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Saturday April 18th 2015
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Breaking News: Morning (today) Tornado Recovery Meeting at North High School turns hostile and out of control – tune into ON POINT today at 4 p.m. to hear more…

“Members of the Minneapolis Corrupt Dirty Bastards Club had to stop meeting.”

Another community dog & pony show turns chaotic with point people who don’t have the knowledge or best interests of community members in mind while they assist in distributing hundreds of thousand of dollars to line their own personal missions. This shit has go to stop, and we think we have a plan of action! Video: Self Destruction – “A Few ignorant brothers trying to steal…”


by Donald W. R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Community members were called mental and marginalized this morning at what should of been a helpful meeting for victims of the North Minneapolis Tornado.  Leading the meeting was clergy, non-profit vampires with an local commissioner in the audience. Tune in today to the show, “Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth?”

Tune in today at 4 p.m. (CST) to ON POINT! on BlogTalkRadio as we interview witnesses to the mayhem were Minneapolis Police had to be called.

Click here to go directly to the radio program.

Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth Saturday 06/25 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio

Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth Saturday 06/25 by IBNNNEWS | Blog Talk Radio

Black people have become bystanders in Tornado Recovery – Saturday – ON POINT on BlogTalkRadio

“Racism, Slavery and Obstruction under the color of Law.”

It’s true, Black people and Black organizations have become bystanders excluded from participation in the Tornado Relief efforts and money. While some greedy poverty-pimps thought the had it made – it’s clear a new day as arrived that demands accountability. Again, the Gilligan’s Island Syndrome has hit the residents of north Minneapolis…Again!


Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN NEWS/ON POINT/June 25, 2011)…Tune in Saturday, June 25th at 4 p.m. (CST) as co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen bring you up-to-date on the current state of Minneapolis after the May 22nd tornado. We will also cover the catastrophic breakdown of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights and how that agency needs an immediate overhaul.

We will cover the recent grants awarded by the Minneapolis Foundation that left unfortunate’s wondering where to go from here. Disappointment is a sobering reality to some that have “chest-bumped” on how much money they would get.

ON POINT is a LIVE 90-minute talk radio show via BlogTalkRadio on the web.

Tune in by going to or click here.

This is a call-in program. The toll-free number is (877) 572-4288.

Join us for an interesting conversation…

Missing files, undelivered letters, bogus lists add up to troubled times at the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department

“Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights – an unknown conciseness.”

Editor’s note: As part of IBNN’s Real Citizen Journalism Project (RCJ), we continue to post relevant stories on topics concerning Minnesotans and the reason why the great state of the Loon and Lakes is light years behind in education, contract compliance, affirmative action and civil rights.

by Ron Edwards – Guest Contributor – “Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues” As featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Minneapolis, MN (Source: The Minneapolis Story/June 23, 2011)…When the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department (MCRD) investigations staff met on April 1, 2011, a lot of complainants would have liked to have heard the discussion on the status of their cases. Khalid Shariff, for example: Mr. Shariff’s case file had been “lost,” and a frantic search for his file was being conducted.

“Missing” case files is troubling in any event, but especially now, because a couple of months ago the MCRD assured the mayor and city council that it was untrue what was being stated in this column about cases being shredded or lost or “missing” (regardless of label — for the complainants they are one and the same). This is especially troubling when the EEOC is increasing compensation for cases investigated by the department.

In the meeting of April 1, 2011 things got testy among staff when they discussed what was on page seven of the mayor’s office’s critique of the MDHR investigative unit’s front-loaded system in its process for screening complaints (reporting numbers of cases but not any follow-up). This comes at a time when the mayor also wanted the investigative unit to strengthen its mediation program. That too was troubling, as the MCRD has maintained publicly that it has one of the best mediation programs in the country.

Another troubling example that represents so many other complainants is that of Mr. Keith M. Mulligan, who filed a complaint against Taco Bell a long time ago. He was finally informed, on April 11, 2011, that he had a specific number of days to respond to Taco Bell’s defense and rebuttal of his allegation. The letter was signed by Ms. Velma Korbel, the MCRD director, herself.

He never received the letter.

Mr. Mulligan, MDCR File #11-06846, didn’t receive his letter because the letter was not addressed and was consequently returned to the MCRD. As he didn’t return it as directed, his case was, in fact, dismissed. But maybe not. Maybe we’ll be told they sent out a second letter before the May 6 deadline and placed his name upon it.

This comes again at a very troubling time for the MCRD. In fact, on June 10 the MCRD had to cancel the meeting dealing with allegations and charges by Ronald Brandon, the ousted former head of the investigative unit of the MCRD. It appears that the cancellation of the 10 o’clock meeting was because certain documents could not be retrieved. Again.

This is a department with a hard time retrieving documents or, in the matter of the infamous list of qualified Northside contractors, has lists that actually are not what they certified them to be. And now we have anger and recrimination flying back and forth between Mike Christensen (head of Minneapolis Development Agency) on one side and Velma Korbel on the other.

Remember that the Minneapolis Star Tribune investigative report of qualified contractors two weeks ago revealed that the list had more contractors out of compliance than contractors in compliance, and the embarrassing concerns expressed by the Minnesota Department of Labor, which advised the City to take the bogus list off its website. It was taken down, but the damage had already been done.

In fact, the committee known as the North Side Community Response Team had already received funding, in violation of city and state law. You’ll be hearing more in the coming weeks regarding the Northside response and the North Minneapolis Recovery Fund.

I have attended those committee meetings. It was announced that the Minneapolis Foundation and Greater Twin Cities United Way gave a grant of $1 million to the North Side Relief Committee. Where is it? The committee has not received it. Who got it?

It is a wonderful concept to make repairs to 30-50 homes and protect uninsured homeowners from future property damage, as was stated in the status update of June 3, 2011 issued by the Minneapolis Foundation, Greater Twin Cities United Way, and an organization identified as I would hope that, for the sake of transparency, of absolute transparency, folks will get their acts and facts together, both within city government and within the leadership group that takes claim to being responsible for the successful recovery of a tornado-ravaged North Minneapolis.

Are all “administrative” costs necessary and are they being accounted for? As Martin Luther King again reminds us, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Stay tuned.

Ron Edwards (1) hosts “Black Focus” on Channel 17, MTN-TV, Sundays, 5-6 pm; (2) hosts “Black Focus” on Blog Talk radio, Sundays at 3:00 pm;and (3) co-hosts Blog Talk Radio’s “ON POINT!” Saturdays at 4 pm, providing coverage about Black Minnesota. (4) Order his books at (5) Hear his readings, (6) read his “Through My Eyes, The Minneapolis Story Continues” weekly column; (7) read his solution papers for community planning and development, and (8) follow his “Tracking the Gaps” web log at Ron Edwards is the former head of key civil rights organizations, including the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the Urban League. He continues his “watchdog” role for Minneapolis, and his work to contribute to the planning discussions in order to help mold a consensus for the future of Black and White Americans together in Minneapolis.

North Minneapolis Black Spokespersons must define who they serve…versus serving themselves

“You have to serve somebody!”

Poverty-Pimps, hustlers and clergy that thought money was going to be put on the table to serve “administration” needs, the gig is up. From the beginning in meetings at Summit Academy OIC, their are those of us that asked to see a copy of the plan that was to be presented on June 15th to the Minneapolis Foundation. Nothing was ever brought forward and now you have the first round of grants delivered to organizations not owned by Blacks which should send a message that, “Your time is up and your transparency and accountability completely misses the mark. (Note: There are other proposals “under review” that could be funded.)


by Donald W.R. Allen, II – Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

In breaking news, the Minneapolis Foundation has come through with making sure the people of north Minneapolis are never pimped again by agencies that don’t have the intellectual property of a rag-doll or a plan to get assistance to the people. At this time, we would like to congratulate N.E.O.N and Kwanzaa Community Church for sticking it out and doing the right thing using a process of professionalism and close attention to detail.

IBNN NEWS and its affiliate would also like to thank the Minneapolis Foundation for “understanding north Minneapolis.” (Nuff said!) See grant recipients here.

The initial round of grants for the North Minneapolis Tornado Relief was announced today by the Minneapolis Foundation. A spokesperson from the foundation says that the first round is done, but there are some proposals still in review. (There, I said it!)

The group that meets in north Minneapolis two-times a week, set off on a one-sided mission in an attempt to obtain funding. Some members of the North Minneapolis Recovery Team went has far as changing website content to make it look like they (individuals) had some relevance as a “spokesperson” for the Black community. Others planned behind closed doors on what they would do when the money hit the table.

One thing never mentioned to the group was the June 3rd award from the Minneapolis Foundation of $206,123 with $60,000 going to Urban Homeworks; $30,888 to EMERGE and $115, 242 to the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support. Regardless of these grants and the people being at the table, nobody peeped a word about this “secret funding.”  Still, from the outside looking in, no Black agencies received anything – but that means nothing.

The plan that was never seen by some group members did come with a budget that was distributed on Monday, June 20th. (below)

“100% admin, no assistance to the community.”

Now there is only about $250,000 left in the fund at the Minneapolis Foundation. There’s been no talk of a capital campaign, but what Black non-profits do is use their “non-profit welfare program” rather than a solid plan of fundraising – that would take a communications piece that only the United Way and agencies like it have mastered. Needless to say, the proposal and the “budget’ (LOL) will have to be adjusted or some really creative accounting will have to take place. I wonder how the fiscal agent is feeling at this hour?

By reviewing this budget, its evident that the authors had never done a budget or knew the variables and derivatives that make a budget work. For example, see the printing, copying and material cost.  Clearly, there is no cost for delivery of the material – no mailing costs. It’s obvious that no forward thinking was put into this proposal, nor were experts in the Black community called to the table to idea, create and design a well laid plan.

But now we have to go a little further. There are 5478 Black (or minority-ethnic) families missing from north Minneapolis. If a group brought together to address the human needs of people who need assistance does not have the capability or business acumen to develop a simple plan, these folks need to be replaced.

Our people (Black folks, especially in north Minneapolis) suffer from a slave mentality –  a mentality that says Black people cannot run anything; we can’t run our own businesses. Other Black figure-heads are placed strategically in charge of groups and movements that aren’t working for the betterment of Black people, but work in favor of an agenda already laid out by their White DFL political plantation overseers to destruct process in our community.

While I attest that Urban Homeworks does a great job, I find it hard to believe that the National Association of Minority Contractors-Upper Midwest (Twin Cities) has been virtually silent. Therefore how will minority contractors participation be increased in the 36-month re-build of north Minneapolis? Of course we already know the NAMC-UM has it’s own set of challenges to deal with.

I hate to say it – but I told you so.

Again, the Black community – more importantly, Black organizations have marginalized competent Black men and women at the table in support of the usual suspects that can’t keep a charter school open, regardless of over $10 million dollars in a 4-year period – where does all the money go?

These same individuals “attempt” to deny folks with business acumen the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. You see, the peoples at the table, for the most part work for non-profits; the business people at the table have to take time off work to attend the circus sideshow of no results.

The next time I ask these yahoo’s for a plan, they need to deliver it before the RFP is due – or else you get more of the same, which is insanity.




Wise Essentials | Health and Wellness with Education for Women – Wise Essential , Health and Wellness Expo, Minneapolis

Wise Essentials | Health and Wellness with Education for Women – Wise Essential , Health and Wellness Expo, Minneapolis

Minneapolis Foundation: 56 requests for funding totaling over $2.2 million dollars – announcement of grant winners on Thursday

“The world-class Minneapolis Foundation”

The Minneapolis Foundation is the best-of-the-best. Located in downtown Minneapolis the agency runs with the precision of F-16 fighter jet and the discipline of an Army Ranger. Now it’s their call to award grants to only the best laid plans minus emotion or political intimidation.

by Donald W.R. Allen, II – IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN. (IBNN News Brief/June 22, 2011)…The prestigious Minneapolis Foundation started what could be one the best active disaster fundraisers in history. According the Minneapolis Foundation website, the fund titled the “North Minneapolis Recovery Fund” boasts over $1 million has been raised in donations and matching funds to assist the residents of north Minneapolis that were affected by the May 22nd tornado that ripped through the second most poorest neighborhood in Minneapolis. (See Minneapolis Foundation PDF here.)

A spokesperson from the foundation told IBNN NEWS today (6/22) at 5:00 p.m. that the list of grant recipients will be announced sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Today was the scheduled day to announce the fortunate’s who will be receiving funding from the Minneapolis Foundation, but in a phone conversation with a representative from the Minneapolis Foundation, IBNN NEWS learned that process is very important at the foundation staffers will be contacting grant winners and the unfortunate’s who did not win a grant opportunity in the first round – but encouraging them to re-apply for upcoming opportunities. (What a great way to do business!)

Stay tuned here to IBNN NEWS for real-time news and information on this ongoing report.

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak goes to Washington, but not for the reason presented by local media

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak goes to Washington, but not for the reason presented by local media

The long and winding road to a PHD

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak goes to Washington, but not for the reason presented by local media

“Make it sound important, but take no actions…the R.T. way.”

The shameful yellow journalism by two major mainstream media outlets that attempt to present fair, “Inside the box” reporting who have twisted, obstructed and denied their readers and viewers the real story in favor of an apple pie, peaches and cream reporting that doesn’t cover the truth of the matter. Mayor Rybak wasn’t on a single mission for the people of north Minneapolis. Rybak’s trip was a planned trip – the tornado was unplanned.  Fool me once shame on you; Fool me dozens of times – you become a private citizen.

by Donald W.R. Allen, II -Editor in Chief/IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis



"Lying Bastards!"

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/June 21, 2011)…The public relations arm of the City of Minneapolis; the Star Tribune newspaper and WCCO-TV channel 4 (CBS Affiliate), both reported that Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak was heading on a solo mission to appeal to President Obama for more aid for the “victims” of the north Minneapolis Tornado, who we call Nancy.

What both news agencies left out about R.T.’s trip was the cleaver former Star Tribune employee was attending the 79th Annual Mayor’s meeting, June 17th through June 21 in Baltimore, MD.

It was really exciting to see how the local mainstream media dressed this up as if the mayor was taking an emergency trip to Washington, DC on behalf of the people of north Minneapolis. Those of us that keep track of political atmosphere and meetings that happen locally and nationally knew that R.T. would make great use of this promotional stint to seem like he and the DFL political plantation in Minneapolis really gave a hoot.

The fact of the matter is the minority-ethnic population of north Minneapolis is being “rolled-over.” The stories done by WCCO-TV and others position the county and the city as if they have everything under control, which is far from the truth. Some people in north Minneapolis have said, “Nobody knocked on my door.”  These were homes in the path of the tornado that fortunately had no outside damage, so the hustle from contractors and city agencies didn’t bother to ask, “Are you alright.”

The idea of using vacant, foreclosed properties is a good one. But when presented to local television station WCCO-TV, it became clear that Minnesota’s home for news became a player in a dangerous game of distorting the facts in an effort to present some kind of misguided progress to its viewers by inept city and county leaders that have no clue, provides no reports and insists that beds are available. We’re talking about homes dumbos.

Everyday people in north Minneapolis are losing hope in a process that has again bypassed the community that needs the assistance in favor of another non-profit funding binge that puts money in the hand of greedy administrators that before the tornado and post-tornado had no intentions on solving poverty, or working effectively to create economic opportunities.

The over-looked public works project has been side-tracked, now people with full-time jobs at non-profit agencies are planning workforce goals as if they sitting down at a dinner table with a glass of ice water and a dinner salad. The sense of urgency is replaced by a seeking and setting positions of authority to see who is in charge for the day.

Still to this day, even after a Census count, the city and county still cannot account for 5000 families, nor do they intend to. There is really no incentive for people missing from north Minneapolis to come back. The mostly Black population missing has seen the worse side of Minnesota Nice, the one that says, “White here! White now – if it’s Black, stay back.

This is not a  play of the race card but factual conclusions based on the mules created by 501(c)3’s to obtain funding for missions that in some cases have never been addressed. We know of $500,000 going to an educational non-profit on West Broadway Avenue that has never acted on their mission in 3 years – other than to report a name change. Is it okay to let this just slip by?

Millions of dollars have been wasted in poor planning; with all the Black non-profits in north Minneapolis – no one thought it would be necessary for a Transitional Housing program outside of chemical dependency operations.

I tell you, when money and sex hit the table, all bets are off.

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak has a lot of questions to answer. He also needs to come with the facts. The city of Minneapolis is operating like a true gentrification machine that has gotten out of control.

If the DFL political plantation and the Civil Rights department’s duties are to keep the public of color uninformed and out of touch, then we have to give them both an A+.

Rybak has learned the game of the local Black spokespersons; they’ve become inconsequential making them ineffective, antiquated and lost in the playgrounds of their minds.

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