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Friday October 31st 2014
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Part 5: There’s no need for Celebration, you haven’t met Participation! Minneapolis Public Schools headquarters not American! Steel from Canada and China?

“Where’s Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann when you really need her? This is Un-American!”

Yeah, right I’ll sign your beam. On the heels on what ‘s been tagged as a “Construction Celebration for Minneapolis Public Schools new Educational Service Center” set for April 19, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. – IBNN NEWS has uncovered building material is not of an American origin. The Minneapolis Public Schools board president Jill Davis and board member and chairman on the oversight committee Alberto Monserrate refuse to respond to written inquires about minority participation and correcting faulty information sent out from the MPS communications department.

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis


Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/April 15, 2011)…Today at the new district headquarters job site, a Native American iron worker confirmed the iron/steel being used for the new building comes from Canada and China.

In a “celebration” that seems premature, and a move that is nothing more than pomp & circumstance, a steel beam to be signed by political hacks and faulty district officials with community members who attend , (if they got the information in advance which is highly unlikely).

Without answers on women and minority compliance, school district and political players will celebrate the beginning of construction on the $36 million Minneapolis Public Schools Educational Service Center by signing this 30-foot long steel beam, which will be installed along the front of the building, facing West Broadway Avenue.

I got a beam you can sign – with some good ideas where you can put it.

On hand for this lustrous event will be:

Mayor R. T. Rybak, MPS Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson, MPS School Board Chair Jill Davis, Council Member Don “Burn North High down” Samuels, State Senator Linda Higgins, State Representative Bobby Joe Champion and Tom Lander from Mortenson Development.

Still no information on women and minority goals – this is a misdirect from the Minneapolis Public Schools administration.


Part 4 – Hypocrisy by Design: North High School redesign meeting skewed by MPS oversight

“Minneapolis Public Schools: Still looking into the darkness.


Enough is enough! Some community members refuse to drink the kool aid from the Minneapolis Public Schools. Like the Noble Charter School fiasco, there is no “community buy-in” with the new design of North High School, simple because there’s been no information distributed in an intentional way by the faulty leadership of the Minneapolis Public Schools. One thing to remember, “The same conciseness that created the problems in the Minneapolis Public Schools certainly cannot solve the problems.” Just ask the North High School group what happened to the 125 freshmen? Are we to forget about that too?

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/ IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/April 14, 2011)…Last night (4/13/11), at North Commons in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Public Schools called a meeting to appoint the last four community members to the North High School redesign team. A process that was corrupt from the beginning. Simply put, if you’ve never run a shoe-shine shop, what the heck does redesign mean to you? I’d really like to know.

First of all some information about north Minneapolis (55411):
(Data on community demographics provided by OnBoard LLC Copyright (c) 2007 OnBoard LLC. Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. All community demographics data is for the year 2007 unless otherwise specified.)

Total Population 31047 (Est.)
Density (Persons per sq. mile) 7754.
Total Households 9291
Family Households 6319
Households With Children 4609
Average People Per Household 3.28

The reason the above demographics have been posted is because less than 50 people showed up to this very important meeting about the “redesign of Minneapolis” North High School.

Again, the Minneapolis Public Schools is much like Minnesota’s Republican Party, refusing to open the tent while denying the community of color to participate.

Life-long north side residents and past graduates of North High School like Bessie Buckner, who’s three sisters and four brothers all graduated from North High said, “I didn’t know anything about this meeting. The Minneapolis Public Schools operates in the shadows, excluding the broader community – it happens all the time over here.”

The Minneapolis Public Schools is ineffective in community outreach.

With a database of parents, teachers, students and concerned community members, why didn’t the MPS District’s communications department see to it that every resident in within a 3 mile radius of North High Schools get information about this process and meetings about North High School.

Why no student take-home information? Yes, there’s a total communication FAIL within 807 Broadway Avenue NE – the $700 million dollar sink hole which is the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Part 3: Baking a cake for Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson

"Just ask the right questions - when they don't answer, show em the door."

Politically, the writing is on the wall for Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson. This opens the floodgates for the political hacks in the City of Minneapolis to position themselves with a smirky, “I told you so,” and take over the Minneapolis Public Schools. It’s what they’ve been waiting for. Is Superintendent Johnson a pawn in this game? Or a part of the original plan? Whatever the outcome (hopefully an exit), the students, families and some really great educators loose because of a few boondogglers.

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/Editorial Report/April 13, 2011/9:00 p.m.)…The writing is on the wall, Minneapolis Public Schools superintendent Bernadeia Johnson is on the edge of no return.

After the Star Tribune’s story, “Report: Minneapolis school leadership is faulty,” a number of comments from former employees of the faulty school district have come forward and left public comments on the Strib’s website – like this one:

As a former employee of the Minneapolis Public Schools I have seen this dysfunction firsthand and it goes all the way down to the school administration. It is no surprise 807 is full of “faulty” leadership, when you look at so many schools with “faulty” principals and assistant principals. There are administrators who bully their staff to get results, administrators who can’t communicate what they had for breakfast, much less the expectations they have for their staff, and administrators who have been left to pass between school to school, doing nothing but leaving the district scared of a lawsuit should they be fired. 807 is a joke. Faulty doesn’t even begin to describe the levels and layers of dysfunction happening in that building. They don’t want to know the truth of how their faulty administrators are running their buildings so they stick their heads in the sand and pretend like everything is going along just fine! Are you listening MN Legislature? As Bernadeia begs for more money, I think it is time the district first show concrete, meaningful administrative changes before the money starts coming in again. (Star Tribune Online)

This “former employee” is absolutely correct.

If I could play the race card for a minute; A large and growing number of Black school educators have seen firsthand the retaliatory posture of the superintendent. Black educators that were involved with the Minnesota Alliance of Black School Educators (MABSE) no longer come to meetings in fear of what discipline “The District” might dole out to them.

Superintendent Johnson is quick to to tell the public, “I sent ten educators to the National Alliance of Black School Educators conference in 2010. But the fact remain, not one of the ten has shown up to a meeting in months.

Sources tell IBNN NEWS that it is very difficult, if you Black, smart and have a more education then the Superintendent (The Harvard Story Part 4),  and run a program in a church to assist children of color – you’re more likely to get cut off or have to depend on the $3.35 per child from the state versus counting on the MPS to assist.

Everything that’s going on is a clear signal that a “changing of the guard” at Minneapolis Public Schools is in the works. Politically, 2010 and 2011 has been a disaster for the MPS with an out-of-control achievement gap and the take over by AmeriCorps VISTA supplying mostly White suburban female teachers and assistants in the Minneapolis Public Schools teachers of color have been strategically boxed out and become extinct.

Superintendent  Johnson’s best move at this point would be to resign. By the way, take Dan Loewenson with you – no one should be able to survive three administrations.

Part 2: Minneapolis Public Schools Communications Department: Anatomy of a Disaster

"If you don't know how it works - then it won't work. By the way, the MPS website is still broken."

In 2011 its hard to believe that a $700 million dollar organization such as the Minneapolis Public Schools is rooted 1970’s as it pertains to the single most important thing next to education, “Communication.” This is part two of a seven part series about the Minneapolis Public Schools and why are children aren’t learning. It’s because the people in charge of education (in Minneapolis) don’t have a clue.

This YouTube Video proves that communications at the district headquarters is doing nothing but going through the motions. No effective outreach, communications or collaborations with people of color. There’s a reason for that – but you’ll have to wait for part 3.

Maybe that’s why “Education” isn’t working for the District.

By Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Corey Mitchell’s article in today’s Star Tribune (4/13) “Report: Minneapolis school leadership is faulty” hits all the right points. But there’s more to the internal trouble facing the school district – the Communications Department.

Working with the school district on an ad campaign gave me the insight of where the challenges are within the communications department and why the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing – bad management.

An example of this is the flurry of press releases sent out by the districts communications department. They have a database of parents, media outlets but remain in the prehistoric age when it comes to effective Internet distribution of important information.

From a period of March 4, 2011 until April 13, 2011 only two press releases from the Minneapolis Public Schools made it to search engines in the United States.

Go ahead, try it for yourself.

Google, Yahoo or Bing some of the Minneapolis Public Schools press releases, you’ll find out there is no indexing on any search engines; no URL addresses that can be easily shared with with friends, family, co-workers and more importantly the districts communications department has overlook, obstructed and denied students the opportunity to engage in the social media revolution that has led to a broader community sharing information on a global level.

You talk about Minneapolis Public Schools creating “Global Citizens?” That clearly can’t be the case because the Minneapolis Public Schools, specifically the communications department is stuck in 1970 with a staff from Rochester, MN who replied upon seeing a public relations proposal, “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

The other problem – the lack of cordial and diplomatic relations as it pertains to releasing information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Minnesota Data Privacy Act.

On March 11, 2011 a press release was distributed (FAIL) titled, “Diverse business partners goal exceeded by 20 percent for new MPS Educational Service Center.” (Read the release Diverse Business Partners Goal – then try to Google it…Nothing!)

The press release stated:

“Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) proposal evaluations and contract awards are ongoing. Currently, minority and women owned businesses account for 45 percent of  business partners and approximately $7.1 million of the $15.8 million dollars procured. Minority workers account for 45 percent of the workforce, surpassing the goal by 20 percent; women workers account for five percent of the workforce achieving the contract goal.”

The statement that needs verification is “Minority workers account for 45 percent of the workforce, surpassing the goal by 20 percent.”

On April 10, 2011 a request was sent to the Minneapolis Public Schools general counsel and associate superintendent and Black community “fixer” Dan Loewenson requesting the following information:

1. Who are the Minority workers this press release is referring to?
2. Supply a list of minority contractors that have had proposal evaluations or have received contract awards for the MPS-ESC.
3. Supply a list of minority contractors that have been denied awards on the MPS-ESC.
4. Provide the data in support of the statement “Minority workers account for 45 percent of the workforce.”
5. Provide the data in support of goals being surpassed by 20% as it pertains to the MPS-ESC.
6. Provide the Women workers [contracting firm(s)] and data in support of 5% of the workforce at the MPS-ESC.
7. Provide a list of Community Groups, or Oversight Committees that have been granted a cash awards to monitor compliance (2010/2011). Please list name of organization and current status of IRS 501(c)3 if available.

Addendum: In addition to the above requested information, it is also asked to supply the name and department of individuals involved in giving authorization to distribute this press release to the media and general public.
#  #  #

The Minneapolis Public Schools general counsel has not responded, nor has Mr. Dan Loewenson.

There’s a deep rooted problem with 807 Broadway that must not be brought into the new district headquarters. The first step is removing the top administrators and reformatting the Communications Department. If your concerned about your tax dollars – they are flying out the window everyday with the massive duplication of work and the missing talent at 807 that for some is a hostile work environment.

North Minneapolis businessman Dr. Timothy Childs, Ph.D. heads to Washington, DC for dinner with President Obama and meeting at the Pentagon


Contact: Yolanda Friday
Phone: (612) 341-2795

President Obama

Dr. Timothy Childs, Ph.D. gave one of the most comprehensive, eye-opening presentations at Governor Mark Dayton’s Economic Summit in north Minneapolis, which has led the north Minneapolis entrepreneur, scientist and father to be invited to dinner with president Obama. A press conference will be held  on Wednesday, April 13th at the Minneapolis Urban League located 2100 Plymouth Avenue North at 11 a.m. – members of the media and the community are encouraged to attend.

"Dr. Childs, TLC Precision Wafer Technology, Inc and the TLC Education Foundation."

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/April 12, 2011)…“I had to check the credentials,” said the director of Dr. Childs’ foundation Ms. Yolanda Friday as she recalled the emails and phone calls received from Minnesota governor Mark Dayton’s office, alerting the north Minneapolis businessman that he would be taking a trip this week to Washington, DC for diner with President Obama.

“We get a lot of calls around here – they have to be screened before we pass them through the fire-wall,” says Ms. Friday. Dr. Childs has very efficient business people around him.

Later this week, Dr. Childs and his wife will be sitting face-to-face with President Obama and his wife Michelle.

Dr. Timothy Childs, Ph. D. is the president of TLC Precision Wafer Technology, a company located in north Minneapolis. TLC Precision Wafer Technology is a leader in providing reliable and innovative high performance products to customers in the millimeter-wave and high-speed photonic industries. Dr. Childs’ work includes, military and commercial telecommunications, security and automotive electronic and other applications. Child’s vision is for TLC to be recognized as a world-class company, responding to the world’s need for increased power, speed and reliability in microwave and millimeter-wave products.

While the company has achieved tremendous success so far, Dr. Childs’ is equally enthusiastic about his non-profit foundation. The TLC Education Foundation was established in 2000, as a collaboration between TLC Precision Wafer Technology, Inc. and a team of local community leaders.  The Foundation’s goal is to provide financial support and assistance to youth seeking to attain a college education, with the goal of giving back to the Twin Cities’ communities.

Dr. Childs, father of 12, says, “God has blessed me professionally. It’s vital that that we don’t forget our children.  I am obligated to return that blessing to the children in the form of educational opportunities.”

“I’m excited and nervous at the same time,” Dr. Childs said about his meeting with the President. “Not only will I have dinner with Mr. Obama and his family, I have a meeting at the Pentagon and the US Department of Education to talk about my program for students that are preparing for post secondary education.”

In his philanthropic work, Dr. Childs has managed to do a lot with a little. With a small grant ($9000) from Hennepin County, the Foundation sustained a college-preparation and tutoring program at four different sites for over a year. The Foundation also partnered with the Saint Paul Public Schools and the Saint Paul Minister Alliance with assistance from Saint Paul mayor Chris Coleman to have after-school and weekend tutor hubs to help youth prepare for the MCA2 testing.

About TLC Education Foundation:
In 2000, the TLC Education Foundation was founded as a result of a collaboration of TLC Precision Wafer Technology, Inc. and Team of Professional Community leaders in the Twin Cities (including High School and College Administrators and Teachers, job placement & training executives, child development professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.). The foundation is focused on promoting and supporting financially, the education of individuals with the desire and determination to obtain a college education in pursuit of contributing to the Twin Cities communities. More information can be obtained by viewing the TLC Education Foundation website at

About TLC Precision Wafer Technology, Inc:
TLC Precision Wafer Technology is a leader in providing quality reliable and innovative high performance millimeter-wave products to customers in the millimeter-wave and high-speed photonic industries. This includes military and commercial telecommunications, security and automotive electronic and other applications. Our vision is to be recognized as an innovative company meeting the growing needs for increased power, speed and reliable millimeter-wave/microwave products. We will provide our customers a competitive advantage with an elite collection of products and technical support. TLC Precision Wafer Technology, Inc. will continue to be a sound, high integrity-based business. We extend trustworthy dealings providing both customers and employees valuable and dependable relationships. 

TLC’s mission and charter is to contribute to the advancement of millimeter-wave technology for military and commercial applications worldwide. Visit the website at

Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels: Great seats at the Minnesota Twins ballpark…Can you direct me to the Ward 5 seats?

“What would Hennepin County Commissioner Mike Opat say?” (The Samuels at Sunday’s 4/10/11, Minnesota Twins game at Target Field just beside the multi-million dollar payroll dugout in the 2nd row!)

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/April 11, 2011)…This is it. Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels and Peace Foundation via Northside Achievement Zone’s Sondra Samuels, wife of the councilman are a privileged pair.

We get it.

Councilman Samuels has publicly stated that poor people are not his constituents. Ms. Samuels and the Northside Achievement Zone started a pilot program with local schools and somehow missed Minneapolis’ North High School.

It call comes together. Neither of the Samuels want to admit the obvious, some people just aren’t meant to be served by the duo.

Since the Target Field was built right in the backyard of north Minneapolis, no real effort is being made to have anybody a shade darker than khaki involved with Target Field.

The Pohlad’s – god bless their souls and pocketbooks, have not benefited the community in any way, shape or form. Then there’s the Pohlad Foundation – located in the same building with the Peace Foundation, Northside Achievement Zone, Northway Community Trust who’s mission seems to be a hostile take-over of funding streams in north Minneapolis.

Who made them god?  The Samuels?

How many neighborhood kids were invited to see the Twins? How many businesses in Samuels ward get to be vendors inside of Target Field?

I guess Ward 5 Councilman Don Samuels has finally got his wish – to sit around the people that he wants for constituents.

Go Don! Go Sondra! Go Twins!

Go to hell!


Poverty Pimps, Hustlers and Clergy your time has come to an End.

Pomp and Circumstance or true Opportunity? (Click on Governor Dayton’s photo to read his response to the Black community.” (Google Docs)

Late Friday night, IBNN NEWS received what we call a directory of preexisting  state and federal programs that most in the community have known about, but still today – even after the Governor’s economic summit in north Minneapolis don’t have any access to. Addressed to “Community Leaders,” the communities responsibility is to know find and identify those “leaders” for Governor Mark Dayton’s office. North Minneapolis stakeholders have watched millions of dollar sunk into programs, (The City, Inc, Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, StairStep Foundation, Minneapolis Urban League, African American Men Project, Minneapolis Parent Information Center, Impact Minnesota, Northway Community Trust, Peace Foundation), with no real change in the blighted area of north Minneapolis. This time around, things have to be different. A revolution must take place with simple clarity that states, “Poverty-Pimps, Hustlers and Clergy in north Minneapolis need not apply!”

by Donald W. R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/April 10, 2011)…Governor Mark Dayton intentions were pure.

He came into north Minneapolis with the mission of listening to the community despite the attempted controlled take-over by state representative Bobby Joe Champion (58B) and a couple of local poverty-pimps who thought this would be a change to gain a celebratory status while receiving funds for some obscure program that would amount to nothing – kind of like the African American Men Project.

Negros (some White folks too) in Minneapolis are already trying to position themselves for dollars proposed from Gov. Mark Dayton. The many different programs Gov. Dayton included in his response are programs that Black Minnesotans have attempted to gain access to with repeat failure. Agencies like the Council on Black Minnesotans have been static for more than 20 years in information distribution around the state. The Black community suffers at the hand of no information.

At this point, its hard to point fingers – but I will say, it’s part of the two-Minnesota’s – one White, and one Black separate and unequal.

The Money:
If the dollars flow to the same individuals, organizations or newly “propped” up organization headed by those same individuals there will be NO change.

It disgust me and baffles me that the same Black people (plantation Negros) are at the table and have not enacted any real sustainable change, nor have they moved out of the way and allowed new leadership at the table.

I would hope that Gov. Dayton would use this blog an alert to those who really don’t have the best interests of the Black community in hand.

It is imperative that the Governor stay away from the Headwaters/Northwest Area Foundations African American Leadership Summit. A group who think of themselves as ‘helpful Negros,” when in fact all they are is a group of self-serving, back patting plantation drones who are unwilling to address heinous disparities in the Black community in the name of their Blackness.

If there is to be Black leadership in the Twin Cities, more specifically north Minneapolis, the usual suspects can’t be at the table any longer. The Black community has sat back and watched millions of dollars go to agencies to solve poverty, create jobs, assist in educational goals and still today in 2011, Minneapolis is the “Worst in the Nation” in all of the previous mentioned categories.

The same conciseness that created the se  problems, can’t be expected to solve them.


Minnesota Vikings Stadium bill online – taxpayers bend over have lube on standby

Read the stadium bill here – hold on to your belt buckles. Story in progress.

"Another fun ride with a battle for jobs and equity."

“What happened to $900,000.00+ in funding to The City, Inc – from the Minneapolis Public Schools FY 2010 & 2011?”

"You might think you don't have to answer to Black people - but you'll soon learn, you have to serve somebody."

…A seven part series with information the Minneapolis Public Schools never knew IBNN NEWS had received.

After seeing Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Johnson walking out of UROC this week, after a meeting with  The City, Inc’s (CLOSED) headmaster William “Bill” English, Randy Staten and MPS’s “good-guy” Scott Redd, it made me wonder, what kind of deals are being cut that made the group meet at UROC rather than 807 Broadway. IBNN will publish a seven part series with information that points to a school administration out of control. The looser: Children that attend the Minneapolis Public Schools.

By Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief of IBNN NEWS; Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/Exclusive Series/April 7, 2011)…The Minneapolis Public Schools administration has decided to start a battle they can’t win.

IBNN NEWS will release a seven part series to the general public which you will also agree that Sup. Johnson and Minneapolis School Board Chairperson Jill Davis must resign immediately. We can’t wait until local schools fail yearly average progressagain!

After several request for information sent to the districts Communication, General Counsel and the office of Assistant Superintendent Dan Loewenson (Since October 2010), a powder-puff package of information was picked up by IBNN NEWS…But it’s not what we asked for. Now we have to ask publicly.

Stay tuned here as IBNN and it’s affiliates with some help from the mainstream media dismantle the mess going on inside of 807 Broadway Avenue NE.

University of St. Thomas professor Nekima Levy-Pounds exclusive interview on BlogTalkRadio’s ON POINT!


Saturday’s program is dedicated to the memory of Mother Elizabeth Samuels (Mother Liz) who passed to glory last Saturday. BlogTalkRadio has updated the website and ON POINT! was not broadcast last week. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. ON POINT! invites you to join us Saturday for a special 90-minute program featuring Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds.

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/ON POINT)…Professor Levy-Pounds gave one of the most hard hitting and accurate descriptions of the Twin Cities at  the Economic Summit in north Minneapolis with Minnesota governor Mark Dayton on March 30, 2011.

She described the two Minnesota’s: “One White, and one Black.”  Ron and Don have invited the Professor to ON POINT! to go into detail about her presentation with recommendations on how to change what the White mainstream media calls, “The Worst in the Nation” as it pertains to the White/Black joblessness disparity.

“Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds”

Join co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen this Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 4 p.m. (CST) for one of the most talked about radio programs in the Twin Cities – ON POINT!

This weeks program will feature conversations about current events across the nation with special insight on challenges that have to be addressed not only in the Black community, but also in mainstream America.

ON POINT! takes a look at the Minneapolis Urban League; the African American Leadership Alliance (MN); and other important issues in the Twin Cities. We will also look at the Minneapolis Public Schools and review a 2008 plan to assist students in achieving success that has not worked.

On Saturday, we will also see if Gov. Mark Dayton has delivered his answers on recommendations from the Economic Summit held in March.

To tune in, go to or click here.

Tune in Saturday at 4 p.m. for the best news and information coverage in the Twin Cities diverse community. This is a live 90-minute call-in radio program. If you would like to comment or ask a question, please dial our toll-free number at 877-572-4288.

We look forward to hearing from you.

About Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds
University of St. Thomas law Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds is the director of the Community Justice Project (CJP), an award-winning civil rights legal clinic. The CJP is a part of the Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services. Levy-Pounds teaches and supervises law students as they use the law as a tool to advance the cause of social justice in poor communities of color through problem-solving, legal research and writing, community engagement and legislative advocacy. Levy-Pounds’ goal in founding the CJP was to take a more holistic approach to addressing complex issues affecting the poor and working poor.

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