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Friday October 24th 2014
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Dr. Samori Swygert: How Ferguson, Missouri called the bluff on Thug Rappers

IBNN NEWS Editors Note: The also goes for wannabe celebrities that take advantage of tragic incidents.

I mean really, do we care who the dude in the photo is? Not me. (Photo: Little "somebody."

I mean really, do we care who the dude in the photo is? Not me. (Photo: Little “somebody.”)

by Dr. Samori Swygert, Guest Contributor – IBNN NEWS (Story originally posted in Black Blue Dog

Where are these rappers?

I was doing as President Barack Obama told me to do, and I was “reflecting” on the situation in Missouri. I started thinking about the countless numbers of rappers that inundate the airwaves, and fill our playlists and entertainment shelves with their CDs.

I started getting angry because I think of all the “wolf-tickets” they sell our youth in their verses. Consistently there is a consistent segment of the rap community that chooses to demonstrate their bravado and machismo by brandishing a plethora of guns on Youtube, World Star Hip Hop, and Music Videos.

This segment of rappers will spend each line of a 48-bar rap song talking about how “gangsta” they are, how they will kill anybody, how they’re a thug, how they’ll leave slugs in you, how they’ll empty a whole banana clip in you. They feel the need to constantly remind us that they have a “gang, click, posse, crew, squad, goons, clan, set, mafia, unit, hood, and army”. Rappers will scream “Fu*k the Police!”, they’ll make all these songs about what they would do to the “PIGS”. They always “REP DA’HOOD!

Well dammit as T.I. said, “Bring em out”!

It’s convenient, trendy, and a sales strategy to intimidate and invoke fear into competition, but guess what, the Ferguson Police Department has just pulled your card. Where is the tough guy talk now? I’m not talking about posting a “TWEET”. Where are these tons of guns, and battalion of goons that will “body a n*gga”, ……..that looks just like you and going through the same socioeconomic struggle like you?

See it’s easy to talk “greasy” about guys on the block in an interview or in a studio, but what happens when you face a police precinct with military grade weaponry, state of the art body armor, tear gas, tanks, helicopters, night vision, gas masks, riot shields, tactical assault rifles, physically train for combat with paramilitary techniques, and have the permission from local chiefs.

No, you rappers don’t want it. These rappers “ain’t built like that”. Your young black loyal fans and their family are out protesting for their lives and yall won’t dare “STRAP UP AND RIDE ON” the police department. So to me your hood pass has been officially revoked! I’m thinking we would see clicks and gangs crossing state boarders on some N.W.A. influenced effort.

Don’t talk like gorilla killers to impressionable young youth and neighborhood citizens, and you won’t even step up to defend them, participate in their demonstration, and support them in their struggle. However, you’ll make a song about how you’ll kill young black youth. However, these same youth have paid $12.00 for your album download. Maybe your corporate DON has told you guys to not get involved, but for now keep your hypocritical vocals and bars off the airwaves.

To the young black youth that read this, ask yourself “where are these gangster thugs”? Don’t imitate these guys, because Ferguson, Missouri has just exposed how real these rappers are, or if they even care about the customers that look just like them (you). As Jay-Z would say, “we don’t believe you, you need more people”.

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There is a sprinkling of profanity but it’s strictly for the purpose of demonstrating what these rappers sound like. Please enjoy.

I also remember when rap sounded like this, and rappers addressed black on black crime:

White 20 Year Old Executed by Police, Allegedly for Wearing Headphones, Unable to Hear Orders Read

Dillon Taylor, 20 years old.

Dillon Taylor, 20 years old.

IBNN Editors Note: “Will Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up  to protest this police shooting?”

By Cassandra Rules – from the Free Thought

Dillon Taylor, 20 years old, was executed by the Salt Lake City Police around 7pm, Monday night for failing to comply with officers orders.  The young man was reportedly wearing headphones and likely couldn’t hear the officers.

Taylor, his brother, and cousin were at 7-Eleven in South Salt Lake City when cops began searching the area for a suspect who was allegedly waving a gun in the general vicinity.

When the three young men exited the convenience store they were surrounded by officers and ordered to show their hands.  Two of the men stopped and complied, Dillon Taylor, listening to music, seemingly did not hear the officers and kept walking until he was savagely gunned down by at least one officer.

Three officers are reportedly on paid vacations, but it is still unclear how many officers fired at Taylor or how many times he was shot before his death.

“They were obviously upset their friend had been shot and kept screaming for him to wake up, and he never did. He died in the parking lot, they were saying he did not have a gun, and they were very upset because of that.” a witness told KSL.

Jerrail Taylor (brother) and Adam Thayne were both taken into custody and questioned through out the night. Both young men maintain he was unarmed and simply went to pull up his pants when shots were fired.  Both men were released and no arrests were made.

Read more HERE





Why Michael Brown as Liquor Store Robber just isn’t plausible

By – Guest Contributor – IBNN NEWS

So actually the cops are trying to claim Mike Brown covered 2/3rds of a mile in the 4 minutes from 11:55 to 11:59. That’s a solid 10 miles an hour the whole way, both him AND Johnson, and not noticeably running when Darren stopped them. So this is pretty much impossible.

So actually the cops are trying to claim Mike Brown covered 2/3rds of a mile in the 4 minutes from 11:55 to 11:59. That’s a solid 10 miles an hour the whole way, both him AND Johnson, and not noticeably running when Darren stopped them. So this is pretty much impossible.

This is info I collected from many sources, mostly PoC bloggers. I’m not trying to claim anything here as ‘mine’ and am grateful to any and all sources of thoughts and information contained here! Anyone can reuse anything from this, credited or not.

1. Here’s a map I made with the route from the Liquor Store to the site of Michael Brown’s murder (map), with notes on locations, timing, etc. It’s similar to what’s in this post, but has less details and no links.

2. Through their attorney the Ferguson Market has said that they never called the cops, a customer did. And they never said they thought this was Mike Brown, the police told them that it was later in the week. (News story with video)

3. Timestamps on their surveillance video show the robber didn’t leave till 11:54, which falsifies the police timeline (screenshot, timestamp of 11:53:50 in upper corner). Mike Brown was murdered 2/3rds of a mile away (see map from 1).

4. He was dead by 12:03 (The first @TheePharoah tweet about his death was at 12:03) , so if the police claim they made contact at 12:01 is right, it took less than 2 minutes for Darren Wilson to encounter him, to challenge him, and murder him. But lets say it’s right, even though that seems awfully, disgustingly, fast.

5. So, in 7 minutes or less, (and it’s probably less!) Mike Brown would have had to travel on foot 2/3rds of a mile. If he kept an even speed the whole time he was jogging about 6 miles an hour for 7 of the last 9 minutes of his life. Possible? Maybe. But the police said Darren confronted him walking, not running in the street. Technically possible, not at all plausible.

6. A more realistic timeline would say it took a minute to clear out of the parking lot and pick up full speed so call it 11:55 he left and got on a steady pace. And what was already tweeted by 12:03 probably happened 12:02. The encounter described was probably at least 3 minutes (making it more like 11:59 the encounter started.) So actually the cops are trying to claim Mike Brown covered 2/3rds of a mile in the 4 minutes from 11:55 to 11:59. That’s a solid 10 miles an hour the whole way, both him AND Johnson, and not noticeably running when Darren stopped them. So this is pretty much impossible.

(via theblackoaksyndicate)

Source: it-all-happened-inside-my-skull

Was it something Reverend Al Sharpton did not say? Tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. (CST) to “The Ron and Don Show” – Black Talk Radio on #BlogTalkRadio

The narrative of Michael Brown being a “good kid,” or an altar boy who was allegedly on his way to college the following Monday before his killing may not be completely accurate. Of course it’s not accurate.  This was the first misleading news story told the American public by national media outlets, including Twin Cities television stations and newspapers that wanted to give Minnesotans and the world and a “front row seat” as the news coverage of the incident in Ferguson, Missouri unfolded. The only question was Michael Ferguson an armed threat to the life of the cop who shot him at the time he was gunned down? From what I have seen, heard, and read – no he was not. It does appear this “kid” was big enough to kick the cop’s ass and mop the sidewalk up with him. He was more likely a bigger threat to the cop’s ego, than his life. The challenge begins in the manipulating of a society within its subjugated-white patriarchal identity crisis and law enforcement fearing a black and brown society as a whole.

Tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. to hear Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen on the award-winning program. To listen, click here.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, Earl of Baiting.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, Earl of Baiting.


IBNN’s Don Allen and The Adventures of Johnny Northside’s John Hoff call a ceasefire

No, it’s not Bagdad, it was #BlogWars. The peace treaty has been negotiated and the rebuild is starting.


I'm not saying it a "team," just good intentions.  (Photo: John Hoff and Don Allen - fair use from the web)

I’m not saying it’s a “team,” just good intentions.
(Photo: John Hoff and Don Allen – fair use from the web)

By Don Allen, Founder of IBNN NEWS, Black Politics in Minneapolis and USA Radical Black

Minneapolis, Minn. – I don’t care what you say, who you think you are or where you live in Minnesota, at some point in time; you have read “The Adventures of Johnny Northside” or “The Independent Business News Network.

There are times when men must move to a different level. Sometimes the move involves looking at the mission and the steps we take  to complete the mission. I have discovered a power far beyond the Star Tribune, WCCO-TV and the Insight News and hopefully, used wisely, the face and game in north Minneapolis as well as the City of Minneapolis can be reset and put on a track for success.

I extend the olive branch to Mr. John Hoff and his multi-media news network, “The Adventures of Johnny Northside.”


Minnesota Senatorial write-in candidate Jack Shepard wants you to draft and write-in Bobby Joe Champion for Hennepin County Attorney – to save the Black Community

Change comes in small doses. You have the power of the vote.  Check out the Jack Shepard fan page on Facebook. 

Senatorial write-in candidate Jack Shepard want you to draft and write-in Bobby Joe Champion for Hennepin County Attorney. (The vote is yours.) Photos: Fair use

Senatorial write-in candidate Jack Shepard want you to draft and write-in Bobby Joe Champion for Hennepin County Attorney. (The vote is yours.) Photos: Fair use



Rome, Italy – According to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey, which found that 70 percent of black Americans believe they are treated less fairly than whites in their dealings with police. Only 37 percent of whites said they think blacks are treated less fairly by police. A similar sentiment extends to the courts: 68 percent of black Americans said they believe they are treated less fairly than whites by the courts. Only 27 percent of whites said that, according to Pew.

With that said, senatorial write-in candidate Jack Shepard wants the black community of Hennepin County to take back the justice system in Minneapolis.

On November 4 in the general election Bobby Joe Champion is not even running, nor up for re-election for his senate seat. By writing his name in under incumbent Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman’s name on the ballot and filling in the all important round circle it counts like a real vote because it is a real vote.

Only if Booby Joe Champion; an attorney and state senator becomes Hennepin County’s next County Attorney are we (the black community) guaranteed a far chance in Hennepin County.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, whose practices have aggressively enforced marijuana laws targeting black people and black communities is sending 9.1 blacks to prison for every 1 white person needlessly ensnaring thousands of black people in the criminal justice system at tremendous human and financial cost over fifty-million dollars a year of taxpayer’s money.



Don Allen on KLTK AM1130 on the “Up and At ‘Em with Jack and Ben – Tuesday at 7 a.m.


Don Allen lays out the truth you always wanted to hear.

Don Allen lays out the truth you always wanted to hear.

Tuesday (8/19) on Up and At ‘Em with Jack and Ben (AM 1130) at 7am: North Minneapolis can be a violent place. What’s being done? What isn’t being done? Where is the money going? Guest: Donald Allen. Phone lines will be open! 651-989-5855.

"Little Rebel Yell, they cried More, More, More!"

“Little Rebel Yell, they cried More, More, More!”

Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times

FERGUSON, Mo. — Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private autopsy performed on Sunday found.

Read the full story here: New York Times

Part of a preliminary private autopsy report by Dr. Baden and Professor Parcells showing wounds on Mr. Brown’s body. Credit Dr. Michael M. Baden

Part of a preliminary private autopsy report by Dr. Baden and Professor Parcells showing wounds on Mr. Brown’s body. Credit Dr. Michael M. Baden

Why Black America gets bad news coverage

“If you’re member of society that has been brainwashed by the mainstream media, stop here and return to your seat.”

Michael Brown...Alter boy or thug? The mainstream media makes that decision. (photo: Fox News/Facebook - Fair Use)

Michael Brown…Alter boy or thug? The mainstream media makes that decision. (photo: Fox News/Facebook – Fair Use)

By Don Allen, Founder – 

In preparation for HU’s Commitment to Community keynote address on Oct. 1 by world-renowned author, educator and race expert Tim Wise, I have decided to begin the conversation about race using the mainstream media and the epidemic of white privilege and race obstructions in American news. While there is no remedy for a fair and balanced news coverage (FOX is light­-years from “fair and balanced”), the mainstream media news remains a secluded sector. Mostly controlled by white males, who in light of recent news coverage, seem to not give a damn about the plight of black Americans or any other minority groups, have presented no real coverage of anything black or black related unless it bleeds, shoots, kills or fails in school. Of course on the local scene, when was the last time you turned on the television and saw a report on something other than murder, death and kill in the black community?

So far, it is highly unlikely to separate news sensationalism from a possible normal social construct of how delivery of broadcast news is supposed to work. To even begin to talk about the norm, we would have to start our research well before television existed. The shameful part of the process is that black Americans are strained into a culture that is not our own by simply turning on the television set. Yes, I know there are many forms of black television like BET (Black Entertainment Television), but who watches BET ­ come on, really?

Black Americans own little to no corporate media. When laid out more specifically, there are 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio station, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishers owned by only three corporations according to Injustice Facts. Fair.Org reports the five largest networks are Time Warner (1997 sales: $24 billion), Disney ($22 billion), Bertelsmann ($15 billion), Viacom ($13 billion), and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation ($11 billion). Yes, then we have OWN, the fledgling

network allegedly owned by television talk queen and billionaire Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey, a huge Obama supporter, has walked in the same footsteps of the president, choosing to ignore the need for information distribution to the core of black America.

Just ask ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News or any of the many cable television news outlets: Black news is

not important unless it takes part in a despicable act. Corporate news is a monster with many working parts – too many. While some might think CNN’s news series, “Black in America” might cover the news and plight of black America, believe it when I say, “Black in America” is the picture perfect series about the black dilemma made for white America by design. On the flip side, don’t look for any constructive African American news coverage on FOX either. Most news you can use is “white here, white now.”

Before I move on, I would like to state that for the record, I don’t pardon anything Navy Yard
murderer Aaron Alexis did in his shooting rampage. I’m concerned about the way the mainstream media has moved the American public away from news and information and into the sensationalism and twisted presentation of this tragedy. I understand politicians and special interest “lefty” groups want to react and take away weapons from law abiding citizens, but a crime of such magnitude could manifest in anyone for any reason. The predictability of a person with a weapon developing a mass shooter psychosis is like predicting when the family next door will win the lottery jackpot.

The re­criminalization of black America only needs a small national incident to push the ill­assumed stereotypes of blacks (especially black men) to being the most feared and criminalized caste of people in the United States. What troubles me is the hypocrisy and quickness of Americans and the mainstream media to forget the past and in this instance take advantage and use the black American Navy yard shooter Aaron Alexis as a catalyst to incite a vial hatred for guns and black Americans.

Malcolm X was right when he said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

The mainstream media who now portrays the shooter Aaron Alexis (pre­crime), as a violent criminal cited Alexis’ checkered naval career (Navy official, via Washington Post); Mental health issues (Police report via New York Times); and how Alexis was arrested in Georgia in 2008 on a disorderly conduct charge in Georgia (Washington Post), is only a prelude for what is to come. This story will continue to get bigger ­ used to promote gun control, promoting race­baiting by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and finally will be dressed up like an Emmy waiting for a limousine ride to the Academy Awards.

To add insult to injury, and something even more shocking: former Klu Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke recognizes the mainstream media’s lack of integrity. On his website,, in a reflection of the Zimmerman/Martin trail he writes, “The acquittal of George Zimmerman is being used by the Zionist­controlled media in a blatant attempt to whip up African­American hatred against

European­Americans— and they have engaged in this utterly false anti­European hate­fest as a means of diverting African­American attention away from the real cause of so many problems in black society.” He continues, “The Zionist­controlled media has deliberately created the impression among many African­Americans that Zimmerman is ‘white’ and that the incident in Florida was just another example of white racism.” Duke nails it. The series of race­baiting press conferences presented by the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson is evidence of Duke’s claim. It is not black America’s finest hours at the six and ten.

While it is difficult to watch the made­for­television news and “formatted” cosmetic­hype meant to promote these networks, one could argue this kind of television reporting has nothing to do with news but everything to do with promoting a “brand” (CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and MSNBC), which would make the reporting of a tragic situation by the mainstream media absolutely disingenuous and downright patronizing.

In a world of technology in news and information coverage, could there enough room to have a somewhat fair and meaningful representation of a successful black America?

Black Americans must participate at the same levels in the same mainstream media complex as whites. Until this happens, the average person with the reasonable amount of common sense will never have the opportunity to judge a black man by his character versus the violent misrepresentation from the mainstream media.

“Power to the people” ­ but not on the television. What a difference race makes.

Wilder Research: Minneapolis-Saint Paul neighborhood profiles: Facts at a glance


Saint Paul — Wilder Research released enhanced snapshots for Minneapolis and Saint Paul neighborhoods with the most recent data available, including:

  • Age, ethnicity, education levels, and median income
  • Employment and wages
  • Travel time and modes to work
  • Housing stability
Wilder Research released enhanced snapshots for Minneapolis and Saint Paul neighborhoods with the most recent data available. (photo: Wilder Research)

Wilder Research released enhanced snapshots for Minneapolis and Saint Paul neighborhoods with the most recent data available. (photo: Wilder Research)

Profiles are provided for all 87 Minneapolis neighborhoods, 11 Minneapolis communities, and 17 neighborhoods in Saint Paul (click here). They are custom- compiled to reflect each neighborhood’s boundaries and display in a user-friendly format, including maps that provide easy comparison of neighborhoods for key data.

“The maps reveal some very interesting residential patterns,” said Dr. Craig Helmstetter, Wilder Research senior research manager and project manager of Minnesota Compass. “For example, did you know that the median household income of Minneapolis’ neighboring North Loop and Near North neighborhoods differ by about $70,000? Or that 30 percent of those living in Saint Paul’s Thomas-Dale neighborhood were born outside of the U.S., compared with only 7 percent right next door in the Como neighborhood?”

The profiles were originally developed for the Minnesota Compass website in 2011, and have proven indispensable for residents, grass-roots organizations, community groups, policymakers and others interested in the health of their community.

Betsy Leach, executive director for District 1 Community Council in Saint Paul, reports, “We are one of the most rapidly changing districts in terms of our demographics… many people and organizations think they know what our neighborhoods are like, but they are basing their assumptions on what they ‘know’ from 20 or 30 years ago. So we use the profiles all the time to dispel misconceptions.”

Eric Gustafson, executive director of Minneapolis’ Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, says, “We use Compass Neighborhood Profiles frequently in our work and in reporting on our work to the community, city council, funders, and others. And, we use the Corcoran profile as an education piece and reference for new and existing board members. The profiles are a valuable tool for better understanding the geography that we live and work in.”

The neighborhood profiles, developed in partnership with the McKnight Foundation, are part of Minnesota Compass project that provides measures of well-being at the state, region, county, city levels and select neighborhood levels. Minnesota Compass is led by Wilder Research and funded by a collaborative of foundations.

“Neighborhoods offer dynamic, real-world points of connection to our region’s shifting demographics and economies. As we all create and innovate for greater impact, data-driven decision making is central to the success of everyone from residents to policymakers — we all need access to trustworthy, relevant information in a changing world,” said Sarah Hernandez, McKnight Foundation program officer.

“McKnight’s support allowed us to enhance our previously-existing neighborhood profiles in a couple ways. In addition to the new thematic maps, we have now built infrastructure that will automatically update the profiles when new data are available,” said Helmstetter.

Wilder Research, part of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation in Saint Paul, is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit research and evaluation centers dedicated to the field of human services. Wilder Research issues more than 150 reports per year that help improve the community’s understanding of major social issues and identify effective ways to strengthen individuals, families and communities.

For more information contact  Nancy Hartzler, communications manager, Wilder Research – phone: 651-280-2696 Email:; or Craig Helmstetter, Compass project manager – phone: 651-280-2670 Email: 


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