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Saturday March 28th 2015
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The Comfort of a Friend…

“IBNN NEWS St. Louis”


St. Louis, Mo (IBNN NEWS/June 18, 2011)…Samuel McClain, left, comforts his friend Ira Ward on June 16 in front of the burned-out home where Ward and other family members lived in East St. Louis, Ill.  Ward’s cousin, Darius Addison, 11, was killed in the fire. Ward, who lost two cousins in a fire about 10 years ago, said he tried to save Addison but the flames drove him back.  “He just told me yesterday that he wanted to spend more time with me.  I’ve lost everything,” said Ward.

Will Minnesota’s Black Leaders Please Stand Up?


I’d like to build the world a home, And furnish it with love, Grow apple trees and honey bees And snow-white turtle doves…Sellouts!

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/Editorial/June 17, 2011)…There are no Black leaders in Minneapolis. All we have are “spokespersons” who manipulate, penetrate and facilitate on behalf of their own personal interests. Plain and simple; funded Poverty Pimps from the world of non-profit organizations. It’s a great game if you can get in. Solving poverty seems like a great mission, but if poverty, unemployment and economic disenfranchisement were solved – these uppity Negros wouldn’t have a job.

That’s why it’s important for them to keep poor people poor and always keep them voting for the DFL political plantation candidates that are more like celebrities than folks who work for the citizens…Oops – we don’t vote anyway – poverty is a positioned distraction.

2011, the year of preparation.

Tune in Saturday to ON POINT with co-hosts Ron Edwards and Don Allen as we walk you through current events.

Plausible Deniability…Not one penny to assist north Minneapolis residents. The finger pointing begins

Plausible Deniability…Not one penny to assist north Minneapolis residents. The finger pointing begins

Plausible Deniability…Not one penny to assist north Minneapolis residents. The finger pointing begins

“The Blind leading the Blinded.”

It’s time to turn to the Minneapolis Foundation for clarity on what is folly. Again, a group of the usual suspects have hi-jacked a process that could have been monumental in providing services, money and security for those who have not in north Minneapolis’ tornado zone. This is a shameful statement on status of Black Minnesotans, nobody mentioned jobs. By the way, where is the Council on Black Minnesotans and why couldn’t the Heritage Fund or Minnesota Lottery dollars been tapped into?  IBNN NEWS and its affiliates will be following the actions and responses of the Minneapolis Foundation in following the money.

By Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/June 16, 2011)…The Urban Dictionary defines Plausible Deniability as a condition in which a subject can safely and believably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth so as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility associated through the knowledge of such truth; or having a persuasive manner in speech or writing, often combined with an intention to deceive. In the case of the north Minneapolis collaborative, we have both.

Members of the North Minneapolis Tornado Relief/Rebuild effort have positioned themselves to safely disavow any knowledge of them (or those involved), in the event of their publicly uncovered alleged corruption and failure to include that not a penny in the proposal goes directly to north Minneapolis residents who lost everything or need assistance because of the act of nature on May 22, 2011. The same old song has a new verse.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 3:15 p.m. it was announced by former City, Inc headmaster Bill English on behalf of Pillsbury United Communities Chanda Smith Baker that the “collaborative” would be submitting a proposal for a mere $250,000. The proposal was presented to focus on “human needs.”

In the case of “human needs,” if residents of north Minneapolis “had” the opportunity to benefit from the $230,000 proposal – “if granted” to the collaborative, the number of the estimated 5000 families which experts say is approximately 12,000 people would only receive $20.83 each.

The way the “proposal,” “plan,” or “tomfoolery” was presented showed again that more than 98% of any dollars received from the Minneapolis Foundation “if granted” would go to pay “navigators” and other non-profit psychosis that negates and dismisses the affected community members without offering them a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out.

Many feel its Hennipen Counties responsibility to take care of the homeless, hungry and looked over community members of north Minneapolis – but one item of interest that came up in Wednesday’s meeting was that there are no Black transitional housing agencies at the table. This would include the Minneapolis Urban League who closed their group home in 2010.

Again we have the case of an ill prepared plan to include the communications and outreach component. On several occasions, people in the room agreed that it was paramount to see the plan that was being developed to submit to the Minneapolis Foundation being worked on by the “human needs committee.” At no time was there a draft of the plan with the direction the committee was going.

The Minneapolis Foundation has risen close to $1 million dollars. Also at no time in the group collaborative led by Summit Academy OIC president Louis King with human needs committee leader Chanda Smith Baker was there a plan to kick-off a capital campaign within the group, in support of ongoing efforts. Nor was a business model developed by the core group members to address the thirty-six month slide re-build of north Minneapolis. This is why the mainstream laughs at the Black community in Minneapolis. There are millions on the line, and with the demeanor of an Ostrich with its head in the ground we fight over pennies when millions are at stake.

One of the challenges the Black community as a whole has in the Twin Cities is that Black men and women with the intellectual properties to idea, create and implement a plan on behalf of the Black community for the most part keep far away from the table. What we have left is a few that knows how – but are abandoned and dismissed in favor of the usual suspects that have been the systemic problem for more than thirty-years in north Minneapolis.

Now, let’s get back to the $230,000.

Regardless of what is being said in the group meetings at Summit Academy OIC – “to put in a collaborative proposal,” already IBNN NEWS has learned of several organizations that have put in their own responses to the Minneapolis Foundations RFP. Maybe someone will get it right because the usual suspects are missing the mark.

It’s a shame that again, the people who need the money will never see it.

Hey, welcome to north Minneapolis,  the dysfunctional  juggernaut with people who have the pigmentation of a Black person but have not retained any business acumen or Black conciseness.

Breaking News: Bad list and BUSTED! We Care?

Breaking News: Bad list and BUSTED! We Care?

F.E.M.A denies renters and individuals disaster assistance; City officials and Relief organizers complicit in obstructing information to community stakeholders…Coonery 101

“Doing something outside of your line of expertise: Coonery” Yo-d-Dou!

Tweet FEMA @fema and tell them what’s on your mind!

If the Tornado that hit north Minneapolis would have hit Edina and done the same damage, local city officials would have made sure that individuals were covered. Citizens of north Minneapolis must take a closer look at elected officials and be sure these elected don’t get in office anymore.  Also, see exclusive video footage from the Mpls Mirror on the folks at the table for the north Minneapolis Relief/Re-build here.

By Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/June 15, 2011)…As predicted yesterday (6/14) in a story on IBNN NEWS titled, “North Minneapolis in the year 2014,” and reported by the Greenfield Daily Reporter, “The federal government has denied Minnesota’s request for disaster assistance for homeowners, renters and businesses hit by last month’s deadly tornado in Minneapolis. The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent a letter Tuesday to Gov. Mark Dayton, denying the request. FEMA says the tornado damage is not beyond the combined capabilities of the state, affected local governments and voluntary agencies.

FEMA officials have obviously not read the 2010 Disparity Report, nor has FEMA done any homework on the City of Minneapolis. It would be very interesting to find out how many Black community representatives met with FEMA. (I would predict none.)

FEMA doesn’t know Minnesota, let alone the City of Minneapolis DFL political plantation that has robbed, pillaged and used the disparities of poor people of color, mostly Blacks to represent a need for funding to correct a tragic circumstance…need I remind you of the Empowerment Zone?

Now the rubber has finally hit the road.

Organizers of the North Minneapolis Tornado Response/Relief Efforts must now come forward and answer some difficult questions that they have been avoiding while protecting Minneapolis city officials…the jig is up, no more protection – the questions on format, policy and process must be answered within the next twenty-four hours.

FEMA’s Minneapolis federal coordinating officer Paul J. Ricciuti has not been available for comment and has not returned any phone calls, nor has he or any representatives from FEMA addressed the ad-hoc group of community members gathered to meet regarding the relief/rebuild effort in north Minneapolis.

If Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak travels to Washington, DC to lobby for individuals, who for the most part were of color in north Minneapolis, maybe he should take a copy of the 2010 Disparity Report.

Feds Deny Disaster Assistance for Mpls. Tornado Victims

The federal government has denied Minnesota’s request for disaster assistance for homeowners, renters and businesses hit by last month’s deadly tornado in Minneapolis.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent a letter Tuesday to Gov. Mark Dayton, denying the request. FEMA says the tornado damage is not beyond the combined capabilities of the state, affected local governments and voluntary agencies.

Officials are considering their options. The state has 30 days to appeal the decision.

Last week President Barack Obama declared Anoka and Hennepin counties disaster areas following the May 22 tornado. That declaration will send money to state and local governments – and some non-profit organizations – for repairs to facilities damaged by the storm.

Preliminary assessments put the damage to public infrastructure at $16.3 million.

Read more from Channel 5 KSTP News.

On race and crime in the City of Tribes

On race and crime in the City of Tribes

North Minneapolis in the Year 2014: Three years after Tornado Nancy (Updated 6:23 p.m. 6/14/11)

“2014: Minneapolis Mayor Mark Stenglein”

It’s been 3-years since the tornado ripped through north Minneapolis killing one and displacing over 5,000 families, (an estimated 12,000 people). A group of community members formed a North Minneapolis Disaster Response Team lead by Summit Academy/H.I.R.E. Minnesota’s Louis King to address the immediate needs of thousands of community members who were homeowners, renters and business owners in north Minneapolis. Like New Orleans, not much has been done and today we have a new and different north Minneapolis minus the residents of color who once lived in this poor under-served area that finally found out, there was no right-to-return or opportunities created to do so.

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

"If corrective action is not taken now, Black Minneapolis will cease to exist, by the hands of our own."

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/Future Cast Editorial/June 14, 2011)…Three years and many broken promises have gone by since May 22, 2011 when a tornado who some northside residents named “Nancy” ripped through economically, socially and educationally disenfranchised area of north Minneapolis.

Before the storm of May 22, 2011 – there was already a constant storm in north Minneapolis. One of disparities, obstruction of services and an oversight with the city and school system being complicit in abandoning the large population of color (Blacks-42%) in the area that H.U.D. deemed an Empowerment Zone.

North Minneapolis suffered with some of the most heinous cases of the worst Housing Foreclosure crisis in the state, lack of business development and start-up; Juvenile Criminal Involvement; Child maltreatment; Homeless youth; Child Poverty Rates and children whose parents never had stable employment.  The Minneapolis Public Schools provided no help. The Black population of north Minneapolis also had the worst voter turnout in 2009. In north Minneapolis, (2009) there were 18,511 registered voters in 58B. A total of 8652 actually voted. This means that only 47% of the 18, 511 registered voters went to the polls in North Minneapolis. What happened to the other 53%? More importantly, how come a large population of 67,000 residents in north Minneapolis was not registered voters? There was no Impact Minnesota.

Needless to say, there was a storm in north Minneapolis long before the tornado ever hit.

To address what Tornado Nancy had done to a large population of Black residents in north Minneapolis who for the most part 75% were renters, the Northside Tornado Relief/Response Team organized a group of non-profit agencies led by Pillsbury United Communities, the Minneapolis Urban League with the Greater Minnesota Council of Churches as the fiduciary agent for the millions of dollars needed to patch human needs, including financial, social and economic situations facing the under-served community.

As of June 14, 2011 – the Minneapolis Foundation had raised over $1 million dollars on behalf of the storm victims in north Minneapolis. General Mills tossed in $100,000 and the City of Minneapolis made available $40,000 to assist with the early home repair.

The plan was the collaborative of community members had broken down in sub-committees to include Human Needs, Accountability & Transparency, and Communications. The Minneapolis Foundation had distributed and RFP (Request for Proposals) and it was decided that the collaborative would work together in submitting one request for funding from the Minneapolis Foundation to assist with what the non-profit agencies called “getting back to normal” in north Minneapolis.

One thing we must remember, and I’m being extremely bias – but if these many non-profit agencies have not acted out their missions before the tornado, how were they going to address the needs of the community that have been seriously abandoned for over 20 years?

Since this is a futuristic editorial, I’ll give you my take on what happened in north Minneapolis…

It’s May 22, 2014.

Nationally, in 2012 President Barack Obama has just won another 4-year term in office defeating the misled Republican duo of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. In 2013 Minneapolis residents dismissed R.T. Rybak in favor of former Hennipen County Commissioner Mark Stenglien who won the Minneapolis mayor’s race in a record voter turnout. (R.T. Rybak is now a private citizen, as it should be.) The Council on Black Minnesotans has finally be sunset due to the lack of community engagement. (The COBM never came to one northside tornado relief meeting nor did they speak on behalf of the Black community).

Mike Christensen of Minneapolis’ CPED is no longer with the city agency. After a lengthy federal investigation, Mr. Christenson was released from his city duties with little or no pomp and circumstance and sources tell IBNN that Mike can be found in China wondering around in a bow-tie and shorts.

City Councilman Don Samuels is now a Hennipen County Commissioner.

In north Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Urban League banded together with Saint Paul to form the Greater Twin Cites Urban League. The new president of the GTCUL is Don Allen with over 200 employees and $20 million dollars in reserve.

The collaborative tasked with returning north Minneapolis to pre-tornado conditions has been under investigation for the last 4-months. Agencies at the table in 2011 have pleaded no-contest in the ongoing tracking of dollars distributed by the Minneapolis Foundation and fiscal agent Greater Minnesota Council of Churches.  The many fundraisers that took place for the tornado victims have never developed or monies been turned into the FA.

F.E.M.A. never granted assistance directly to individuals despite a letter from Minnesota governor Mark Dayton.

North Minneapolis now has the prime housing stock. The demographics have changed dramatically 51% White, 20% Hispanic-Latino, 19% Asian-American, 8% Black and 2% other. The city now promotes north Minneapolis as being safe.

Like never before, businesses are popping up all over Broadway Avenue, reminiscent to Grand Avenue in St. Paul. This economic change was done at the hand of disenfranchising a race of people to create an urban utopia on the backs of disparities that were never addressed regardless of the funding sources 20 years prior to Tornado Nancy.

In closing, there were too many secret meetings within the Black community by self-appointed spokespersons who were used by the Minneapolis DFL infrastructure to take control of the Black community and keep the questions limited and protect city officials when they come into the room. As the Black house-Negros found out, there was no benefit whatsoever and the protectors all have been thrown under the bus and no longer are heads of non-profits or OIC’s.

“I’ve seen the future and it will be.”

Principal that Turns Around Failing High School, One Student at a Time will speak at Minneapolis event


Things began to change nine years ago. Taft got a new principal; his name is Anthony Smith, and the motto he brought to Taft: “Failure is not an option.” The phrase was not just directed at the students, but the teachers as well. Although Taft was designated a failing school, Smith decided to keep all of the teachers.” ~ABC World News


"Mr. Smith would make a great Superintendent for the MPS!" (click on photo to read the full story and see video.)

Public Service Announcement from IBNN NEWS via Mr.Joe Nathan

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/PSA/June 12, 2011)…A Cincinnati, Ohio Public School Principal named Anthony Smith who received the rare honor of being named “Person of the Week” by ABC Nightly News will speak on June 29, 5:30 – 7:30 PM at the Capri Theater in Minneapolis.

Mr. Smith received the award because it has a higher graduation rate than the state of Ohio, while enrolling more than 90% African American, 74% low income, and 24% students with disabilities.

Taft is a district public school, open to all, that recently was named a “Blue Ribbon School” by the US Dept of Education.  Mr. Smith, principal of Taft, was named the ABC Nightly news “Person of the Week” in March of this year because of the extraordinary progress that the school has made with virtually all, African American, low income students.

This evening presentation will be free and open to the public.

Organizers ask that people RSVP as we will have light refreshments and we’d like to know how many people are attending.

Please RSVP to by June 27, 3 PM.

The meeting is co-sponsored by the African American Leadership Forum, Center for School Change at Macalester College, Minneapolis Public Schools and North Side Achievement Zone

Here is a link to the ABC Nightly News presentation

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