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Thursday April 17th 2014
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Minneapolis City Council sends Civil Rights director Korbel back to the drawing board on Disparity Report recommendations and her plan

Civil Rights director Korbel: Do not pass go. “Tomfoolery” will not be allowed in Minneapolis’ city council chambers. Director Korbel gets her first taste of strong-council, weak mayor politics.

By Donald W.R. Allen, II  – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and USA Radical Black (Editorial Opinion)

“Poor work ethics, denotes Poor presentations”

On Thursday, December 8, 2010 the Minneapolis City Council committee of the whole held a public hearing on several agenda items including appointments for the Metropolitan Sports Facility Commission and the Civil Rights Commission, who hasn’t had a public hearing in over 10 years.

More importantly, the last item on the agenda was the October 21, 2010 Minneapolis Disparity Report, a report that took more than 13 years to get done and cost Minneapolis taxpayers over $500,000 dollars to complete.  The report outlines what some of us already knew – there’s a serious race relation’s issue inside of city hall.

The 2010 City of Minneapolis Disparity Report lists a multitude of bureaucracy created discrepancies that have affected a less than fair playing field for people of color has it pertains to city contracts and creating a cordial and diplomatic relationships with vendors that don’t look like Minneapolis mayor R. T. Rybak.

Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights Director Velma Korbel attempted to bamboozle the Minneapolis City Council in regards to the Disparity Report and recommendations not shared with the Community in any way shape or form.  Korbel will have to return to the council on December 17, 2010 and explain in detail recommendations that are for the most part a big spending waste. The talk of de-bundling city contracts is nothing but a keystroke on a computer. Korbel did not sit well insulting the intelligence of the Minneapolis City Council.

Ms. Korbel brought in Lenard Prescott and Black businessman Art Gardner to speak on behalf of Korbel and the Civil Rights Department. The only problem was, Councilman Robert Lilligren was not taking any public comments on or about the Disparity Report at this hearing, but promised future “community forums” about the 2010 Minneapolis Disparity Report.  The two men Korbel brought in do not represent the minority-ethnic business community in Minneapolis  – if you want conformation, just ask members of the National Association of Minority Contractors. Korbel never put in one phone call to them.

Korbel has a bigger issue.

She hasn’t figured out how to operate in Minneapolis city politics. Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame Semi-Finalist Chris Doleman talks Sports, Politics and the Community – this Saturday ON POINT!

Former Minnesota Vikings stand-out and Pro Football Hall of Fame Semi Finalist Chris Doleman

“Readers of IBNN NEWS are encouraged to vote for Chris Doleman for the Pro Football Hall of Fame by clicking here.”

Join co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen for another exciting program on BlogTalkRadio’s ON POINT!

This Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 4 p.m. (CST), tune into ON POINT! as we welcome a very special guest.

On Saturday’s show, we are proud to have former Minnesota Viking and NFL Hall of Fame Semi-Finalist Chris Doleman will have a “homecoming” of sorts bringing us up to speed on what he’s been doing and the world through Chris Doleman’s eyes.

Chris Doleman is one of three of the top 10 rushers in NFL history, among 26 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2011. Doleman is encouraged and moved by the possibility to forever be enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Doleman was selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the 1st round (4th overall) of the 1985 NFL Draft and began his NFL career as an outside linebacker in the Vikings 3-4 defense. However, the team switched to a 4-3 defense early in his career. The move paid off for Doleman, who recorded 21 sacks in the 1989 season, the highest total recorded that season and the third highest total ever. Doleman later played for the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers before returning to the Vikings for the 1999 season, his final season.

This is a great opportunity for me. My involvement in the community is at an all time high. A chance to get inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame is just the next level on my journey in life,” says Doleman.

Other topics this Saturday include a discussion on the closing of the Dayton, Ohio Urban League; meeting with Mark Dayton held by some community zealots; and “can’t we all just get along?”

We ask you to tune in this Saturday at 4 p.m. (CST) to ON POINT.  To listen from the comfort of your home computer, laptop or Smartphone device go to

ON POINT is a LIVE call in talk radio program and on this weeks show, we encourage you to call in at (877) 572-4288 and wish Chris the best for his run for the NFL Hall of Fame.

You can vote for Chris Doleman by visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame website and create your ballot and vote for Chris Doleman.

Minneapolis police chief’s memo defends seven officers involved in beating

“Derryl Jenkins: Do citizens of Minneapolis deserve an ass whippin from the Minneapolis Police?” Photo: MPR

Dolan initially said kicking of man during traffic stop ‘gave me concern’

The video below is the raw footage from the Minneapolis Police squad car camera. There in no sound, but you can clearly see Minneapolis Police kicking and beating the snot out of Derryl. Is that a “good fight?”  ON POINT’s Ronald A. Edwards is quoted in this story. (Video Source: Associated Press)

By David Hanners Updated: 12/08/2010 11:12:41 PM CST – Orginally Posted in the St. Paul Pioneer Press

Derryl Jenkins is shown watching a police dashboard video of his beating at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on Feb. 19, 2009.

Although he said publicly that he was concerned about how much force his officers used in the videotaped beating of a motorist last year — and asked for an FBI probe — Minneapolis Chief of Police Tim Dolan has privately told his department there was no wrongdoing.

Oops up side your head!

In a memo he sent out last week, Dolan said the seven officers involved in the February 2009 beating of Derryl Jenkins “were doing what they were taught” and that “none of them were disciplined.”

A patrolman had stopped Jenkins for speeding, but he called for backup after Jenkins refused to follow commands to stay in his car and hand over his driver’s license. Within seconds, other officers arrived, punching and kicking Jenkins until he needed medical attention.

Moments later, one of the cops involved allegedly sent a text message to a colleague describing it as “A GOOD FIGHT.”
Cameras mounted on the dashboards of the police cars that responded caught the scene, and the film sparked outrage when it was made public by an attorney for Jenkins. The video is still posted online at sites such as YouTube.

Read the full story on the St. Paul Pioneer Press Newspapers website here.

MPS Diversity Oversight Committee for new district headquarters excludes community engagement

Mortenson Contructions Lynne Littlejohn

Mortenson Constructions Lynne Littlejohn’s handout says, “The WMBE project goal is 25%. The current WMBE participation is 35%. This is not a factual statement pertaining to the project – who’s monitoring this project?Below, Velma Korbel, director of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights has big issues when it comes to contract compliance in the city of Minneapolis – how will her agency make this work?”

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and USA Radical Black

MPS Oversite Committee missing Bishop Howell and Mr. Taylor

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/November 8, 2010)…On Thursday, December 2, 2010 a press release was sent out by the MPS to the mainstream media to invite “community members” to attend a meeting on Tuesday, December 7th where the district wanted community input after an update was given by MPS James Burroughs, Director of Equity and Diversity and Lynn Littlejohn, Director of Community Affairs for Mortenson/Legacy on the progress of the MPS New District Headquarters project on Broadway Avenue.

The community members were invited to provide input to the committee as part of this meeting. The only problem was, the community didn’t know about this meeting. In this meeting, the “community” attendance was Ronald A. Edwards, Alfred Flowers, myself (Don Allen), Troy Parker, and a representative from ISHAH, the rest of the attendees worked for the District or as noted in this story.

The committee convened with Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights director Velma Korbel; Luz Maria Frias, the head of St. Paul’s Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity Department, succinctly called HREEO. Ward 5 Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels has appointed West Broadway Business Area Coalitions executive director Ron Hick to represent north Minneapolis. Outgoing school board member Chris Steward was part of the committee meeting while incoming board member elect Rebecca Gagnon sat in for the absent Jill Davis.

Missing from the team of diversity oversight was Shiloh International Ministries Bishop Richard Howell and the University of Minnesota’s Office of Business & Economic Community Developments director Craig Taylor, who we were told had previous obligations.

The presentation started off with Mr. James Burroughs giving an update on hiring goals via a PowerPoint presentation. Secondly Mortenson Constructions’ director of community affairs and outreach Lynn Littlejohn when in to what we called a cloud of misspoken antidotes about where the project was in relation to diversity in hiring.

Littlejohn announced for the salvage part of the project Mortenson provided a tax exempt charitable donation to Network for Better Futures to have their workforce come into the building located on the 1200 block of West Broadway and salvage the church pews and stained-glass; Littlejohn connected diversity in hiring by saying this was how the community was involved. St. Paul’s HREEO director Luz Maria Frias was quick to point out that those numbers don’t count and suggested a better more effective outreach mechanism for the district and Mortenson to get unemployed community members the opportunities necessary to participate. Again, this has been an ongoing problem with Mortenson, who will not cooperate and more importantly was not the lowest bidder on the district headquarters building – but some how secured the project contract.

The committee gave an opportunity for community to voice their concerns. The committee was presented with a Community Benefits Agreement from the ad-hoc group called the North Minneapolis Fair Commerce Task Force. In the CBA, the NMFCTF asked the developers to secure a $25 million dollar bond, to be surrendered if the project does not make hiring goals. (Read the the Mortenson/Thor handout to Oversight Committee -  Mortenson/Thor Memo to MPS)

Also community activist Alfred Flowers backed attempted to back-pedal the CBA agreement that he was fully aware of and knew it would be presented at the meeting. He was also concerned about “who was getting the money” at the Networks for Better Futures.

It is clear that challenges in outreach affect Mortenson, Thor, Legacy and the school district.

Mortenson’s Lynne Littlejohn has not returned one telephone call to IBNN or it’s affiliates to answer questions on outreach and the consistent use of non-profit organizations in a construction project.

If giving the Network for Better Futures money to have minorities to work on the new district headquarters project is meant to show diversity, there’s a lot to be said about the people who are in charge not understanding the business process of inclusion.

Minneapolis Public Schools Diversity Oversight Committee for new District Headquarters Project seeks Community Input – That means you!

A Public Service Announcement from IBNN NEWS

New Headquarters Project

Project: New District Headquarters
Project Location: Minneapolis, MN
Client: Minneapolis Public Schools Special School Dist. #1
Size: 200,000 SQFT
Project Type: Middle/Senior High School
Vertical Market: K-12

Minneapolis, MN. (Source: MPS)…The Board of Education in September established the Minority, Women and Diverse Business Participation Oversight Committee for the construction of the new MPS Educational Service Center. The committee is composed of five voting members and two Minneapolis school board members.

The committee will convene on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. in the Assembly Room of the John B. Davis Building, located at 807 N.E. Broadway St. Minneapolis . The committee will hear updates from James Burroughs, Director of Equity and Diversity and Lynn Littlejohn, Director of Community Affairs for Mortenson/Legacy. Community members are invited to provide input to the committee as part of the meeting. All speakers will be limited to three minutes. Input can also be submitted for the committee via email at or by calling (612) 668-0518.

The primary responsibilities of the committee will be to monitor and evaluate the continued participation of minority, women, and other diverse businesses during the construction process; review related reports provided by the MPS Office of Equity & Diversity; and certify that Mortenson/Legacy is meeting or exceeding the goals set forth for minority, women, and other diverse businesses participation.

Minneapolis Economic Development Association (MEDA) representative obstructs Black Free Press

"MEDA: You can't guide everything your direction."

“White Privilege rules again in Minneapolis when a Black US Civil Rights director appears on the scene – had enough yet? We have.”

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and USA Radical Black

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS Breaking Report/December 4, 2010)..Less than an hour (11:02 a.m.) ago at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, a group of invited guests, including IBNN NEWS and the National Research Institute, MnDOT’s Mary Prescott, Met Councils Wanda Kirkpatrick and others were schedule to sit in on a meeting with USDOT Civil Rights director Camille Hazeur as she discussed a variety of items with local representatives from construction companies and board members of the National Association of Minority Contractors-UM.

At approximately 11:02 p.m. MEDA employee and NAMC board member Timothy Kennedy approached IBNN NEWS and said the following:

Tim: “Hey, you know this is a private meeting?”
Don: “I was invited by the NAMC president.”
Tim: “No, Camille wants to talk to the big-boys and I want her to feel secure.”
Don: “What are you saying?”
Tim: “You have to go.”
Don: “What about the Minnesota Open Meeting Law?”
Tim: “That doesn’t apply here. This was put on by all private funds. I probably know more about that law than you do.”

Racism, obstruction and over-all bigotry was the flavor of the day for Mr. Kennedy. If the Big Boy’s are all White contractors that Mr. Kennedy feels comfortable with, we have a huge problem in the Twin Cities.

IBNN NEWS and the National Research Institute is now officially requesting information on “what funds” were used for this “private event” that we attest falls under an invitational public meeting, which we were invited to.

These “random” violations of Civil Rights by White men in Minneapolis will not be tolerated any longer. If you want the to play with the “Big Boys,” now you have your chance.

Today at 4 p.m. on BlogTalkRadio’s ON POINT Radio Show, co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen go into a detail history on MEDA.

Open letter to Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Emma Corrie and other MnDOT Officials: Your Destination has not been a Priority for the minority workforce

MnDOT officially mandated to attend Friday’s “Leveling the Playing Field: Expanding Minority Business Opportunities/DBE 101 Conference” at the University of Minnesota’s prestigious Hubert H. Humphrey Institute. Requests have been made to IBNN to take down post that say they are ‘hiding.’ – Did you see the letters?  What do you think this is, a MnDOT website?

"Oh Please. Don't talk to Black folks like they have a tail."

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and USA Radical Black

Twin Cities (IBNN NEWS/December 2, 2010)…Here’s how it’s going to work. You’re going to sit there – I’m going to do the talking.

In regards to your request for me to “take down” the post regarding Ms. Prescott and Mr. Arseneau is in direct violation of First Amendment Rights and also borderlines on violations of the Hobbs Act in trying to use intimidation or possible threats to IBNN, it’s affiliates and network.

Ms. Corrie, I understand you’re in charged of the “Collaborative.” Would you like to tell us about the current billing problems some of the DBE’s are having with MnDOT?

I would like to explain the word “Collaborative” as it pertains to MnDOT.

Since the Second World War the term “Collaboration” acquired a very negative meaning as referring to persons and groups which help a foreign occupier of their country—due to actual use by people in European countries who worked with and for the Nazi German occupiers. Linguistically, “collaboration” implies more or less equal partners who work together—which is obviously not the case when one party is an army of occupation and the other are people of the occupied country living under the power of this Army.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has collaborated with the Army of Economic Disenfranchisement against the minority workforce in Minnesota, choosing to fly by rules they make up as they go.

It’s very hard for me to accept for over 17 years MnDOT has missed the mark in making sure that minority contractors have just the opportunity to bid on Transportation jobs. How do you explain $6 billion dollars in 10 years and less than 1% going to Black contractors? 17 years worth of missing the mark.

How many Native American (Indians) in Minnesota have been reached out too?

Not even “Token Negros” got money from MnDOT.

Emma – this is not a “Collaborative” effort, MnDOT reeks of Corruption. Let’s look at the headlines.

This isn’t new; MnDOT has a vast history of corruption.

1) On January 30, 2003 a story titled, “Corruption At MnDOT?” was written and posted by Chris Steins. The story says:

  • Is the Minnesota Department of Transportation corrupt, or just under a lot of pressure to build roads fast?

“The Star Tribune has found that MnDOT — the third-biggest spender among state agencies — has played by its own rules… A review of tens of thousands of government e-mails, memos and other documents shows that MnDOT often has avoided competition when awarding consulting contracts, has doubled or even tripled payments without bids and has broken laws by putting consultants to work before deals were approved or even funded.”

2) Tinklenberg’s MnDOT more corrupt than Molnau’s?
Tinklenberg’s no bid contracts at MnDOT. Wasteful spending was also a significant problem during Tinklenberg’s reign. As noted in the January 21, 2003 edition of the Star Tribune, a story titled “INSIDE MnDOT; Motivation can be costly at MnDOT; spending on conferences, travel and entertainment adds up,” describes some of the waste.

Last year (December 2007), for instance, the 1,200 or so who attended the conference at the Radisson South Hotel were treated to an hour-long speech titled “The Rise, Fall and Rise of Harley-Davidson.” The speaker, a marketing consultant, was paid $10,750.

A speech the next day was titled “Build a Bridge . . .” But it had nothing to do with concrete and steel. Rather, taxpayers spent $14,045 for engineers to spend an hour with a motivational speaker who writes about communication between the sexes.

MnDOT spent $24,795 for two-hours of work.  This was in 2007, I would really like to see some of the spending for 2009-2010. My point? Sooner than later MnDOT will have to come to the table and sit with people that they might not agree with – but people who can get the job done.

Working with people MnDOT feels comfortable with has gotten them in the position they’re in now. Non-Compliance; 6%? You should be ashamed to even promote that number.

Had enough?

In closing my point is, Mary Prescott, Bernie Arseneau, you and other MnDOT officials have been giving enough options to correct the heinous disparities that affect “the process” at your agency. The problem is, we (Black Economic/Social Justice Advocates) don’t want to be talked to like we have tails. We don’t want to be patronized by Ms. Prescott and definitely are real tired of having our great proposals turned into RFP’s.  We don’t want to turn on any more lights for Bernie or Mary – maybe the new Governor will help fix the sickness MnDOT has.

Best in success – Donny

Former Minneapolis Urban League employee tells all and Black America and the Republican Party – is it time? This Saturday at 4 p.m. (CST) – ON POINT! Radio Program

"Taking a look at the MUL from the inside."

If civil rights is not working – it’s because the people who have been tasked to address the disparities have become uninterested in people, justice and liberty for all” ~Don Allen, Co-host ON POINT!

Twin Cities (December 2, 2010)..On Saturday, December 4, 2010Ronald A. Edwards and Donny Allen will feature a show you don’t want to miss. This show will cover a variety of political and social items that can only be heard here – ON POINT!

Saturday’s program will introduce you to a former Minneapolis Urban League employee who has exhausted all of her other attempts at demanding an explanations on while sexual predators were allowed to work around children at the Minneapolis Urban League. You shouldn’t miss this interview, which will show there’s a serious problem with the agency. There’s much, much more.

The second segment of the show is dedicated to talk about Black America and the Republican Party. Could it be time for Black American’s to shift to a Conservative, fiscal responsible platform of political leaders that will address heinous disparities in the minority-ethnic community currently overlooked by the Democratic Party.

It could be time to make a real “change.”

Other topics include what are the truancy numbers for the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County. Can we know more about Ms. Shannon and the Minneapolis Public Schools budget? Are numbers being suppressed?

Also we review the process of county attorney Mike Freemen and how Hennepin County is dealing with crime.

ON POINT is a LIVE call in broadcast radio program on BlogTalkRadio. You can listen from the comfort of your home by using your laptop, home computer or Smartphone device by going here:

We invite listeners to call in using our toll-free number at (877) 572-4288.

Some Twin Cities leaders put personal agendas ahead of community interests – It’s time for them to go

"The SPANK is on!"

IBNN Editor notes: NAACP president Booker Hodges continues to speak the truth.

by Booker T Hodges, Originally posted 12/1/2010  in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, re-published with permission.

Twin Cities (Source: MSR/December 1, 2010)…The recent talk about closing North High has revealed a troubling division within the leadership of our community, one that has been in existence for a long time. The division that I am speaking of is that between those who put their personal agendas in front of the needs of the community versus those who put the needs of the community in front of their personal agendas.

When doing community work, everyone has a personal agenda, including me; but I never put my agenda in front of the community. Now, it will come as no surprise that everyone who does community work does not feel the same as I do. It will also come as no surprise that some of those who support the closing of North High and other schools in North Minneapolis are doing so for personal gain.

A few years ago, a certain leadership group that was discussed in some of my previous columns which I will not name, since it does not exist according to the State of Minnesota  wanted to bring a charter school to a local church.

When that failed, they retreated to a local alternative school.

When that form of educating our children came under attack from former Minneapolis Superintendent Dr. Bill Green, they backed the candidate to replace him who promised not to cut the funding for alternative schools from the school district’s budget. After the person they backed to replace Dr. Green was selected for the job, they worked with the new administration to outsource the education of North Minneapolis children.

This group of personal-agenda-first community opportunists, a public-education-hating elected City official, and a money-grabbing, mostly-editorial community newspaper publisher are working together to outsource the education of North Minneapolis children. This group wanted to close North High and bring in a charter school to replace it, all the while getting paid, of course.

When the closing of North High was met with such a large community outcry, this group, along with the current Minneapolis superintendent, moved to close Cityview, another Northside school, with the hopes of bringing their charter school there.

This group is bent on the outsourcing of the education of our children. Why would they want to do this? Well, the answer is simple: money. They would act as consultants, school deans, and hold other positions that would fill their pockets.

The unfortunate part and dangerous aspect of all this is that this group, which is usually extremely boisterous, is now silent. They are being silent because they do not want to reveal themselves and their intentions. I will list the members of this group in due time. I know that the community will not let them get away with what they are trying to do.

I don’t understand why there is so much hate for North Minneapolis. The superintendent stated that she wanted to close North because the district could no longer provide an equal education for the students there. I ask what makes schools over North different from schools over South.

Why can you provide equal education for South and not over North? To me, it seems as though this issue is as basic as Brown vs. the Board of Education in 1954.

I can assure you that the NAACP is in the process of considering a lawsuit against the Minneapolis Public Schools District for discriminating against the children of North Minneapolis by intentionally and deliberately providing unequal education to the residents of North Minneapolis. So I say to this group, don’t count your money yet.

I also say to this group, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s time for you to go, and in due time your identities will be revealed, but I am sure my readers can guess who you are.

Recently a report was released indicating that Minneapolis has had severe disparities in its contracts. I say this should come as no surprise to people, and I would like to say that fellow columnist Ron Edwards was right. No one has been speaking about this issue more than Ron over the past couple of decades.

The same group of people who are trying to outsource the education of North Minneapolis children have attempted to marginalize Ron over the years in regards to this issue in order to fatten their pockets. So, now that we know what the City of Minneapolis has been doing, what are we going to do about it?

In closing, I just want people to know that there is a group of community opportunists who are working in concert with a public-education-hating elected City official and a money-grabbing, mostly-editorial community newspaper publisher to outsource the education of our children in order to line their pockets.

What else is new?

Booker T Hodges welcomes reader responses to

Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Arseneau and Prescott Missing in Action – Fear and Ignorance are twins

"If I'm not there - You can't see me!"

“While IBNN NEWS and it’s affiliates understands the DBE program, if ran correctly could possible create opportunities for thousands, the issue is Minnesota’s transportation office is marred in favoritism and White Privilege.”

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and USA Radical Black

Saint Paul, MN. (IBNN NEWS/November 30, 2010)…Officially it’s premature; in reality – Mark Dayton will be the next Governor of Minnesota.

Mark Dayton understands these programs were designed to help and further minority businesses in this nation that were economically “shut-out”, or denied development and prosperity, most of all “ACCESS” to capital. It’s all about being able to “compete” to provide and deliver services, to sell and develop products.

In the days when these programs were develop, minority businesses and people were being redlined from financial institutions, via by private or government entities in fact by LAW.

Over the years the programs have been held hostage by politicians and a growing bunch of self served ghetto criminals who have made the essence of these programs a damn joke.

I don’t agree that the programs are “no good”, or the agencies that support them and manage them are the problem, it’s our elected officials who are the problem and that has cause these programs to be used as pawns in their quest for political correctness and/or exasperation.

Disadvantage is exactly what most minority businesses are; regardless of what some “I got mine, now get yours” delusional people will sell you.

There is no “equal, or fair” playing field in America, only those that get to say “What equal means and what grows on the field, will pass that bullshit off on the ignorant. The programs are designed to provide one thing only “ACCESS”, period! Who gives a damn what it’s called. Unfortunately, MnDOT forgot about the “ACCESS.”

A comment was left on a previous story about MnDOT’s DBE program – one of the participants said, “The statistics are staggering, look at all of those dollars with very little if any being awarded to a overwhelmingly disproportionately amount of White business owners, not Blacks, Hispanics, Native American Indians, Asians, etc. Just like any law that is on the books, if that law is not obeyed, there are consequences to be given to the breaker of that law. It should be no different for these agencies that are supposed to be the standard keeper of these laws.”

"Mary Prescott: Had a little lamb?"

Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Civil Rights director Mary Prescott has sent a letter to the most powerful person in Civil Rights in the United States, second only to President Barack Obama.

The letter is an introduction to MnDOT’s DBE program and an excuse why Director Prescott cannot attend the National Association of Minority Contractors event on December 4, 2010. You would think that it would be important to meet the “top gun” in civil rights for the United States – but of course, again MnDOT and its administrative staff have formed another collaborative.

The collaborative of “avoidance.”

The Boss: Camille Hazeur

United States Department of Transportation Civil Rights Director Camille Hazeur will be the keynote speaker at the 2010 National Association of Minority Contractors Upper Midwest Annual Dinner on December 4th.   Why Prescott would miss the opportunity to meet the boss is beyond us here at IBNN.

This is the letter (click on letter to enlarge) sent to Ms. Hazeur:  (To read the whole package sent, click here.)

"What you talking about Willis?"

On Friday, November 3, 2010 at the prestigious Humphrey Institute on the University of Minnesota Campus, MnDOT’s Bernie Arseneau won’t be showing up either at the Leveling the Playing Field: Expanding Minority Business Opportunities/DBE 101 Conference” - read his letter below. (Click on letter to enlarge)

"No shows, must go!"

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