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Monday March 2nd 2015
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LIVE Broadcast of Press Confernce North Minneapolis Relief 06/06 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio

LIVE Broadcast of Press Confernce North Minneapolis Relief 06/06 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio

There was a storm in North Minneapolis long before the Tornado: Moving around chairs on the Titanic

“Saturday was just a preview.”


The City of Minneapolis DFL political plantation hacks have used an act of God to jump-start their Gentrification of north Minneapolis. On Saturday, June 4, 2011 “the rest of the world” was invited in to see devastation and opportunity that happened in north Minneapolis. 12,000 Black residents are gone. CPED’s Mike Christensen will not publicly address the “Right to Return,” nor will organizers let city officials answer questions in open meetings. This heinous obstructive protection will come at a cost to not only storm-out residents of north Minneapolis but also to the minority contractors. The City of Minneapolis had an opportunity to fix years of exclusion due to this crisis, but sat back and played the same old game reminiscent of a KKK rally in Mississippi. Yeah, the storm continues – even after the tornado.

By Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/June 5, 2011)…The American Red Cross, Urban Homeworks and the Salvation Army are giants in disaster recovery, rebuilding and charting out paths to success. They have experience, the training, and a process in place that keeps checks and balances so that if someone does fall through the cracks, they are easily picked up and taken care of.

The City of Minneapolis officials started it. (In 2012 & 2013 there will be a change in Minneapolis’ political leadership)

$166 million dollars they said would bring back north Minneapolis to “pre-tornado” levels. Every hustler, poverty-pimp and opportunist starting to put plans together based on an ill-conceived number by DFL political plantation hacks.

F.E.M.A estimate: $16.9 per Minnesota Senator Al Franken – see video here.

Ad-hoc organizations popped out of the woodwork – some covertly created by Minneapolis plantation masters; and some who saw the windfall of cash that Hurricane Katrina brought to Minneapolis.

"North Minneapolis-Broadway Avenue looking west. Circa 1959. Photo Credit: Northside Info Exchange (NIE)"

Self-appointed community leaders and HNIC’s (Head Negros in Charge) rushed at the opportunity to be “dress-right-dress” (A military formation term), to show a since of organization, collaboration and a unique diplomacy during the relief efforts.

But as usual some folks were not wanted at the table. People that understand sound business practices and business acumen and who have experience on levels that the usual suspects in north Minneapolis have never achieved are wedged out and sometimes directly confronted.

The editor and chief of IBNN NEWS, was sent the following email:

Sent: Fri Jun 03 08:47:15 2011

Subject: Re: Press Conference/Communications…Hello?
“You better calm the fuck down. People think I’m crazy for liking you. You can’t piss me off. So, knock it off. Most of the people in the room would rather that you are not there. You are giving the rest a reason.”
# #  #

This email is a reflection on questions asked concerning everything from the “process” by which local north Minneapolis social service agencies will take-over the day-to-day operations the Red Cross and Salvation Army has been handling with streamline precision. The email also reflects me and others asking to see a “solid” plan on paper before a catastrophic mistake is made by turning over duties and responsibilities to agencies that don’t have the intellectual properties to even act-out their missions.

I have to sometimes stop and remind these “Jackwagons” that I’m not attacking the institutions. It’s the people running the institutions who have created a “social cabal” or a group of plotters that before the tornado (weather) hit north Minneapolis was more concerned about what pair of high-heel shoes to buy or how many new vehicles they could buy if there agency received the grant they were waiting on.

For the most part, almost every agency that serves Black people in north Minneapolis is on the edge of demise. Much like The City, Inc – regardless of $10 million dollars in 4-years as shown on their IRS 990’s, the board of directors and management was not able to keep the charter school afloat.

The real Tornado hit north Minneapolis more than 20 years ago. It was the tornado of economic disenfranchisement, unemployment, education, collaboration and those who made literally millions (including the City of Minneapolis), of the backs of a poor concentrated Black population in north Minneapolis but provided no successful measurable outcome. Again, all we have to do is reflect back of the Holman/Heritage Park Project; the Empowerment Zone dollars; Foreclosure Programs and a number of outside-of-north Minneapolis agencies who came into the blighted area to “study how to save those poor Blacks.”

I could start a list with Minnesota Public Radio and their 4th quarter 2008 “Citizen’s Journalism Project” when the sent representatives to ask community members, “How do you think the mainstream media portraits north Minneapolis’ race, cultures and success?” MPR wanted to “tell our stories.” Of course this was total bullshit. There’s been many stories about north Minneapolis the good, the bad and the ugly – all MPR could do was talk about the looting as if north Minneapolis was East Compton.

Currently the great Minneapolis Foundation – (an agency I truly respect and admire), has raised more than $700,000 for the north Minneapolis tornado relief fund. Other dollars include $40k from the city of Minneapolis and $100k from General Mills. It has been reported that $90k has been spent on home patching and tarp work by a very suspect list of minority contractors. (I was at the last National Association of Minority Contractors board meeting. There’s definitely a disconnect between them (NAMC-MN)and the contractors on the “list.”

My message to Hennipen County and the Minneapolis Foundation: “Don’t give these usual suspect agencies a penny until they can provide a comprehensive work scope of how they will assist, re-build and activate missions that have been abandoned for over 20 years.”

Already today, there are too many variables and derivatives to actually put together a solid plan that will affect those that need assistance the most.  North Minneapolis has lost 12,000 Black residents. The North Minneapolis Asset Report shows approximately 67, 000 people in north Minneapolis with an estimated 25,000 under the age of 5.

This presents an issue for the Minneapolis Public Schools. While Superintendent Johnson is close to hiring Osseo Junior High School principal Michael Thomas to function in a capacity we think to take hits that Johnson doesn’t want to deal with. The district is will be gutted by the lack of follow up and the lack of checks and balances to maintain ongoing concern based off 12,000 people (men, women and children) leaving the district. Remember, the money follows the kids. Tornado Nancy has dealt a harsh hand to the Minneapolis Public Schools – but as the saying goes, “Instant karma will get ya!”

There is no system in place to assist human needs by local agencies.

For example: If Kim is a renter and had to by food and stay in a hotel with her 6-month old child and could not pay her rent for June 2011 and is facing eviction, there are intake processes that need to be put in place.

Paying Kim’s rent and fees will not help her. That only solves a piece of the people puzzle. Does Kim have a job? Did she graduate from high school? Does she want or need to go college are trade school? Is she on general assistance?

And how will agencies that are antiquated as far as technology store information? This “intake” process must be computer data based and backed up daily. Wow, I wonder if the Minneapolis Urban League put that $300k to good use from Microsoft?  I might give them a call.

There’s too many examples and not enough”thinkers” at the table. That’s what White Minneapolis is always brought in.

What is the process the north Minneapolis Agencies will put on the table in writing to show in simple clarity that money granted to the human needs will not just become general operating funds?

The Tornado Relief Efforts in North Minneapolis… 06/04 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio

The Tornado Relief Efforts in North Minneapolis… 06/04 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio
Say it Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud

Uh! With your bad self!

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud!

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud!

Some people say we’ve got a lot of malice

Some say it’s a lot of nerve

But I say we won’t quit moving until we get what we deserve

We have been bucked and we have been scorned

We have been treated bad, talked about as just bones

But just as it takes two eyes to make a pair, ha

Brother we can’t quit until we get our share

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud!

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud!

One more time!

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud!

I worked on jobs with my feet and my hand

But all the work I did was for the other man

Now we demand a chance to do things for ourselves

We’re tired of beatin’ our head against the wall

And workin’ for someone else

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

We’re people, we’re just like the birds and the bees

We’d rather die on our feet

Than be livin’ on our knees

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud

Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen have an in-depth Conversation about the Tornado recovery efforts in north Minneapolis – Saturday, ON POINT!

“The story we have will make you re-evaluate the folks in front of the camera and in print.”

Tune in Saturday at 4 p.m. (CST) to BlogTalkRadio’s ON POINT!

We invite listeners to call or toll-free number (877-572-4288) and discuss the current event surrounding the north Minneapolis tornado relief efforts. We will also cover other local, national and global events.

To listen, go to and click on-air.

The dogs of war are ON POINT!

Catalyst Community Partners Avenue Eatery (formally the Bean Scene) closed…Technical Difficulty?

“Avenue Eatery – Technical Difficulty”

I have six new clients in north Minneapolis for my corporate firm. I got use to stopping by the Avenue Eatery for a slice of cheesecake (yes, in the morning and some coffee). Since last week, the small eatery has been closed. In this exclusive IBNN NEWS report, we tell the story why and point out the players.

By Donald W.R. Allen, II  – IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

North Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/June 2, 2011)…This is what happens when a non-profit and a local “city friendly” developer get together and attempt to operate a for-profit business in north Minneapolis while taking people from the community and fronting them to the public without giving and once of care to horrific situations that affected everyone after “Tornado Nancy” hit north Minneapolis.

Former general manager of Avenue Eatery, Shericka Teague told IBNN NEWS that everything was running fine until the tornado hit. Teague said, “I live in north Minneapolis. We had no power in our house for days. My son and I had to get a hotel room. Still, no one from Catalyst or Stu bothered to call and see how we were doing or if we needed anything. That’s not the way you treat people.

Shame on you Stu Ackerberg!

Teague, who is an avid blogger and has just started a new blog City Sleek and Country Chic, tells her story in an article titled, “My Heart Breaks for Avenue Eatery.”

Teague writes:

I took a walk this morning. This was the first time that exercise was involved in my daily routine since I began the journey with managing the reopening of the Bean Scene Too/Avenue Eatery. As I walked closer excited to go have breakfast there as a customer and not the stressed out manager that I was. It was heart breaking to get there and see several signs in the window. Such as, “Experienced Barista Needed”, “Closed due to management changes” and to have one of my old employees tell me that my best former employee Jovan had quit. FYI…..anyone looking for a hard worker she is definitely worth having on your team.

Before I could go, the employee ran to the door again to ask me if I could help him with finding a job. Of course, my answer was yes. Is it really that bad now? Either way, I am sorry to say I am no longer a part of Avenue Eatery and I wish the business the best of luck. So, I guess you could say this is my formal announcement. I left over a week ago and I am only sending this out because I get calls every morning asking why the shop isn’t open. The answer to that is because, I’m not running it. I am sure Avenue Eatery will find a great manager. Until then I will be at Milda’s Cafe on Glennwood every morning working toward my old but new career. I am going to reopen my personal chef business and enjoy life with the stresses I choose to have not the ones that are imposed. I must say I will truly miss all of the NoMi peeps I have met through working at the coffee shop and I hope we continue to keep in touch.



# # #

This likely another drive by for Catalyst Community Partners and Stu Ackerberg. With all the dollars routed to the group, and property owned by the Ackerberg Group in north Minneapolis, it a shame they can’t keep a small coffee shop in business.

Everyone is being so nice in the aftermath of the tornado, the Ackerberg Group could be nice enough to sell the 5-Points Building to CCD/KMOJ-FM for $1 (one dollar). At least some people of color would own something in north Minneapolis…for a little while anyway.

The Great Hand-Off: Why North Minneapolis tornado victims have something worse than a Tornado and ongoing relief efforts to worry about

“The questions have to be asked. The silence tells the story.”

The center snaps the ball; the quarterback back-peddles, turns to the right and hands the ball to the running back that has read the defense, and found a route to the goal-line. A large majority of north Minneapolis non-profit agencies are still stuck on the line of scrimmage. Who will step up, step out and lead the re-development while creating a fair playing field that hasn’t been there before? Time will tell, but already a failed school board candidacy; a skewed vetting process and hopes of a gateway of opportunity are positioned to lead are people where? My point: “If solving a complex list of issues have not been done in over 20 years by some of the hand-off non-profits, including the city of Minneapolis, how will it happen now?


by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/June 1, 2011)…The Stairstep Foundation, Northwest Area Foundation and the Headwaters Foundation who apart of the African American Leadership Forum have been missing in action for the last ten days during what northside residents are calling “Tornado Nancy” relief efforts. Truly, if this group represents the challenges of Black Minnesotans, now is not the time to go hide under a rock.

It was announced on Tuesday (5/31) in the daily collaborative meeting held at the Cookie Cart the American Red Cross and other national emergency response crisis agencies will gradually turn over relief efforts to north Minneapolis social service agencies to continue the “human needs” part of the disaster relief efforts. Red Cross representatives say, “We want to return to the levels of activity pre-tornado. We’ve always been in north Minneapolis and we will continue to be here.”

This is where things get unstable.

If you’ve lived, worked or understand the politics of north Minneapolis, one thing that presents itself in living color: Non-profit social service agencies have not functioned within acceptable levels to address health issues, poverty, economic development, housing, and crime or youth violence. My question still stands, “What agencies will play a very important role in human needs and economic re-development of north Minneapolis?”

Before efforts are made to “hand-off” responsibilities to local non-profits, we have to know the viability of said non-profit to include on-going concern of local agencies.  Will funding relief efforts be routed to growing deficits? Or will people be served? There are already too many examples of non-profit “tom-foolery” in north Minneapolis that would lead one to think, leave relief efforts in the hands of the Red Cross and Salvation Army while north side agencies come up with a solid plan – not funding fodder.

If you pick up a copy of Insight News, you will see an overzealous distribution of information for “We Care, Northside,” with phone listings and resources for tornado victims. But we must look closer into this “effort” and see that the same players responsible for distributing information to “Close the Digital Divide” are now positioning themselves as an outreach organization. The only trouble is, the folks in the neighborhood for the most part don’t pick up the paper and it sits in the newsstands full of information with little to no readership.

After a conversation with the Johnny Burns, Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights Contract Compliance Unit confirmed the list of “preferred” minority contractors list did not come from the city, if was put together by We Care folks.” Burns stated, “I had to ask them to remove a couple of names.

In order for a successful hand-off, the north Minneapolis non-profits must be re-positioned as social-service agencies for minorities in north Minneapolis that function. This means Hennepin County must re-establish funding relationships with the Minneapolis Urban League, and MUL president Scott Gray must be brought up to speed on who the players are while bee-lining it to Commissioner Mark Stenglein’s office in an attempt to get funding that was lost due to paperwork error, back into the MUL. Secondly, the City of Minneapolis must return Truancy dollars back to the MUL. If you recall, in 2008, over $700k was cut from the MUL – again for bad process.

This is only the beginning, there’s a long road in front of everyone. Accountability is paramount in this process. Already, some of the usual suspects are at the table attempting to influence funding streams that for the most part will go the way of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program or that Hispanic-Latino television program pitched by the same group.

Sanctuary CDC Benefit Breakfast with Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier

Sanctuary CDC’s June 15th fund development breakfast with Vikings Head Coach, Leslie Frazier.

Editors note: The community of north Minneapolis has joined together in the support of the many residents who have lost their homes and life-long possessions. People who don’t usually speak to each other have now banned together in a single effort to support the uplifting of a community that has not seen real economic change in over 30 years. Please support the Sanctuary CDC and their efforts to bring hope back to north Minneapolis. A special thanks to Mr. Ezell Jones for providing this detailed information to IBNN NEWS, “Real news, in real-time for the community.” Please follow the North Minneapolis Tornado Relief Information Page on Facebook.


Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/PSA/May 29, 2011)…Immediately after the tornado struck North Minneapolis, the Sanctuary CDC sprang into action with Urban Homeworks to help mobilize a collaborative clean up project.    Networking with churches, nonprofits and individuals, the partnership fielded over 500 compassionate volunteers working in concert with the City of Minneapolis.  Since Monday these volunteers have contributed nearly 24,000 labor hours.  This has saved our public coffers more than $250,000.00!  Up and down the streets of North Minneapolis teams of people representing  scores of diverse organizations worked together clearing yards, assessing family situations, and feeding thousands at locations throughout the North side.  Volunteers even found people trapped in their houses!  Our staff has been an absolutely amazing asset and have worked night and day to give our neighbors a hand and hope.  We will not leave them

We enter a second week with the Sanctuary CDC involved in the 5 member coordinating council consisting of Summit OIC,  Minneapolis Urban League, North side Achievement Zone, and Sanctuary CDC.  Our purpose is to transition this diverse, multi-sector collaborative into a sustainable, culturally competent community- building partnership that will connect with our elected officials, funders, businesses, churches, and nonprofits in rebuilding North Minneapolis.
The tragedy has brought an amazing opportunity to North Minneapolis, and our entire region. To seize the opportunity requires the financial support of individuals, businesses, foundations, and churches.  One of the ways you can help us is by supporting Sanctuary CDC’s June 15th fund development breakfast with Vikings Head Coach, Leslie Frazier.  Please review the attached flier for details of his timely message!  Please consider one of the following ways to participate:

1.  Be a Co-Sponsor by contributing $4,000
2.  Be a Major Donor by contributing $2,000
3.  Be a Table Captain….Help us fill a table of 9 with potential donors
4.  Purchase a table of 9 for $270
5.  Purchase individual tickets at $30 each

For details, and to make your contribution, please visit our website at, reply to this email, or call us at 612-339-1812.

BlogTalkRadio program ON POINT! has record listeners for discussion about North Minneapolis Tornado and the politics behind Gentrification

Posted by ON POINT! Click on picture below to listen to the program.

“ON POINT! with Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen”

IBNN Exlcusive with Senator Al Franken on F.E.M.A relief funds…$16.9 million assessed by the agency

One thing this blog has to say about Senator Al Franken: He’s never strayed from the truth when asked a hard question. In the video below, Senator Franken confirms to lower damage estimate by F.E.M.A – it makes you wonder why the City of Minneapolis was pushing for $166 million…? Kinda brings back memories of the Empowerment Zone and Foreclosure money that bypassed north Minneapolis’ lower income people.


by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/May 28, 2011)…Relief efforts move on in north Minneapolis but today was a day for the community to come together and socialize.

Farview Park in north Minneapolis was the site of today’s festivites with food, games, and more fun that north Minneapolis has seen in 5 years.

Hennipen County Attorney Mike Freeman worked diligently as the head chief turning out hamburgers, hot dogs and what ever else had to be cooked.

Also on hand was Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn) and Minnesota Senator Al Franken (D-Minn) who gave IBNN NEWS straight talk on-and-off the camera about F.E.M.A. and the $16.9 estimated damage price tag the disaster relief agency put on last Sunday’s tornado.

IBNN NEWS will keep residents of north Minneapolis and the nation updated about relief efforts in real-time.

Citys Tornado relief sparks Gentrification for Blacks 05/28 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio

Citys Tornado relief sparks Gentrification for Blacks 05/28 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio

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