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Thursday April 17th 2014
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2013: The Year of Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency

It was militia intelligence officer Paul Revere who warned American colonists that the British were coming; it was NSA contractor Edward Snowden who warned Americans about the NSA.

How about patriot?

How about patriot?

by Donald Allen, Originally published in the Hamline Oracle Magazine (2.14)

The actions taken by former National Security Agency (NSA) technical contractor Edward Snowden are to be commended. Snowden single-handedly dismantled a system filled with lies, deceit and benign neglect for the American people’s right to privacy. He exposed the U.S. regime’s cruel tactics and its ruthless “world police” role. Snowden also revealed to the world that the NSA is watching us, in many cases listening to every word on what should be private cell phone conversations. U.S. citizens with nongovernment cell phone accounts through Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and other carriers learned they were helpless when it comes to the power of the federal government and its need to control our private data. The U.S. continues to violently disrespect the American right for a reasonable amount of privacy, but lucky for us, something happened inside Edward Snowden that unlocked his moral compass. Snowden’s spiritual awakening led him to purposely leak documents and data about the men and women who work for the United States’ most top-secret organization, the NSA.

Snowden told the Guardian: “I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things…I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded.”

The world has learned that it is not little green men from outer space spying on us, it’s the NSA and private government contractors who have circumvented due process and replaced it with contempt prior to investigation for the American people. Conspiracy theorists across the globe have been validated in their suspicions that “black helicopters” and the U.S. government are spying on their own people as well as other countries.

In June 2013, Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, with information supplied by Snowden, reported that the U.S. (NSA) is collecting the telephone records of millions of Verizon customers under a top secret court order granting the government unlimited authority to obtain communications data for a three-month period. The liberal mainstream media in the United States was given its marching orders to report Snowden as a low-level government contract worker gone rogue (Fox News was not fooled about Snowden or his identity). Fox News did not collaborate with the left-wing media on what started out to be a cover up in altering of the facts about the NSA contractor . However, soon it became evident that this “low-level government contractor” was making well over six figures a year and the U.S. government had something to hide: A man named Edward Snowden and the information he leaked as part of the NSA information breach.

The documents leaked by Snowden show that the NSA created and spread a flawed formula for generating random numbers to create a “back door” in encryption products by rolling it into a software tool called BSAFE, which is used to enhance security in personal computers and many other products. The BSAFE tool is widely used by developers to enhance security protocol by setting up firewalls and for easy back-door recovery. Essentially what they have done is opened a doorway, in your home, on your personal PC or Apple product, for easy access to any and all information saved on any computer with a downline program that can track, assess and report a user’s current keystrokes.

Many foreign news agencies, including the Guardian and the BBC-UK reported that the NSA is accessing the systems of U.S. Internet giants, including Google and Facebook, and collecting data under a previously undisclosed surveillance program called PRISM. International Business Times reporter Ryan W. Neal wrote, “Microsoft helped the NSA circumvent Microsoft’s own encryption software to intercept users’ private communications. Microsoft launched the Outlook portal to the public in February 2012, just two months after coming up with the solution. Microsoft also allowed PRISM to access Hotmail, Live and emails before they got encrypted.” Now we know why most users of Microsoft products only use Window’s Explorer to download Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome; safer, more private and less government browbeating. Read the rest of this entry »

IBNN NEWS picks for KFAI’s Black History Month Special Day of Programming Tuesday, Feb. 18!

KFAI (90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7 in Saint Paul), will celebrate Black History Month (BHM) with a special day of programming on Tuesday, February 18, 2014. KFAI will celebrate Black History Month (BHM) with a special day of programming on Tuesday, February 18, 2014, featuring the 3rd Annual Black History Month Live Remote Broadcast “SoundStage” to celebrate BHM 2014. Listen online worldwide at (see full schedule here). 

Smiley, Edwards, Gibney, Chism, Allen, and McDonald: "You will get truth!

Smiley, Edwards, Gibney, Mkali, Chism, Allen, and McDonald: “You will get truth! (If you don’t know, baby, ask somebody.

Show #1: Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 8am-9am  – TUNE In – Tavis Smiley Exclusive Interview on The Lennie Chism Show. 

Time selected Smiley as one of America’s 50 most promising young leaders. Newsweek profiled him as one of the “20 people changing how Americans get their news” and dubbed him one of the nation’s “captains of the airwaves.” With his late night television talk show, Tavis Smiley on PBS, and his radio show The Tavis Smiley Show from NPR, Smiley was the first American ever to simultaneously host signature talk shows on both PBS and National Public Radio.

Show #2: Tuesday, Feb. 18th from 4-5pm Black Minnesotans: Where do we go from here? With Ronald A. Edwards (Black Focus) and Ed McDonald, Executive Director state Council on Black Minnesotans. 

Tune with your host Don Allen, editor-in-chief of the Independent Business News Network for an interview with the two most important black leaders in Minnesota. We will talk about Money, Politics and Education – of course Minnesota’s black history and future.

Show #3: Tuesday, Feb. 18 from 5-6pm tune in to hear Shannon Gibney and Danielle Mkali talk on “The Ongoing Struggle for Equity in Higher Education MN”.

Dr. Shannon Gibney is on board for the conversation about the “Ongoing Struggle for Equity in Higher Education MN.”



Boycott Black History Month – the way it is now

Mississippi Black Codes coming to your state real soon. (

Mississippi Black Codes coming to your state real soon. (

When will America have a Black, Brown, White, Red and Yellow History Month?

Black History Month as it stands all too often entails a series of empty remembrances. What is celebrated are sanitized events, stripped of their political and historical significance. Yet we sit collectively in an America troubled by both its racial past and present.

The past troubles us in part through the inaccurate and partial accountings of history that we receive. Via the erasure, or marginalization, of non-white and of working-class and poor voices from the annals of Great Men (not to mention women).


I’m the sort of thing they ban. Tune in Wednesday to hear Minneapolis NAACP in Crisis…or not?

Right will always be right. Join the NAACP today, - click on membership.

Right will always be right. Join the NAACP today, – click on membership.

Tune into the Ron and Don Show on BlogTalkRadio – Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. for an announcement that will tear the fiber of understanding. If you have questions, please call in. To listen to the program on Wednesday, click here. 


Minneapolis, Minn – Louis King would always ask me, “What have you done for the community?” Then he would rattle off his many accomplishments.” King, a good guy and fellow veteran had a point. Really, what have I done for the “community” in Minnesota?

In December 2013, I caught wind there was to be a new start up of the Minneapolis NAACP. This was my opportunity to do something in and for the community. I went to the election, won Second Vice Chair and it went downhill from there. The fact was nobody expected me to show, or place. I watched the shock of the people in the room, upset because democracy had worked in my favor. Maybe this is one of the many issues community members have about free public discourse, solutions and problem solving, some community leaders have sunk their ships before leaving port.

On Wednesday’s program, The Ron and Don Show, I will walk listeners through a jungle of unmanaged processes and melancholy of many community failures that have made black Minnesotans leery and questionable of our current leadership.

Tune in, the phone lines are always open.


State Council on Black Minnesotans exceeds all expectations

In 15 days, the state Council on Black Minnesotans will present “Building the Foundation for Allophilia at the Capitol.” This rally and coming together of people from all walks of life presents a new beginning for the council, its board, employees and of course, black Minnesotans.

Today, the Council hears the growing voices of a New Generation of Minnesotans chanting move FORWARD with new innovation, energy, ideas, and direction to address the socioeconomic and sociopolitical challenges Black Minnesotan’s face. (photo: COBM website - fair use)

Today, the Council hears the growing voices of a New Generation of Minnesotans chanting move FORWARD with new innovation, energy, ideas, and direction to address the socioeconomic and sociopolitical challenges Black Minnesotan’s face. (photo: COBM website – fair use)

By Donald Allen, Founder –

People always ask me, “Who do you like?” In 2013, with the leadership of Mr. Ed McDonald, executive director and Mr. Patwin Lawrence, board chairperson, the council has shown a growth in community engagement that has not been seen in Minnesota for over 30 years. The Council on Black Minnesotans continues to gain ground by submitting legislation based on the needs of Minnesota’s minority community.

Executive director Ed McDonald has always stated, “The black community’s voice is wide and very important. We must work in unity, trust and partnership to make a change.”

In 2013, the Council on Black Minnesotans has re-organized, facilitated and maintained the highest of integrity in the representation of black Minnesotans.

The Minnesota Legislature empowered the Council on Black Minnesotans to ensure that people of African heritage fully and effectively participate in and equitably benefit from the political, social, and economic resources, policies and procedures of the State of Minnesota. Generally, the Council is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Advising the Governor and the Legislature on issues confronting Black people;
  • Advising the Governor and the Legislature on statutes, rules and revisions to programs to ensure that Black people have access to benefits and services provided to people in Minnesota; Serving as a liaison to the federal government, local government units and private organizations on matters relating to Black people in Minnesota;
  • Implementing programs designed to solve problems of Black people when authorized by statute, rule or order; and
  • Publicizing the accomplishments of Black people and their contributions to the state.

The Council’s work over the past 32 years has yielded impressive achievements and mobilized innovative community leaders committed to advancing Minnesotans’ quality of life. As you explore our web site you will learn about those achievements and the people behind the work. Today, the Council hears the growing voices of a New Generation of Minnesotans chanting move FORWARD with new innovation, energy, ideas, and direction to address the socioeconomic and sociopolitical challenges Minnesotan’s face. They tell us our state needs to move to a new level that goes beyond constructs, tolerance, respect and diversity to practicing ALLOPHILIA. To reach Allophilia it will require Minnesota stakeholders to establish these pillars to our coexistence:

  • Make equal access to opportunities a practice.
  • Create innovative policies and administrative approaches that eradicate all forms of disparities.
  • Constitutionalize Human/Civil Rights Enforcement.

In Minnesota, the human stories maybe singular but our destiny is shared – we rise or fall as one state – as one people, and the power of human unity must prevail

Minneapolis NAACP must be shutdown and restarted

Residents of Minneapolis must call the national NAACP and talk to Ms. Lorraine C. Miller, Interim President and CEO-NAACP (410) 580-5777. We must let her know that Minneapolis has to many issues that need to be addressed and the current board will not achieved a process of success.

Shaking down the MSFA for more money is not the mission of the NAACP or black Minnesotans. (photo: Jerry McAfee City Pages)

Shaking down the MSFA for more money is not the mission of the NAACP or black Minnesotans. (photo: Jerry McAfee City Pages)

Related story: Mpls Pastor Jerry McAfee says, “The most hateful and bigoted people I know are gay

By Reverend Danny Thomas, Guest Contributor – IBNN

Minneapolis, Minn – On Saturday, February 8 at 9 a.m. the Reverend Jerry McAfee, who is also the newly elected president of the Minneapolis NAACP suspended second vice president Donald Allen. This was done inside of the reverends church and two of his “church workers” were summoned to remove Mr. Allen if he asked any questions about procedures which in this case have not been followed by McAfee or the current board.  At the meeting this morning was Lisa Clemons (Al Flowers sister), Kim Flowers (Al Flowers niece), Tee McClenty, Spike Moss, McAfee and Louis King.

Mr. Allen is a “constitutional” officer of the Minneapolis NAACP and Jerry McAfee was out of line and operated outside of his authority. Also, by Rev. McAfee “trespassing” Mr. Allen from the church property, McAfee puts at risk his church and the Southern Baptist Convention, the organization that allegedly owns the property.

Also, on Thursday, February 6, 2014 a community activist and north side political stakeholder resigned her position on the Minneapolis NAACP due to a busy schedule.

The argument remains in question is why McAfee suspended Allen? Allen did ask why the checks from the December 13 election and meeting had not been deposited. He [Allen] also asked, why were there only checks when people paid with cash also? Historically, the Minneapolis NAACP does not function when being held accountable.

According to the NAACP bylaws, Allen cannot be suspended and what comes into play is defamation by the Minneapolis NAACP and no warning or hearing. Allen has the upper hand depending on how he works this. My knowledge of the NAACP is vast. McAfee has not shown probable cause nor has he received national authorization. Now there must be a hearing convened by someone other than the Minneapolis NAACP.  The evidence is solid and Mr. Allen could possibly be in a position to change the Minneapolis NAACP while still being the second vice president. This is what happens in our community when people who should not be leading try to lead.

In my 30-year opinion as a member of the NAACP, this is a clear violation of the NAACP bylaws and Mr. Allen’s civil rights.

Allen has suggested a number of competent community members for positions on the NAACP. Each suggestion per NAACP national bylaws was never acknowledged. When Allen attempted to suggest a white person who runs a small school in Minneapolis and has written many grants, McAfee and some board members spoke in disgust about white people and how they don’t need white folks in this organization.

Allen also suggested the lobbying of the NAACP to remove Mr. Ronald A. Edwards expulsion, which fell of deaf ears. It was reported on last Monday (2.3.14), during an executive committee meeting Clemons and McAfee argued about Clemons alleged position as the Education Chair of the Minneapolis NAACP.

Allen is a very active user of social media and understands the complexities of voice and leadership. On Thursday (2.6.14), Allen received several text messages from first vice president Lisa Clemons taunting him about not being invited to an alleged upcoming meeting. I personally saw the “unedited” message from Clemons that read:

The sender of text and insults. (photo: Lisa Clemons)

The sender of text and insults. (photo: Lisa Clemons)

“glad you wont be sitting in the big meeting with me and the President…. 2nd Vice presidents have no rank…therefore you aren’t invited hahahahaha.”

“I got it fool… He already called to tell me and to invite me to the big meeting …Life looks good from the 1st VP chair… How does it look down there. Donnie Boyyyyyyyyyyy LOL.”

(Text messages sent to Don Allen, 2nd VP Mpls. NAACP on 2/6/14 from Lisa Clemons)

Rev. McAfee fired back on social media citing that Allen was lying, “It sure is sad as Don has lied again,” said McAfee.

Unfortunately, Allen’s truth’s are solid by the text sent from the phone number that I called and Ms. Clemon’s answered.

Many concerned members of the Minneapolis NAACP asked McAfee when the next general meeting would be. One person in particularly, Mr. Lennie Chism asked the question about the schedule of the next general membership meeting. McAfee’s reply was shocking and vile:

Well you certainly have me scared Lennie, if you were half as adept as you like to sound, you would have known that Don and his light weight reporting has Lied again. I have nothing to prove to you and if it was a meeting I wouldn’t tell you.”

McAfee also has denied Allen due process and accuses him of being “white.”  “Don and Lennie are the white man,” wrote McAfee on Allen’s thread.

Allen said, “Rev. Mac has is own agenda. It has nothing to do with assisting people of color based on the long historic process of the NAACP. This is the reason we must recall the election on December 13, 2013 due to collusion inside of Rev. McAfee’s church and his stubbornness not to let anyone else be a part of the Minneapolis NAACP. Having board meetings at his church is problematic for obvious reasons.”

I must agree, the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP has not addressed anything for over eight years. Shakedowns do not work anymore, we have a black president…come on Mac, and you can do better than being petty.

Nuff said.

It’s Black History Month again

The history of the black man and woman did not begin in chains. Unfortunately, each February, that’s where we begin, “Swing low, sweet chariot – coming for to carry me home.” Do your homework, black men and women in Africa owned the world. Today in the U.S., black-born Americans barely own their souls. When the entirety of your earnings are exhausted on food and shelter, your labor is no longer viewed as an opportunity for economic advancement and is solely the act of self preservation, and the resources you need to be maintained are handed out by a foreign entity…YOU ARE A SLAVE. #Dontbeaslave_again 

When the entirety of your earnings are exhausted on food and shelter, your labor is no longer viewed as an opportunity for economic advancement and is solely the act of self preservation, and the resources you need to be maintained are handed out by a foreign entity...YOU ARE A SLAVE. (photo: - Black Shadow Face)

When the entirety of your earnings are exhausted on food and shelter, your labor is no longer viewed as an opportunity for economic advancement and is solely the act of self preservation, and the resources you need to be maintained are handed out by a foreign entity…YOU ARE A SLAVE. (photo: – Black Shadow Face)

By Donald Allen, founder – The Independent Business News Network

U.S.A. – Yeah, go ahead. Sing the Black National Anthem, “Lift ev’ry voice and sing, Till earth and heaven ring, Ring with the harmonies of Liberty.”  Make sure you remember these words while a cop is beating you over the head with a nightstick, or black youth are being profiled on a local college campus. Celebrate this month with the most blackness you can muster. February is a month for celebration that gives those who want to a chance show their unique blackness the freedom and authority to do so sans any hypocrisy.

Personally, I find Black History Month and the celebration of “black history” for only a month problematic. When I look at all the inventions, literature and successes black Americans have achieved, it becomes evident this month; the month of February, means absolutely nothing in defining what black history really is about, or the people throughout history that have given the ultimate sacrifice – both black and white.

I guess my next question would be: Can we have a Yellow, Red, White and Brown history month celebration? Who would be recognized?

On this day of Black History Month – it’s not history that concerns me.

Black people put in positions to govern some of you (black Americans) have taken the road of social structure versus a leadership role; meaning it is more important whom you align yourself with than actually fulfilling a role with results.  Associate professor of sociology at Illinois State University Dr. Anne Wortham wrote:  “An open society is distinguished by the guarantee of the right of individuals to choose the associations they wish to form or join, not the right of their membership groups to survive.”

While it is great to be on a board, committee or council – wouldn’t it be better to actually function as a working body concerned about successful measurable outcomes for black Americans?

Malcolm X was fond of saying, “Our history did not begin in chains.” Yet every year that’s where Black History Month lesson plans in schools across America begin. They begin telling the story of our history — black history — in chains.

Many say in order for Black folks to really move forward we shouldn’t look to anybody to represent us. We need to represent ourselves. There’s no one person that represents “White people.” Having self-appointed black leaders who are missing the intellectually ability to govern is just another way of self-oppression. We all have to represent each other. The sad thing is the people who come into the inner city and say they represent the Black folks and then jump into their expensive cars and go home to the suburbs paid for with the quid pro quo of politicians have learned how to maneuver the system to there advantage.

Cover-up, misdirect and misrepresentation of the black has become a full time job for some black men and women in the United States.Simply put, Black America might need a voice. While some Black folks fight for civil rights, a fair playing field and the opportunity for education some of our brothers bank on the failure of the Black community and turn that failure into a check.


Glitch Please! MNsure-Gate 2014

The problem with MNsure is not Maximus: lead vendor with overall responsibility for, IBM Curam, Connecture, or EngagePoint. These companies are being used as scapegoats for the incompetent staff hired by Gov. Mark Dayton. Each of the firms mentioned stand alone as leaders in their fields. The problem became evident when they realized the state of Minnesota had no “leaders” in the field of advanced technologies making the calls. I give you MNsure-Gate 2014. (Of course Department of Commerce, which handled the $155 million in federal funding for MNsure had no clue what the Internet was all about.) In all reality, MNsure could have be built, tested and launched for $50 million.

MNsure forgot what Minnesota is all about - of course, if you look at who was hired, the writing is on the wall.

MNsure forgot what Minnesota is all about – of course, if you look at who was hired, the writing is on the wall.

By Donald Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

Saint Paul, Minn. – One of the important things to remember about technology: People who make decisions at high levels do not normally understand what they are talking about.  In most cases they do not have any vision about the amount of work it takes to build a secure and functioning website. In the case of MNsure – it started out bad, got worse and after a careful analysis, residents of Minnesota have learned the website, it’s decision makers and ad agency all made enormous amounts of money off Minnesotans for a system that lacks the technical savvy to give health insurance to those less fortunate. This is the state of MNsure – (Click on the link to see what its all about).

Let’s start with the money.

According to the Star Tribune, 14 managers [MNsure] were awarded lump-sum payments that ranged from 1.5 to 2.5 percent of their annual salaries, according to state data. It was based on work done from July 1 to Sept. 30. Former Executive Director April Todd-Malmlov, who resigned in December in the midst of the problems, did not receive a bonus. Of course Todd-Malmlov was able to take an exotic vacation while the MNsure infrastructure crumbled.

Besides the lack of knowledge about web-based infrastructures, the Minnesota legislative auditor will now probe MNsure’s launch. Legislative auditor Jim Nobles said the first phase will focus on whether the IT contractors delivered on their promises and whether the state kept a close enough eye on their work. This is a slam-dunk for Mr. Noble’s.

The short answer is “no” – MNsure’s contractors were only as good as the people instructing them on what to do. The problem will always come back to the MNsure (DFL friendly hires) and the obvious lack of oversight by managers who got lavish bonuses, took exotic vacations and in some cases, did not have a clue about what a medical insurance website should look like, let alone how it should function for the general public.

Here’s one of the main problems. Minnesota, especially Minnesota government agencies including MnDOT, the Minnesota Department of Health, Met Council, and the Minnesota State Lottery don’t have people in the lead with the technical capability to ward off disasters. The real workers, the IT folks, sit in a back room and take orders from people with half the technical IQ of a cockroach – which is basically zero (although a cockroach will survive a nuclear attack).

MNsure, and the state of Minnesota paid out millions to an ad agency that perceived people who needed insurance were only of Scandinavian decent. From where I’m sitting, it looks like they didn’t look at any research on who lived in Minnesota; the demographic of the poor and needy, nor did they bother to put time in to collaborate with local non-traditional media outlets. At this point, the later means nothing. Let’s call it a Mulligan; the folks without insurance wouldn’t of necessarily used a website like MNsure’s and defiantly would not have understood it.

Don’t be fooled. A lot of people got paid well from the catastrophic failure Minnesotan’s call MNsure. In the end, we all know state systems are antiquated, mismanaged and most IT workers are overwhelmed by policies and procedures (already on the books), that would of made the roll-out and launch of MNsure a failure – like it is.

Excuse me Mr. President, can you assist in moving some of the chairs around?

2014 State of the Union is nothing new.

2014 State of the Union: Nothing new.



Do recipients of grant dollars have to show some successful outcomes, or do the white handlers have to give the money to someone?

Negroes. Get your Negroes, they have the highest cash-crop value for white philanthropic guilt in the world. Make money by just saying you address this disparity in the Negro community.

Negroes. Get your Negroes, they have the highest cash-crop value for white philanthropic guilt in the world. Make money by just saying you address this disparity in the Negro community.

Sometimes it is the unanswered question that can be the most dangerous for those in the business of Negro mining and undermining. ~D. Allen

By Donald Allen, Founder – The Independent Business News Network

Since I quit smoking I’ve become a frequent visitor at the local tobacco shop in my neighborhood to purchase white-grape e-cigarettes. You get the nicotine without all the bad stuff.  When I purchase my e-cig, I pay the cashier and he or she hands me what I expect to be a working white-grape vapor e-cig. The deal is closed; I get what I paid for, it works and I am happy and getting healthier everyday. In the Twin Cities Negro community, the chain of give-n-take is broken. Take has over-run the give, which creates a further sinkhole of poor and unemployed people. This small section of people affects the larger sphere.

I’m going to try to explain my argument and evidence using creative non-fiction to make my point on why something is wrong within and around the black community of the Twin Cities. With money flowing into social service agencies year-after-year, should there be an epiphany of sorts? Should people be asking what’s going on? Why is it with all the money distributed by very giving local foundations, there is no visible change in any minority community?

Don’t the recipients of grant dollars have to show some successful outcomes, or do the white handlers just have to give the money to someone no matter the outcome?

It seems that way…

Cornel Belly is a friend to all the right people. He runs and operation down at the local community center. The local political party, the Rooks, enjoy his company and the way he has influence on the people around him and those who don’t like him very much. Regardless of his lack of outcomes, he remains a force in a poor, minority community that barely has a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out.

Mr. Belly organization is said to represent poor and unemployed Negroes in his community. Each morning before the sun rises, he takes his van and drives around his neighborhood seeking out those who might want to work part-time for little to no money. Major employers pay him top-dollar for these disposable workers. The money he passes onto these people, mostly of the Negro persuasion is pennies.

Each New Year local philanthropic agencies gather to decide how much money to give Mr. Belly. They like how he operates.

Belly keeps the restless natives (Negroes) calm so they don’t ask questions about jobs, education and housing. Belly always has a plan that sounds like a Napoleon conquest against the system, but it’s only a front to keep the money rolling in. Last year he hired Mr. Billy Bigmouth.  Bigmouth is a six-foot, seven man who can’t read or write – but shows up at meetings screaming about the inequities in his neighborhood. Bigmouth is feared by many of the white organization. They don’t want him in their meetings calling them out on a particular issue. The local shipping consortium gave Mr. Bigmouth a $90,000 contract to keep children off the docks and in school. Unfortunately, Bigmouth, like Mr. Belly took the money and continues to lie about successes for the Negro community.

About the same time Mr. Belly hired Bigmouth, there was an avalanche in the village close to what is called the poor Negro area of Bagtagadad. People were left homeless, hungry and helpless. Mr. Belly was given over one million dollars to assist these people, yet today the general public has no report on what he did, or who he helped. Over 12,000 families had to re-locate – lost forever.

Local thinkers, who have been rejected by the likes of Mr. Belly, Mr. Bigmouth and the political party of the Rooks have come together to discuss what they call a monumental waste in resources to people that don’t have the best interest of the community. These thinkers have watched Belly and Bigmouth on television, listened to them on the radio and are disgusted with the accusations they are changing the Negro community.

The challenge begins and ends when we ask questions of organizations who say they do “this” or “that.”  When we look at the Negro community, we see a community that is suffering from mass disparities. Others see the Negro community as a commodity with disparities ready for while philanthropic cash.  At what point do we (the Negro community) get to see the results of billions?

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