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Monday December 22nd 2014
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BlogTalkRadio’s ON POINT!: Saturday – Local Politicians, Pimps policy of Benign Neglect

"We understand, you've made it crystal clear."

ON POINT with Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen, now part of the Black Bloggers Network Global (BBNG).

World News (Source: BlogTalkRadio)…Tune in to this 90-minute program as co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen discuss the recent uptick in violent crime in the new Jim Crow: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Two weeks from our one year anniversary we review a continued pattern of benign neglect form  elected officials, the mainstream media and a couple of flagship African-American non-profits who have ran in the corners and stuck their heads in the sand. We will discuss the process that led to Minneapolis Department of Civil Right’s Velma Korbel to be honored for fighting racism?


We also discuss the responsibility of Ward 8 Minneapolis City Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden and her inability to face the challenge in the form of a public forum or on this radio program – again our invitation to any of the Minneapolis City Council members, MAD DADS or local program hacks remain open. To call in during the show, please dial our toll-free number at 877-572-4288.

Tune in on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 4 p.m. to what has been celebrated as one of the most talked about alternative citizen radio programs on the Internet.

ON POINT! will soon announce a collaborative with a national radio network which will put the Ron and Don Show on the AM radio waves in the Twin Cities – were just getting started.

To listen from the comfort of your home computer, laptop or Smartphone device, go to or click here.

This is a LIVE broadcast and the general public is invited to listen and call in with suggestions, topics or whatever it is you want to talk about.

Tell your family, friends, co-workers to tune in Saturday at 4 p.m. (CST) to ON POINT!

Update on North Minneapolis Shootings – Three incidents in 3 hours (Star Tribune where are you?)

“MAD who? Reverend what? Mayor…when?”

With the killing and controversy surrounding Tomika Swoope’s, and additional shootings on 14th and Queen; Lowry and Emerson (three shootings in less than 3-hours), a group of community point people did plan to have a press conference today to talk about the recent and ongoing, unaddressed violence in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the shootings on Wednesday night has put the press conference on hold. Something to note: Y-T-D more homicides in 2011 versus 2010…yes, we’re off and running to a deadly summer.

Also read: Teen Joblessness, Violence Expected to Hit Record Highs This Summer Due to Cuts in Federal Funding

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN Update/April 5. 2011)…Last night IBNN NEWS broke the story about two youths being shot late yesterday afternoon.

Since that posting, IBNN has learned more information on the events that took place yesterday at about 4:45 p.m.

The shooting took place across the street from Sojourner Truth Academy Elementary School located at 3820 Emerson Avenue North in the parking lot of St. Bridget Catholic Church located at 3811 Emerson Ave North.

Conflicting reports have cited that somehow students at the Sojourner Truth Academy Elementary School were involved and sources telling IBNN that a youth brought a weapon to school.

Sojourner Truth Academy Elementary Schools Julie Guy, School Director told IBNN NEWS in a phone interview that the incident is not related to the school or students that attend the school.

Ms. Guy said, “Our oldest children are 8th graders,” in a somewhat naive response when asked about the ages of the youth who were victims of this violent assault. For the record, let’s keep in mind, the use of a weapon has no age limits in north Minneapolis.

There are unconfirmed reports that one of the victims from yesterdays shooting has expired or is on life-support pending organ harvesting.

IBNN NEWS and it’s affiliates will keep you updated as we get more information.

Breaking News: Two Shot on Lowry Avenue and Emerson in North Minneapolis

“IBNN NEWS and it’s affiliates will continue to follow this story.”

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/ IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS Breaking Report 9:33 p.m. May 4, 2011)…The IBNN NEWS  is reporting that two people were shot today at approximately 4:40 p.m. around the area of Emerson and Lowry Avenue North.

Early reports and sources say one victim is identified as a teenager.  Reports are still coming in, but one source tells IBNN NEWS that one of the victims will probably not make it through the night.

One thing to remember, this shooting did not take place in the most dangerous areas of Minneapolis – the warehouse district in downtown Minneapolis.

More to come…

Murder victim 19-year old Tomika Swoope: Misrepresented as gang member, could block state burial funds

"This is just downright disgusting."

Today would of been Tomika’s 20th Birthday. Happy Birthday & R. I. P.

Editors note: Before I go into this story I have to ask the question: “Why is it that any other race of people can be mortally wounded and no talk of gang activity is mentioned – but let the victim be Black, some kind of link to gang activity is aggressively sought out, even if there is none, something is made up….why?.” Shame on you Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden and shame on you MAD DADS for not defending a child who was the victim of a violent crime.

The head of Homicide for the City of Minneapolis’ Police Department,  Lt. Zimmerman said today via telephone, “There is no evidence that Tomika was involved in any gang activity..”  So what makes the Star Tribune position Tomika Swoope as being involved with gangs? Or why even bring gang activity up in the article?

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

"The first step is the hardest..."

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/May 4, 2011)…As of 11:00 a.m. today, Tomika Swoope’s body had not been released from HCMC.

Sources tell IBNN NEWS that allegedly Minneapolis Police Chaplin (program hack), the Star Tribune and the office of Ward 8 Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden’s were complicit in painting a picture of “gang involvement” with the 19-year old crime victim, that could possibly penalizes her family from receiving and funds from victims assistance program to assist with burial costs.

Read Carefully: On the heels of Tomika’s announced death (being cut from life-support),  a meeting was held on Saturday (4/30/11), with Ward 8 Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden, MAD DADS V. J. Smith, Rev. Brian Herron, Reggie Ferguson, KG Wilson, Little Wayne, and 2009 mayoral candidate and civil rights advocate Alfred Flowers. During the course of the meeting sources tell IBNN NEWS that a discussion commenced about the recent shootings in Ward 8 in an attempt to find a solutions in dealing with the current conflicts.  Councilwoman Glidden seemed to be somewhat mystified about what’s happening in her ward.  No surprise…

While IBNN NEWS and it’s affiliates are clear that most people at the table are “playmates for funding,” no real effort has been put in to address at-risk youth on their terms. In other words, no “Cease-Fire.”

Tomika, who was the victim of a brutal shooting in south Minneapolis, was taken off life-support last week and has expired. The bullet struck her just above her left eyebrow.

A phone call today to  Ward 8 Minneapolis City Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden, IBNN NEWS left  message with the councilwoman’s assistant asking the following questions:

1. What are your thoughts about Tomika’s family being denied burial assistance funds?
2.  What is the plan to address the violent gang war currently taking place in Ward 8?
3. What are her arrangements.

If you recall – last week, IBNN NEWS and the nationally syndicated BlogTalkRadio program ON POINT! invited Councilwoman Glidden to call in and explain not only what action plan she’s taking on behalf of Ward 8 in response to the deadly shootings and crime – but what is the plan?

Request-to-date, IBNN NEWS hasn’t gotten as much as an email from Ward 8’s Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden.

Technically what has happened? We have a waffle-effect from the Ward 8 city councilwoman.

Because of all the disconnect in Minneapolis, Brooks Funeral Home in St. Paul will be handling the funeral of Tomika Swoope, “Far away from Minneapolis’ Ward 8.” If you can’t see it, it’s not there, right?

Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights director Velma Korbel “honored” for fighting Racism? (That’s like saying President Obama supports the Republican Party platform)

Stop the Press!

It’s clear that White Minnesota is fine with avoiding serious discussions about racism. What happens when the majority turns into people of color? Will White privilege stick its ugly little head out and complain about disparities free of criticism? Democracy is about and deserves a robust conversation. Racism, and conversations about race is never pretty – but it’s long over-due. Velma Korbel, like her counterpart in the Minneapolis Public Schools has obstructed everything in Minneapolis that has a Black voice and a Black conciseness. Oh wait, is that Malcolm X I see rolling in his grave?

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/May 3, 2011)…What started out as a great Tuesday morning quickly turned into a fit of rage and pure disgust.

As I checked some of the Twin Cities best online news sources, particularly MinnPost, I came across the headline, “Khaliq and Korbel honored for fighting racism.” The story by writer Joe Kimball stated, “The St. Paul Foundation will honor Nathaniel Khaliq and Velma Korbel tonight for their efforts in fighting racism. Each will receive a $10,000 grant to support their anti-racism efforts at the Ambassador Awards event in St. Paul.”

Velma Korbel – Director, Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights: Fighting Against Racism? A simple HELL NO will do!

You have got to be kidding me.

This “honor” to Velma Korbel for “fighting racism” is a slap in the face for civil rights activist who have died on the front lines participating in the real fight for equity and a fair playing field. This shameful display of pomp and circumstance is nothing more than a politically positioned piece that has no merit whatsoever. This group, foundation and program that pick Korbel have a severe case of stratification with nothing to under-gird it with. In most cases, these folk have never run a shoe-shine shop.

Black Minnesotan’s should be outraged at this clear attempt to ignore those who have actively marched, fought and confronted issues dealing with race, class and status in Minnesota.

I cannot wrap my mind around why the prestigious St. Paul Foundation is afraid to look beneath the surface and see that there are hundreds of Minnesotans who address racism and thousands more before Ms. Korbel would even start to appear.

The St. Paul Foundation’s President and CEO Said Carleen Rhodes said,“Both Nathaniel and Velma have spent their careers working to advance racial equity in our community. In working to end disparities, these two individuals have demonstrated remarkable dedication, perseverance and commitment to making every member of our community feel safe, valued and respected.”

My question to Said would be, “What community are you talking about in reference to Korbel and are you really on Earth right now?

The true people that fight racism are never honored – it creates too much of a conversation here in the cold Jim Crow.

The number of heinous disparities in the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights under the guidance of Ms. Korbel includes the shredding of case files, documented in a story by Black Focus’ Ronald A. Edwards titled, “Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights case backlog eliminated — by shredding.”  (Read more on the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights here)

Mr. Edwards story published on the Independent Business News Network says, “Three Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) personnel who have emerged as heroes in exposing serious ongoing ethical and illegal MDCR breaches. This week, a fourth: Ronald G. Brandon, former chief supervisor of the MDCR Investigative Unit.

His ouster from the department and City of Minneapolis came after his expressions of serious concern to superiors of the tampering with cases under investigation within the department. Some feel it was the case of Glenda Telford and her two children that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Evidence shows that during the week of February 5, 2010, a very peculiar assignment was given to MDCR investigators: Supervise temporary employees in the destruction by shredding of hundreds of MCDR civil rights complaint cases filed by citizens.”

#  #  #

Is this ethical violation a true stance that show’s Ms. Korbel and the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights “fighting against racism?” Or is it just a political plantation positioning piece by the St. Paul Foundation who obviously doesn’t have a clue about the real struggle people of color have in Minnesota and those that work daily in a never-ending circle to right the wrongs of Racism.

This superficial fluff is indicative of Minnesota Nice and the avoidance of wanting real conversations about race, racism and the perpetrators who line city hall and keep Minneapolis, “The worst in the nation.

Ms. Korbel has not taken on the fight against racism – her words are kept inside.

Calling it as I see it: Why the use of the term “achievement gap” makes a bad situation worse



“(l) Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds and (r) Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton at community meeting in poor neighborhood.”

By Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds, Guest Contributor – Originally posted in LearnmoreMN (A blog about school success in Minnesota). Re-Published with permission by IBNN NEWS.

For years, we have invariably used the term “achievement gap” to describe educational disparities between white and black youths in Minnesota. It occurs to me that this term fails to accurately articulate the truth of why children of color are falling through the cracks within our public education system. For one, the term “achievement gap” is deficit-based language that implies that blame for children’s failure to “achieve” falls upon their own shoulders and is a result of their unwillingness or lack of motivation to work hard in school. (It is the Horatio Alger “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” myth in disguise.) However, for many children who struggle in school, external circumstances like chronic poverty and marginalization often hinder them from obtaining equal opportunities to achieve success.

For example, a child who has attended school in a wealthy suburban area typically receives advantages to which a poor child would not ordinarily be privy. The child in the wealthier community will likely gain access to more highly qualified teachers, newer textbooks, access to the latest technology, smaller class sizes, privately-financed extra-curriculars and inside knowledge of the unwritten customs and rules of mainstream society.

Meanwhile, a poor child of color is forced to contend with less qualified teachers, used or even no textbooks, lower teacher expectations, over-crowded classrooms, and a lack of racial diversity and cultural competence amongst teachers. Further, the recent report entitled: “Double Jeopardy: How Third- Grade Reading Skills and Poverty Influence High School Graduation2″ (Annie E. Casey Foundation) establishes that “children whose families live in poverty often lack resources for decent housing, food, clothing, and books, and they often do not have access to high quality child care and early education… .”

Rather than labeling the cumulative effects of these conditions as an “achievement gap,” I prefer the analysis provided by Carter G. Woodson, who wrote a book describing these issues in 1933, aptly called, The Mis-Education of the Negro3.  Thus, I see the educational disparities as the result of “mis-education” or an “opportunity gap” experienced by poor children of color. In order to tackle these issues effectively, we have to provide equal access to educational opportunities, teachers qualified to teach poor children of color and language that accurately identifies the issues. In essence, the “achievement gap” rhetoric is a misnomer that sets us back, rather than pushes us forward in creating equal opportunities to succeed for all children.

1.    ^Nekima Levy-Pounds (
2.    ^Double Jeopardy: How Third- Grade Reading Skills and Poverty Influence High School Graduation (
3.    ^The Mis-Education of the Negro (

Violent Crime up in downtown Minneapolis. City officials fail to address law enforcement violence

"Danger in Uniform"

While IBNN understands the need for public safety in downtown Minneapolis, the city’s law enforcement must get more human relations, sensitivity training as it pertains to various situations involving crowd control where people of color are called “animals” and crime victims are treated  like criminals. If this is mayor R.T. Rybak’s design of a great downtown, no wonder the Democratic Convention will be held  in another city.

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/May 2, 2011)…If you visit downtown Minneapolis for a night out on the town, its usually a good idea to have dinner, dance and get the hell out before bar closing time. You could end up as a victim of assault by someone who is there to protect and serve.

Over the weekend, several reports of violent crimes including a shooting and a woman being stabbed in a local night spot. In a story published by the Star Tribune, “Woman stabbed at downtown Minneapolis club, Minneapolis Police officier James Archer, (a First Precinct officer) said, “Oh, it’s crazy,” as it pertains to the activity that happens after club closing in downtown Minneapolis.

Now, let’s put the City of Minneapolis elected officials and “program hypocracy” into play.

"Come on, don't pee on me and tell me it's raining."

In March 2011, The Downtown 100 program was being promoted has reduced crime among chronic offenders by providing guidance. In that same article published by the Star Tribune (city officials promotional arm), it stated that crime committed by the first 50 offenders targeted dropped in the 120-block downtown core by 74 percent between 2009 and 2010, according to the city.  Really, was this a positioning piece for more funding? The record clearly shows “dropping crime” is not the case.  Who comes up with these cockamamie ideas?

While Minneapolis city officials are great with promotional statistics, the fact is, violent crime is growing and as the weather gets better expect to see more incidents of assault, robbery and possibly stabbings and shootings in downtown Minneapolis.

What hasn’t been addressed is the behavior of a few select Minneapolis Police officers when dealing with crowd control in downtown Minneapolis.

An eyewitness who saw how Minneapolis Police treated injured “vitcims” said, “The police treated the victim like a criminal. They put hand cuffs on him while he was writhing in pain. When another eye witness loudly voiced that the police should hurry up and get the victim into the ambulance and on his way to the hospital, the police pepper sprayed the eye witness. Just how disgusting is that? I hope it wasn’t the “officer of the year” that pulled that bone-headed move.

There have been numerous reports and complaints filed with the Minneapolis’ Department of Civil Rights, (whom we have to remember gets it’s paychecks from the city) on pepper spraying incidents in downtown Minneapolis. The MPD is real swift on peppering up a crowd with no discern for who is affected.

Elizabeth K. a twenty-three year old White woman told IBNN NEWS, “My boyfriend, who is Black was a little tipsy. We stopped on the corner of 5th & Hennepin so he could lean up against the building (Lumber Exchange). We were asked to keep moving and my boyfriend shouted out, ‘give us a minute.’ Almost immediately we were both pepper sprayed by a Minneapolis Police officer.  I never go downtown anymore.

This is the sentiment of a growing population of people who celebrate the downtown Minneapolis nightlife.

There are emergency steps which city officials must take to side-step the current violence in downtown Minneapolis. Solutions like checking night club licensing and other annoying business owner processes is will not solve the outbreak of reported and unreported crime in Minneapolis.

The focus has been on night clubs that cater to people of color. This is a racist move that will have great repercussions on the city’s warehouse district commerce.

Take my advice, get in early and get out – or stay at home, rent a movie and enjoy your weekend.

Open Letter to Mr. Donald Trump: Why Donald, why?

"Let's start by cleaning up the racist, antiquated Republican Party of America - Obama can wait until 2012.

Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief of the Independent Business News Network asks his business role model to re-focus on substance by re-organizing the GOP rather than lather in the frosting of superficial attacks on a Black president which in reality (which Mr. Trump knows a lot about), are attacks on all people of color.  Let’s get this right the second time around.

Written by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS

Dear Mr. Trump,

I thought of you as an American business icon.

I own everyone of your Donald Trump men’s neckties from your designer collection. I have your books on my bookshelf. I even watch The Apprentice from time-to-time.

When people ask me what business role model I most want to mimic, I always said, “Donald Trump” because of his fearless attention to detail and his radical approach to business and brutal honesty. On this blog, I even wrote a story in support of your possible political aspirations to run for president of the United States titled, “Donald Trump for President in 2012, Black America’s new Hero?”

Now I have to be brutally honest with you.

I just can’t wrap my mind around the reasoning you attacked President Barack Obama and forced his hand to release a copy of his original birth certificate. One things for sure, Rush, Glen and others didn’t get the respect you got when your campaign went for the jugular on the birth certificate issue.

Now that the birth certificate is out, it’s time to focus on some real issues starting with the Republican Party of America, which should be the only focus due to their quick “throw under the bus policy.

Mr. Trump, you now have place yourself in the perfect position to outwit the RINO’s (Republican’s in name only) of the Republican Party. I to am a Republican – somewhat progressive then most and surely a forward thinker.  It’s time to “flip” the GOP on it’s back and make it work for you in 2012.

It’s still not too late.

But first, there are some things you must do.

Make a televised, open apology to President Obama and his family.This would be one of your greatest public relations moves…ever!

Then you must turn all of your attention to the antiquated, outdated, racist platform of the Republican Party to affect change from the bottom up.

The Republican Party of America can no longer have an exclusionary attitude we comes to people of color; the GLBT community and views on women’s issues.

In one of the many arguments I’ve had with my fellow Republicans (in Minnesota) about abortion, gay marriage and the GLBT community, I run up against resistance for change by being quoted bible versus. The Republican Party must re-think it’s Christian Fundamentalist views that perpetuate racism and exclusion.  I don’t think God ever wanted people to interpret the bible to build and exclusionary, racist barriers in class and status.

First let me lay it out. As a Conservative, in 2011 I had to change my thinking and views on a whole lot of issues that just didn’t make sense in the Republican platform. While I want to support the Republican Party in Minnesota and nationwide, the party does not reach out to people of color, especially Blacks (unless you’re a token like Michael Steele) – and they remain fearful of strong Black Republicans like Florida’s Allen West and Georgia’s Dr. Deborah Honeycutt and Minnesota’s Barb Davis White. White, a Black woman with Jewish heritage  ran for Congress in 2008 as the GOP endorsed candidate for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District didn’t get any support from the White corporate Republican hacks in Minnesota. Her opponent Congressman Keith Ellison walked in with hardly any campaigning.

I say that to say, “Color of skin has been an obstacle for the mostly White Republican Party.”

Yes, I know christian fundamentalist throw the bible book of Leviticus around and say it is very clear on homosexuality.

But Leviticus also says, “Don’t let cattle graze with other cattle: Leviticus 19:19. Don’t wear clothes with more than one fabric: Leviticus 19:19. Don’t cut your hair or shave: Leviticus: 19:27. Any person who curseth his mother or father, must be killed: Leviticus: 20:9 (how many of you need to die?) Psychics and wizards need to be stoned to death: Leviticus: 20:27.”

The only thing clear about Leviticus is that it does not apply to modern times and is used conveniently when needed to exclude or attack a group of people.

With that said Mr. Trump – it’s time to develop a new platform within the Republican Party that opens up the tent to all. The Republican Party can no longer condemn women for having abortions – but they can fight against government funding of abortions. It’s just some simple common sense that needs to be applied.

The Republican Party of America can no long attack gay marriage or the GLBT communities.

I’ll tell you why: GLBT Spending Power.

Gay buying/spending power’ is expected to hit $2 trillion by 2012.

This comes announcement comes from “The Raw Story,”  which says, “The purchasing power of the GLBT community is estimated today to be a massive $641 billion, with projections reaching $2 trillion by 2012.” Add in the buying power of the millions of family members and friends who show fierce allegiance to fair-minded corporations and political campaigns, you get a message that no politician can afford to ignore: equality is good for business, politics and people.

The GLBT community is a loyal community. They along with communities of color around the USA are in control of billions of posible campaign contribution dollars. Wouldn’t be one of the best business moves by you Mr. Trump to breakdown the barriers once and for all?

If you’ve been around “people” in the Republican Party, you already know there are a bunch of gay folks in the party running around living a lie – let’s stop the madness now – it would be beneficial to your campaign in 2012.

If the Republican Party continues to alienate them because of some old, racist, christian fundamentalist views, any Republican candidate who steps up against Barack Obama in 2012 will be crushed; Including Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty and more importantly you Mr. Trump.

In closing and in support of you, there are some items you must do to regain my support as well as others across America – and it’s simple.

Apologize, re-organize, invite everyone to the table and win in 2012!

Best in success,

Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief
The Independent Business News Network

How Rich Is Congress?

Originally posted  4/27/201 by Adam Tod Brown on The Smoking Jacket. Re-posted with permission by IBNN NEWS.

Congress is big news these days. For what, we’re not really sure seeing as how they don’t seem to get much done, but the fact remains, Congress is big news. Also big news…the fact that Americans are remarkably broke these days. No matter how hard we work, it still seems to be just enough to put food on the table and iPods in our Burberry backpacks.

Meanwhile, as this highly entertaining infographic from the people at Online Schools explains, Congress is ballin’ out of control. Must be nice.

"Bling, Bling!"

Demonizing the messengers: Saturday – Black Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio’s ON POINT!

“Will Glidden step up to the plate or Waffle? (We’ve seen her Waffle before) Tune in Saturday at 4 p.m.”

ON POINT has invited Ward 8 Minneapolis City Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden to talk with us on the recent rash of violent shootings and other topics we need to catch up on. This conversation with City Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden is long over-due. Let’s see if she accepts ON POINT’s invitation.

Promotional message from IBNN NEWS

Global Syndication (ON POINT/BlogTalkRadio/Minnesota)…Join co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen for a special 90-minute call-in program about why local political leaders, the mainstream media and local Black spokespersons tell each other, “Don’t listen to Ron and Don.”

We have one reply to that: “The Shit You Hear About Me Might Be True but Then Again It Could Be as Fake as the Bitch Who Told You!”

The facts are evident and clear. While people seek to demonize Ron and Don, they are currently working on a deal to bring ON POINT! to a national syndicated audience LIVE on the radio dial.

The many story’s and event covered by the team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen are true. What happens in the Twin Cities small Black community is simply nothing more than “player hating.”

Tune in this Saturday at 4 p.m. (CST) as we discuss the events surrounding the shooting of Black girls with no out cry from flagship organizations and political leaders. But when a child of another race is shot or killed, the reaction is totally different.

To tune in on your computer via the Internet, copy and paste this address:–black-talk-radio-on-bl or go click here.

ON POINT cordially invites you to listen, call-in and participate by calling our toll-free number at 877-572-4288.

We have a lot to talk about on Saturday at 4 p.m.

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