paul campus in Klas Center, Kay Fredericks Room. Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) and challenger Jeff Johnson (GOP) will square off at this debate, which will be moderated by FOX 9 News. A media panel of local reporters will pose questions to the candidates. What this partnership did not do was include a third party candidate who is making waves of her own in Minnesota politics.

Minnesota’s best kept political secret is 2014 gubernatorial candidate Hannah Nicollet. Candidate Nicollet thinks understanding that neither the right nor left have a monopoly on good ideas, she will take a pragmatic approach to challenges, insisting on tangible results. She believes applying the principles of freedom and innovation to social and economic policies are the best way to increase opportunity and improve outcomes for all. Nicollet is tired of politicians using their influence to manipulate the playing field and cater to the well-connected and elite, prioritizing corporations, special interests, and self-interest, ahead of the public’s interest.

Hamline University becomes complicit in not speaking up for the students, staff and faculty on behalf of what is right in terms of having all candidates running for Minnesota governor represented in this debate. Unfortunately, this native of Arden Hills is caught between a rookie news director at Fox 9 News and some staff at Hamline University who have become more like groupies with stars in their eyes and would never question direction given by the “artist.” The white male social power construct is hard at work attempting to hide what could be a political upset in Minnesota if Nicollet gets a chance to be seen and heard by the mainstream media.

“Tickets” for a couple of members have silenced the voice of Hamline University’s Student Congress. Of course, none of the Hamline University veterans were invited, or ticketed for the event. In the worst-case scenario, in the worst way, this it telling about white male-driven politics, news directors and a Fox News station to the “left” of Nancy Pelosi.

I guess on a university campus there is nothing like a left-wing indoctrination.

The debate will also be available via live web stream.



Let me make this perfectly clear: IBNN NEWS and its affiliates support and endorse the re-election of Sheriff Rich Stanek in 2014

Vote Rich Stanek 2014.

Vote Rich Stanek 2014.

There is something to be said about history, honor, integrity, valor and service. Don’t be fooled by big-box, one-sided, limited thinkers. Sheriff Rich Stanek is the only choice for Hennepin County Sheriff. Vote Rich Stanek for Hennepin County Sheriff 2014. 

IBNN Political Endorsement 2014

Rich has lived in Hennepin County, Minnesota for his entire life.  He lives in Maple Grove with his wife of 31 years, and their two children. As a boy, Rich lived in Nordeast, Minneapolis where the police officers from the Minneapolis Police Department became role models for him and other kids growing up in a tough neighborhood.  Rich grew up with his six siblings in a second generation Polish-American family.  Rich’s father was a World War II hero and postal worker.  He lived next door to a police officer whose dedication to service and community inspired Rich to become a police officer.

Rich earned his way through college at the University of Minnesota, and got his first job as a Minnesota licensed police officer in 1984.

Rich worked as a street cop for decades.  In 1986 while working as a Patrol Officer in North Minneapolis and taking 911 calls, he started the Minneapolis Police Athletic League (a police volunteer program for at-risk kids, providing positive role-modeling and mentorship).  He worked double duty, taking tough shifts to also earn his Masters Degree in Public Administration from Hamline University in 1989, and to serve as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives from Maple Grove for 9 years.  He chaired the House Crime and Public Safety Committee for 6 years, and was then appointed by the Governor as Minnesota’s Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety and Director of Homeland Security.

From 2004-2006, Rich returned to active police duty, and experienced first-hand how neighborhoods in Minneapolis had deteriorated:  gangs, drugs, guns and murder.  As Commander of Criminal Investigations for the Minneapolis Police Department, he responded to nearly every homicide scene in Minneapolis in those years, and led 38 murder investigations just in the first half of 2006.  He was also responsible for the investigations of other violent crimes: rape, assault, and robbery.

Violent crime was so bad in Minneapolis, The Weekly Standard called it “The Return to Murderapolis.”  The gangs returned first to Minneapolis North and South residential neighborhoods and then expanded to the streets of downtown.  Our businesses asked for help, but were told to hire private security guards.  The Minneapolis Police Department couldn’t respond to all the calls for assistance.  Once again, Minneapolis had become one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.

That’s when Rich Stanek first ran for Sheriff, and he made five promises to the voters of Hennepin County: Read more about Sheriff Stanek by clicking here. 

Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent represents causality in the case of Hayden, Champion and CSI

In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so.” ~Immanuel Kant

Don Samuels for Minneapolis Public School Board-District 1

Don Samuels (r) for Minneapolis Public School Board-District 1. (Photo: IBNN)

Related stories on IBNN


By Don Allen, Founder –

Minneapolis, Minn (Oct. 9 3:30 p.m.) – Again, after carefully analyzing the facts provided publicly about complaints filed against Senators Bobby Joe Champion and Jeff Hayden, there is more information that must come forward to explain the position, and statements of MPS superintendent Bernadeia Johnson and the allegations that black elected officials “threatened her” to fund the CSI project.

The Republicans based the Community Standards Initiative complaint entirely on a Minneapolis Star Tribune report from Sept. 11. The newspaper quoted an unnamed source who said Hayden and fellow Minneapolis Democrat Bobby Joe Champion “threatened to withhold state aid” if the district discontinued its contract with CSI

It would seem that someone is lying. The Minneapolis Public Schools – District 1, has never had any challenge funding CSI, or any programs with the same doyennes in the past. A data privacy request from IBNN NEWS to the Minneapolis Public Schools shows MPS had no challenge in making sure CSI was funded. In a story published by IBNN, “Minneapolis Public Schools: Funding bullies and bullshit backfires,” the Minneapolis Public Schools gave this trackinof money paid to CSI and its fiduciary agent; the MPS data request department wrote:

“Mr. Allen, Your request was for amounts of cash or grants paid to fiscal agent New Bethel for the Community Initiative Program (CSI)(sic) program from 2011 – Y-T-D” on May 12, 2014. The payment information given to you on 7/23/2014 was accurate as to payments made between January 1, 2011 to the date of your request (May 12, 2014).   The amounts paid were all payments paid to New Bethel Baptist Church and New Bethel Missionary Church for the period of your request.”

Minneapolis Public Schools made the following payments to CSI’s fiscal agent beginning 1/1/2011 to the date of my request, 5/12/2014:

12/2/2011 $10,500.00

1/12/2012 $4,500.00;

6/21/2013 $11,000.00;

2/27/2014 $30,000.00

The above dates and dollar amounts show there was no need for a “threat” by elected officials, which makes the MPS argument null and void. Why since the probing of MinnPost and the Star Tribune has MPS official made up an elaborate story of corruption and threats? It would seem to me rather than going after Hayden and Champion, we must find out who is running New Bethel Baptist Church or New Bethel Missionary Church and do some “drop-ins” to see if there really is a program. The question still remains – what is the CSI program doing? Is there a report? Which MPS board members assisted in pushing this agenda item without public comment? Who really is dug into the Minneapolis Public Schools to the point they’d risk political suicide by throwing money at an operation that has not made any difference for students of color in the MPS?

There are too many moving pieces in this incident and there needs to be a “come to Jesus” meeting with school district administrators who have consistently failed children of color for more than 10 years.


The Ron and Show: How are these people all connected? “I know what you did last Sunday” – Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. #BlogTalkRadio

To listen at 8:30 p.m. (CST), click here, or copy and past the URL in your favorite browser:


Join the team of Ronald A. Edwards (Black Focus/The Minneapolis Story) and Don Allen, (The Independent Business News Network/ as they bring you the award-winning news team that is a must listen, every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

This week we talk about the protest that happened in front of a local church and why community member are fed up with local leadership. Our special guest at the beginning of the show is a local community activist who will no longer tolorate the disrespect of black women by local elected officials and leaadership. The phone lines will be open, call in with your questions. Political and social ethics will be examined and questioned. Tonight we have special guests joining us. 

All friends of the DFL.

All friends of the DFL.



Council on Black Minnesotans launches Internet Marketing Social Media Seminars – starts Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 11 a.m.

Join the Council on Black Minnesotans with your laptop in tow as they present a one-of-a-kind Internet Marketing Social Media seminars and workshops free to everyone.

Bring your laptops, free wifi.

Bring your laptops, free wifi.

Posted nationally by Digital Journal

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Oct. 2, 2014 — PRZen — The state Council on Black Minnesotans will feature a series of seminars and workshops, free of charge to address questions about how businesses use the Internet. On Wednesday, October 8 – from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Internet Marketing Social Media Concepts launches its “Brown Bag Internet Marketing and Social Media Seminars,” in downtown St. Paul. You are cordially invited to attend…bring your laptop. Free Wi-Fi will be available. (RSVP here:

This past June, the COBM presented its Power of Unity Summit in the 3M Auditorium on the campus of the University of Minnesota. One of the most powerful presentations was on Social Media and Online Internet Marketing. The COBM has answered the request by local community members and owners of small businesses to continue on with more programming geared to address the digital divide in Minnesota.

The Council on Black Minnesotans continues to move forward in addressing Internet and social media issues that are possibly one of the causal reasons why statewide small and minority owned businesses and nonprofits do not often participate on the same level as the mainstream. This series will adjust and remedy this concern.

The COBM invites the community, businesses and nonprofit marketing and communication staffs to attend a series of lectures and workshops from October to December that will change the course of your organization’s marketing and communications goals.

Your host and senior lecturer and workshop instructor will be Internet Marketing Social Media Concepts CEO Donald Allen, a veteran and small business owner. Allen possesses a skillset with over 25 years of experience that is vast in media, marketing, public relations, problem solving, grant writing, business and nonprofit development. We are pleased to announce he has accepted the challenge to assist in the Council on Black Minnesotans commitment to closing the digital divide by providing comprehensive seminars and real-time demonstrations. All lectures/workshops will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – twice a month from October to December. We encourage participants to bring their laptops, iPads, and smartphones during these sessions.

Seminars will be held in the First Bank Building – 1st Floor Meeting/Conference Room, located at 332 Minnesota Street Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101.

The new St. Paul Green Line (light rail) drops you right in front of the First Bank Building. If you drive, the first 15 people to sign-in will receive a free parking voucher for this first session.

Seminars for October:

Week 1: Wednesday – October 8, 2014 – 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Businesses and Community Development Collectives – Creating Social Media Ambassadors
This seminar will function as an introduction to the first 12 weeks of lectures and seminars. Participants will be briefed on Internet Marketing tools and who should attend. We will also ask them to join the Facebook Fan Page created for this series. We will also discuss algorithms and how big data uses social media.

Week 2: Wednesday – October 15, 2014 – 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Building a Press Room to distribute your business or organization’s Press Releases

We encourage participants to bring their laptops, iPads and Notebooks, this seminar will teach businesses and organizations how to write a press release; focusing on the content, audience and geographic targeting and then assist the group in building a customized press room with SEO capabilities. This will also be an introduction on how to get your press release professionally written for five dollars or less via online professional service websites.

To RSVP for this event, visit the Brown Bag Internet Marketing and Social Media Seminar page at: For more information, please contact Mr. Mohamed Mohamed · 651-757-1753

For more information, please contact Mr. Mohamed Mohamed · 651-757-1753

Source: Council on Black Minnesotans

3rd Annual Midwest Black History Expo

IBNN Global Press Release

Banking on You & KickStarter

The 3rd Annual Midwest Black History Expo needs the support of the community, organizations, and businesses to return in February of 2015.

The 3rd Annual Midwest Black History Expo needs the support of the community, organizations, and businesses to return in February of 2015.

  • Contact: Karla Spencer-George
  • Cell Phone: (612) 387-5124
  • Email:
Karla Spencer-George, CEO of Liberation Clothing & Gifts

Karla Spencer-George, CEO of Liberation Clothing & Gifts

The 3rd Annual Midwest Black History Expo needs the support of the community, organizations, and businesses to return in February of 2015. Karla Spencer-George, CEO of Liberation Clothing & Gifts, is counting on you to make a contribution, sponsorship commitment, or purchase a booth on KickStarter at by October 17, 2014. To keep this event affordable for all of the attendees and vendors, Liberation Clothing & Gifts must raise a minimum of $75,000 so that they can put on this awesome, educational, and much appreciated event again.

In February of 2013 the Inaugural Midwest Black History Expo received a great deal of positive feedback, many people stating that Minnesota needed an event like this. The Expo is the most significant Black History Month Event in the Twin Cities given it size and estimated attendance. The event creates opportunities for Black Artist, Authors, Businesses (especially those without a traditional storefront like to promote their work or products and services. It is also an excellent opportunity for up-and-coming fashion designers and musicians.

The Midwest Black History Expo expanded to two days in 2014. Vendors have traveled from out of state to be a part of the awesome event. The Expo is currently being planned for Friday, February 27 & Saturday, February 28, 2015. This is contingent on the KickStarter campaign being successfully funded before the deadline.

The expo is open to the general public. Everyone and their entire family are encouraged to attend. The goal of the event is to teach cultural awareness and to inspire everyone. This goal will be reached by sharing the often forgotten and untold stories about Black History around the world. The event has included the following:

  • Art Competition – One adult and youth artist were awarded $1,000 and $500 respectively for a painting that is inspired by Black History.
  • More than 100 Vendors/Exhibitors – Vendors included artists, authors, retailers, organizations, colleges, museums and more.
  • Fashion Show ­– Black designers and retailers showcased their clothing designs and accessories.
  • Performers – There were singers, drummers, drill teams and more.
  • African American Authors – African American authors sold, autographed, and read excerpts from their books.
  • 50’ x 84’ African American Inventions and Inventors exhibit. The Reflections in Black Museum, Inc. presented African American inventions such as the gas mask, golf tee, ice cream scoop, ink pen, instant potatoes, pencil sharpener, traffic signal, and Dasani drinking water displays. These are just a few inventions that the exhibit included.
  • Nationally known keynote speaker. Dr. Julianne Malveaux ( was our first keynote speaker. She is an economist, author, and the 15th president of the historically black Bennett College for Women. She was also interviewed on the CNN documentary “Black in America.”
  • Black History Documentary & Discussion Room. Some of the documentaries included Slavery and the Making of America, Slavery by Another Name, Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius, Toussaint Louveture and the Haitian Revolution and more.
  • Seminar Room – Local professors and professionals led seminars on topics beneficial to all ethnicities: when and how do I teach my child about Black History, Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, topics that are beneficial to families with multiple ethnicities, and more.
  • Children’s Room – There were readings of children’s books that have a focus on Black History, face painting, dance workshops, and more.

Anyone that is interested in learning about Black History, Black culture, and various Afro-centric products will enjoy this event. Attendees will also learn about various services offered by organizations serving the Black community. The MBHE is an event that educators, adults, parents, and students will not want to miss. It will give Black retailers, designers, artist, authors and organizations that service the Black community an opportunity to sell, display, and inform people about their products and services. The MBHE is open to the general public and all are encouraged to attend.

# # #

If you would like more information about the Midwest Black History Expo, please contact Karla Spencer-George at or call her at 612.387.5124.

Senator Jeff Hayden will be cleared on Ethics wrongdoing and State Officials must look at receivership for MPS

Minnesota DFL Senator Jeff Hayden. (photo: state of MN, Fair Use).

Minnesota DFL Senator Jeff Hayden. (photo: state of MN, Fair Use).

Senate Subcommittee needs to take closer look at the Minneapolis Public Schools and consider receivership.

By Don Allen, Founder –

I had to sit back and reevaluate the significance of the recent Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct and it’s filing against Senator Jeff Hayden. There are some very important white-male historical patriarchal dominance and control going on that needs to be deconstructed, addressed and reset.

The Star Tribune first wrote the story about Community Standards Initiatives (CSI) in reference to Mr. Alfred Flower and how he was making a living. Of course this was after Minneapolis Police beat the crap out of Flowers and have yet to charge him with any crime. The Star Tribune did some snooping at the Minneapolis Public Schools and uncovered a pending $357,000.00 contract to be paid to CSI’s fiscal agent.

Meanwhile, state legislators took a close look at SF 1214 and determined that Hayden, and his “friends” are working to unethically get some money  for the black people.

Here’s the challenge I have today. The Twin Cities black community is very small. Families know each other and everyone knows everybody. If the black community is in need of an important program and the way to do it is to speak with the elected black officials and get them to push it through, there are no ethnical wrongdoings. The fact is black students; especially black males are failing at catastrophic rates in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Less than 50 percent make it to graduation. If $375,000.00 would put a huge dent and swing the tide to the positive for black students, I see nothing wrong with it. I understand the MPS not wanting to be associated with the “face” of CSI, but damn, you put him there in the first place. It’s about time the MPS board and administration get thrown under the bus.

The Minneapolis Public Schools gets real perturbed when the Star Tribune starts asking questions and at this point I have to retract early statements made by me agreeing with Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson being threatened by Hayden or Champion. In fact, I find it hard to believe and this “statement” by a district spokesperson on behalf of the superintendent. It was all part of the MPS trying to cover their Asses.

There are still a few community “freelancers” (black leadership) out there spreading rumors and trying to position themselves as players in the game of hateful vengeance. I am personally baking a cake for them. Let’s not get distracted from assisting our young people get an education.

This “attack” is reminiscent of the attacks on President Obama. There is no substance.

The CSI program done correctly is a very important part of fixing a broken educational system that has let black children go down the tube of Jim Crow segregation in education.

There is a group of dedicated people ready to work on getting local dropouts and young adults their GED’s. At this point the Minneapolis Public Schools must immediately pay CSI the full $375,000.00 and expect monthly reports. (By the way, you can pay me the $3800.00 you owe me too.)

It is my conclusion that Senator Jeff Hayden did nothing wrong. To waste taxpayer money for an ill-conceived witch-hunt does not benefit children failing in the Minneapolis Public Schools.

The complaint filed by the Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct in regards to Sen. Jeff Hayden must be immediately dismissed.



According to radio program, Sen. Jeff Hayden did not author SF 1214 appropriating $350,000 for a grant to the Minneapolis School District for CSI

The creditability of this group is falling downhill.

The creditability of this group is falling downhill.

IBNN NEWS Community and Senatorial Alert

The first rule in knowing a friend is being investigated is to keep your damn mouth shut. Unfortunately, some people get stars in their eyes and stupidity in their mouths.

According to the complaint filed by the Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct in regards to the filing on Sen. Jeff Hayden, item #1 says the following:

  1. On March 11,2013, Sen. Jeff Hayden authored SF 1214, a bill appropriating $350,000 for a grant to the Minneapolis School District for a community engagement and empowerment project with Community Standards Initiative (CSI) to reduce the achievement gap.

On Sunday, Sept. 28, a local radio station aired a program that featured special guest Teachers Federation union president Lynn Norgen. At the end of the program, the co-host, who is also the sister of embattled community activist Al Flowers made the following statements (Please play the video below posted by The Mpls Mirror on YouTube):

Say for a minute some community members believe Mr. Flowers authored and delivered to Senator Hayden a bill where he (Mr. Flowers) would be in direct benefit to receive financial compensation, this will surely destroy and compromises the legislative integrity of Senator Jeff Hayden, who at this point has not been found in violation of anything.

Mr. Flowers, and his guest and co-host might need to be compelled in testify on the meaning of this conversation broadcast live on federal airwaves.

So now the question becomes, who really authored SF 1214? A Minnesota senator or Mr. Flowers?

Minnesota’s Education Commissioner: We are moving forward

It didn’t take EF Hutton to speak so people listened. When Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius spoke the people in the room listened. What can I say; people that do education right are cool. #dropthemic

Minn. Depart. of Ed. Commissioner Brenda Cassellius and Don Allen. (photo: IBNN NEWS 2014 - All Rights Reserved)

Minn. Depart. of Ed. Commissioner Brenda Cassellius and Don Allen. (photo: IBNN NEWS 2014 – All Rights Reserved)

By Don Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

St. Paul, Minn. – On Saturday (9/27), the state Council on Black Minnesotans held a State Department Commissioners meeting that included Commissioner Kevin Lindsay-Minn. Department of Human Rights, Commissioner Mary Tingerthal-Minn. Housing and Finance Agency and a representative from the Department of Employment and Economic Development, affectionately know as DEED. The commissioners discussed plans to address disparities and outcomes within Minnesota’s African American and African Heritage communities. The meeting was lead by COBM board chairman the honorable Patwin Lawrence, a three-term elected board chair that has exceeded all expectations with his commitment to community with the assistance of the “clean up man,” COBM executive director Mr. Edward McDonald. Both men form what I consider the best team of community-to-state collaborators in Minnesota.

The elegant, stylish and always informative Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius spoke candidly about Minnesota’s educational challenges with a firm statement, “We are moving forward.” Cassellius’ concern, guidance and wisdom are to be respected and commended. Her commitment to closing the achievement gap, making sure there are teachers of color in all schools and collaborating with local graduate schools of education place her at the top in the Dayton administration truly concerned about outcomes and futures.

When Jeff Johnson wins in November, I have made a personal request that he keeps Commissioner Cassellius because of her experience and professional motivation to bring Minnesota’s educational system back to the best in the United States. Cassellius is a true patriot.

The Council on Black Minnesotans has been one of the only “consistent African American agencies” in Minnesota, meaning they talk-the-talk and also walk-the-walk.

One of the questions to the commissioners was on the issue of homeless veterans. Minnesota Housing Finance Agency commissioner Mary Tingerthal said her agency is “committed to ending veterans homelessness in Minnesota.” Both commissioners Lindsay and Cassellius agreed.

The Council on Black Minnesotans has grown in the last couple of years. If you remember, there was a plan to “sunset” the agency. The work of McDonald and Lawrence has reset the agency making it an invaluable part Minnesota’s history and infrastructure. Any greenhorn politician wanting to disband any of the ethnic councils has no experience collaborating and problem-solving with community members.

Again, thank you Commissioner Brenda Cassellius. Your words are like notes in music; always pleasing to hear.

Statement from Doug Daggett – candidate Fifth Congressional District (MN) on Community Action Minneapolis and opponent Congressman Keith Ellison

Editors note: Congressman Keith Ellison is schedule to be the keynote speaker at Hamline University’s Commitment to Community (C2C) event on October 2 at 7:15 pm at Hamline United Methodist Church, Englewood Avenue in St. Paul. Is Congressman Ellison committed to the community?

Doug Daggett wants your vote; Congressman Ellison doesn't give a damn either way, (Photo: Doug Daggett for Congress)

Doug Daggett wants your vote; Congressman Ellison doesn’t give a damn either way, (Photo: Doug Daggett for Congress)

By Doug Daggett – Candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District

Many Minneapolis residents are appalled after learning an audit of the non-profit Community Action of Minneapolis found corruption and misuse of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars by leaders on luxurious trips to Palm Beach, spa treatments, bonuses, and even a personal car loan. (Star Tribune, September 22, 2014)

I am appalled not only that the Chief Executive of Community Action, Bill Davis, spent money meant for the needy on themselves, but also that no members of Community Action’s Board of Directors claimed to have been aware of this — or if they were, did not take action or bring it to the public’s attention.

My opponent, Representative Keith Ellison, should not think that his claim to have never actually attended a Board meeting, or his abrupt resignation from the Board just yesterday (only after the news became public), in any way exonerates him from the responsibility that taxpayer funds were used fraudulently.

Instead of working on behalf of low-income constituents in the Fifth Congressional District, Rep. Ellison continues to focus his attention elsewhere. I challenge him to divulge who he appointed to serve as “alternate” on the Community Action board, and if that person benefitted in any way with taxpayer dollars promised to serve the poor. This isn’t about party affiliation, it’s about responsibility and accountability. Minneapolis residents deserve answers immediately.

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